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Peer Pressure

Richard Dawkins writes about the private school that he attended:

"At Oundle, the dominant motivation for doing anything was peer pressure and the ethos of his peers was anti-intellectual, with an antipathy to hard work.

"There was too much adulation of the rugby team and too little prestige attached to intelligence or scholarship."

Stephen Hawking found similar attitudes when he went to university.

Neither Dawkins nor Hawking have said that 9 11 was an inside-job.

Richard Dawkins

Imagine a group of 100 people.

5% are the sort of  gangsters who help organise events such as 9 11.

90% are the sort of people who are easily seduced, conned, or intimidated by these gangsters.

5% are the sort of people who stand up to the gangsters.

So the gangsters have the majority on their side and stay in power.

If there is a revolution, all that happens is that a different set of gangster leaders take control.

The only way to reduce the power of the gangsters may be to have a well educated public, so that fewer of the 90% will be seduced or conned.


Education may be the key.

Finland has higher scores in adult literacy than the USA and UK.

Finland would appear to be less dominated by gangsters than the USA and UK.

However, we should not forget that TV and newspapers play a large part in educating people, and in Finland the media is presumably controlled by 'the gangsters'.

Feral children

In private schools, state schools and even universities, the 90% are easily seduced, conned, or intimidated by 'the gangsters'.

It is probably fair to say that the worst type of educational institution is the large 'comprehensive' school which is a 'one size fits all' type of school.

Martinus School

The United Kingdom used to have lots of 'Grammar' schools which were designed for 'academic' children.

Most of these Grammar schools were closed down and replaced by American-style 'Comprehensive' schools.

Axing grammars 'led to the collapse of school standards'.

Margaret Thatcher closed more Grammar schools than any other politician.

Littleworth School

At the same time as the Grammar schools were closed, their 'non academic' equivalents, the 'Secondary modern Schools', were also closed.

The 'Secondary Modern Schools' often did a very good job of educating the so called 'non academic' children.

One main criticism of the Grammar/Secondary Modern system was that it did not cater for 'the late developer'.

Summer school for poor kids, Santiago, 1979, mmScan-111022-0023

A report in October 2013 found that, in England, today's school leavers have poorer literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills than their grandparents.

Researcher Dr Gijsbert Stoet says that British schools in the 1960s and 1970s were better than the schools today.

The ideal education system is one where the 'gangsters' are not allowed to dominate.

The ideal school is the one that teaches about 'brain washing'.


Anonymous said...

Israel lobby runs 'organized crime', bribes US lawmakers

Anonymous said...

. said...

You have correct assumption regarding Finlands mainstream media.

For aware person this tells a clear story.

There are a few social media sites but they are heavily trolled by the repeaters and the stupid.

Growing number of good blogs still gives some hope.

andy said...

Richard Dawkins says child abuse is fine, did not affect him when a dirty old teacher had a little fumble, great modern thinker eh.

CanSpeccy said...

"Neither Dawkins nor Hawking have said that 9 11 was an inside-job."

9/11 is the "acid test." Only complete morons or people without the slightest interest in public affairs believe the US Government story on 9/11.

Thus, 9/11 provides an excellent test of who you can trust. Folks who say nothing about 9/11 are absolutely OK with the ruling elite.

It's interesting to review the complete list of those with nothing to say about 9/11: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Bono (I'll be a proud American on 9/11), J.K. Rowling ("it is a defining moment in our lives"), etc., etc.

shirlz007 said...

sort of 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'... or 'all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others' lol.(still my favourite book). The IRA is the best example of this (of course British Security Services had a say in which direction that went).

Just think, Rupert Murdoch was planning to invest in the UK education system in 2010!!!

Pierre Olidyar (ebay founder and billionaire) has plans to create a new digital mainstream media outlet, promising to create a platform for real investigative journalism...

And according to 'The Code' (Marcus du Sautoy), a mysterious and universal mathematical code underpins the world, the universe, nature... even human society. According to this 'universal code', it's 1.25% that control the rest of the human population... the Occupy movement should be holding banners saying 'WE ARE 98.75%'!!! :D

Anonymous said...

ref "90% easily seduced, conned, or intimidated.."
from personal experience would assume, that at least 10% of the people are basically aware of what is going on, but they prefer to pretend, to be ignorant..
(these are basically honest and social persons, but fearing very much the vengeance of The Powers That Be)
we all know, trying to spread truth and combat lies and deceit doesn't help in advancing careers, receiving assistance from the government etc..

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who teaches in a secondary school. At the beginning of this year they gave every pupil and teacher an iPad, for free.
Now all the kids have to do is Google stuff. Her colleagues all looked at her like she was mad when she asked whether anyone knew if Wifi was safe or not. She wants out of this kind of teaching, but she is in the minority. Most of her colleagues just put up with the nonsense, yet they all seem to agree that Michael Gove is a bastard.

I was taught sex education (in RE class) by a now convicted child abuser when in a grammar school in Northern Ireland. He'd been at it for years and with hindsight I now realise that pretty much everyone knew! There was always a rumour that he was "gay", even though he was married with kids.
His name is Dr Lindsay Brown, and he is a "Christian".

felix said...

Yes, good point, Aang: strange that media savvy media pedants like Dawkins, who need proof for anything before they believe in it, seem to swallow all the fakery dished up by the MSM concerning all hoaxes of recent years. They don't say a dickie bird. I see no evidence for the existence of any planes on 9/11. I guess I am an aplaneist.

Anonymous said...

Re the above post and the "is Wi-Fi safe" question, please check the UK Column youtube channel and watch the interview that they did with an ex-navy microwave specialist on 18th September, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-engineering

Anonymous said...

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are triggering flashbacks to my year on Lamplighter Way, the same place that gave us Valerie Jarrett after it went co-ed. I got out -- well, they all but threw me out -- and I do 9/11 truth.

Anonymous said...

Grammar Schools were a con, whereby the lower-middle class got state-funded quality education for their children; and the working class kids were herded into Secondary Moderns to be made fit for work in the mines, steel works, and factories (which existed then). Admission to Grammar school was decided by the 11-plus, an intelligence test---devised by fraudster Cyril Burt

Parents with a bit of cash to spare would have their kids rehearsing the answers as the 11-plus exam approached. A very few lower-class kids scraped through, but most of their peers were too busy playing football to bother. If you went to a Secondary Modern your destiny was fixed to the extent of being forbidden, legally, to do A level exams. It was shameful educational apartheid. Don't believe the hype!

Dublinmick said...

We are basically speaking of the difference between neanderthal man and Cro-magnon man. The neanderthal exhibits a more cohesive attitude, the ability to coalesce against a perceived threat. He is DNA-Y haplogroup E1B1B1 ... Cro-Magnon man. (European man) is of a different species.

Neanderthal is basically about survival, destroying enemies as opposed to Cro who is more esoteric. He wants to get along and perceive the all oneness of vedantic origin. This will never work with the neanderthals however who believe in an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. Although a small band, he realized the ability of fractional reserve banking long ago. Jesus was not popular when he overturned the money lender tables.

It is something karma will have to work out after neanderthals have destroyed the world of nature. Of course they will have to hurry. The creator will probably beat them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

In the post above, the supposed reference to "neanderthals" is transparent in its antisemitism. The very real predicament of our species will not be amended by attacking the usual scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right!

Everyone here is now officially on notice. The anti-semitism card has been waved and as we all know that card trumps all others. You are right to quake in your boots.

This blog and all its commenters are now on double secret probation. In all writing henceforth Jews may only ever be heroes or victims or both.


- It is permissable to criticise Israel but only as some kind of entity divorced from Jewishness. It may not be referred to as 'the Jewish State'.

- Jews are never to be referred to as racists. Since they are a minority their arch racism is excusable, even commendable.

- Discussions of holocausts against the Jews are permissable (except for the one in WWI). Discussions of holocausts by the Jews are not permissable.

- Jews may not be discussed in terms of their being the leading exponents of smut and pornography. Rather they are liberating us from oppressive social mores.

- Any writing should acknowledge that without Jews we wouldn't have any culture. The fact that all of Shakespeare's works were written when there were no Jews in England may not be mentioned except in the context of wondering if Shakespeare was a Jewish woman.

- All mention of the talmud is right out. As it says in the talmud: 'Any goyim who reads the talmud and any Jew who helps him do it deserves death'.

You have been warned!

Yours sternly etc. etc.

salialioli said...

poor aangirfan, what a bunch of shills!!!

Now then, as for those at Secondary Mod being legally prohibited from taking A levels .....!!!!! BUUuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!!!
We'll have a link for that please!

Salialioli xx

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