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Russell Brand, who suffers from bipolar disorder[72], meets the Queen

Is Russell Brand controlled by the spooks?

On MTV, a day after 9/11, Russell Brand dressed up like Osama Bin Laden .

Brand and Jemima

Jemima has two brothers; Zac Goldsmith Tory MP who is married to Alice ROTHSCHILD, and another brother called Ben Goldsmith, who up until last year was married to Kate ROTHSCHILD

"Russell Brand is put on the TV screens to placate the ones already 'awake', and to put you back to sleep in the belief that this is some kind of victory. 

"It's isn't - it is showbiz being used as a social engineering tool yet again."

Russell Brand isn't Waking People Up according to Thomas Sheridan


Russell Brand is promoted by David Icke.

"Recently, British actor and comedian, Russell Brand, has had David Icke and Laura Eisenhower on his talk show...

"In October 2010 Brand married pop star Katy Perry on top of an elephant in Northern India, the same place he had proposed to her just a short time before. 

"The marriage lasted only fourteen months...

"In February 2011, Katy embarked on the largest tour of her career. The tour was described as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Wizard of Oz'... 

"Roseanne Barr and Mary Sean Young are publicly speaking out about trauma based mind control..."

"It seems the devil has left his mark on Russell Brand’s career as well. The symbol for his show, Brand X, is the actual Mark of the Beast."

Continued here:

Newspaceman comments:

Note the symbolism of the "revolution" poster he is holding. The light bulb (light/lucifer), the laurel leaves, the two exclamation marks (pillars?), the solar rays.

Note the skulls on his jumper.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aangirfan,

Check the bottom image in the link below.

Note the symbolism of the "revolution" poster he is holding. The light bulb (light/lucifer), the laurel leaves, the two exclamation marks (pillars?), the solar rays.

Note the skulls on his jumper.


Anonymous said...

Brand is being used by Zionists.

He will gain credibility with many who are "awake" by attacking the mainstream media and major political parties as being a sham.

But he will then, when the time comes, come out aggressively against any and all criticism of Jews.

Wait and see.

If he was in any way a threat to them his career would be in a ditch and the mainstream media would not touch him.

Instead the mainstream media is actively giving him a platform.

Anonymous said...

Groan, thanks Aang,

You're obviously right but it's a shame because I like Russell Brand. I like his brightness, his quick-wittedness. Oh well, never mind.

No more heroes anymore.

Except for the lovely schoolgirls!

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

But you have linked to Icke many times on this blog.
Personally, I'm unsure about Icke but he clearly does promote some good information amongst the crazy theories.
Brand has never impressed me.
And I am suspicious of him.

So does his behaviour now mean that we can confirm that Icke is also definitely a fake?
Or is Brand being used to manipulate Icke?

Icke has certainly helped to awaken a lot of people. If he is a fake then what's the plan for those folk?
And what's the plan for those that Brand awakens? Why would the bastards be intentionally awakening people?

And if there is a plan for those folk, does the same plan apply to those that Aangirfan awaken?

Anonymous said...

RUSSELL is what we call controlled opposition, and yes most likely an MK ULTRA asset

Anonymous said...

Icke=fake,Freeman=fake,Brand=fake,Jones=fake or "shills"if you like.

I keep reading how people are waking up and yet these clowns are still out and about and used for information. etc. Really???? Icke was the more believable one,for awhile,but the network didn't follow through on it.

Lots of us can really see you guys,now, but we just keep quiet about it.

Dublinmick said...

He and the queen must have gotten along famously. It is so comforting the qwain hob knobs with small time actors. That quain who owns one sixth of the earth's surface.

Dublinmick said...

Perhaps there is a memo out, tell the truth or in the face of the upcoming planet hercolubus, you go to a very dark planet after this one where your only hope is to cannibal your compatriots as you have done here. Just a thought.

They know!

And you should also. There is a universal consciousness that rewards each according to their own. Tell the truth with your every awakening thought or suffer the same fate as the liars and pedos and phony leaders. God is not mocked.

Anonymous said...

David Icke has been given a MAINSTREAM platform on British Television since the very start.

They let him plug his books, they keep him in the public domain. He is a New Age guru who is playing his role for his NWO paymasters.

People need to wake up: Icke; Jones; Brand... CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Of course "
Icke has certainly helped to awaken a lot of people" ... that's his role!!

He turns people's heads away from the real people behind the sick, NWO agenda. He's a Pied (or PAID) Piper!

Yeah, Ickettes- "Do an Irish Jig"... "This is all a 3d hologram!"

What a great way to keep the masses docile!

kenny said...

I've seen Brand portrayed on some so called alternative sites as a leader of some sort of revolution. It was good for a quick laugh...

Paul said...

If they are presented to us in detail by the media they are fakes. Its as easy as that. If the media ignores them then they are probably worth hearing.

lord charles drake said...

beware of ike interweb shite he may bee good or bad who nose.but his little helpers are well under control.
vaporising words faster than 1984 memory hole.
anders new the site was controlled but carried on regardless.

brand is jewish not a problem but he is sophisticated mi software.deep cover the jesus project.
eyes wide shut fuck party boy like depp before him are all tools all sides controlled.
the software always breaks down part of the process.
mk handler he is stronger than most but it will go wrong.
look at his employers mtv,bbc,c4 and satanic zion hollywood.
che he is not
just slightly more complex and rugged controlled FUCKING opposition.
dontes you nose missus.
funny though

Charles Edward Frith said...

A more accurate and spontaneous depiction of Russell Brand is his takedown of the corporate media on MSNBC.

I would have thought his divorce from Katy Perry would be a plus point.

thetruthhurts said...

Russell Brand is just another in a long line of childlike ego maniacs itching for a bit of publicity with an overarching sense of self indulgence. I love the way he completely misses the points that firstly as a Hollywood A lister he has joined the elite he so despises and secondly he thrives on the MSM to promote whatever daft cause he's on, at least in part to fund his own coffers nou doubt. This social redistribution he's so keen on, well you first Russell and then I'll have a think about it. I could be wrong but ever fibre in my being screams that Russell Brand is either deliberately or subconsciously disingenious, personally I hope it's the latter as that makes it just that little more interesting.

Unknown said...

Jemimah Kahn is Princess Diana's sister.

Unknown said...

"Shortly afterwards, Brand was kicked out by the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones. According to the comedian’s Twitter feed, the two men exchanged angry words, with Jones saying,

‘What you did was very offensive to Hugo Boss.’

Brand replied, ‘What Hugo Boss did was very offensive to the Jews.’

"We have to have been the only band in history to get kicked out of our own album launch party... Kurt Cobain

"The last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday. I had received “an inconvenient truth” from a beautiful woman. It wasn’t about climate change – I’m not that ecologically switched on, she told me she was pregnant and it wasn’t mine."

Look what he's done to Zbigniew Brzinski's daughter...!!!

Nixon Scraypes said...

Ex-junky be damned,look at those glittering eyes,the torrent of words,the manic expression.A good example of the narcissist psychopath,he believes what he's saying because he doesn't believe anything.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, thanks. If he is as you suggest that would be disappointing to say the least. He has been a a lone, bright light in the mainstream - but as you point out, why is he in the mainstream?

It does make one think - as we always should. As for Icke - he is still not mainstream and shunned by virtually all the major MSM outlets - even the interview with the gofer's mate was a pre-recorded set -up. They had him talking about the nature of reality and the universe - of which DI knows lots - but they didn't mention that he'd outed Saville many years previous or ask him about any of the famous peados that he's openly talked about FOR YEARS. Or maybe they did and then edited it out. Speaks volumes.
Let's not fight - but do debate. And keep our eyes on the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Freeman isn't fake.

Newspaceman said...

3.25, I am all for debate and the bigger picture.

Icke is constantly mentioned in the MSM, not a complimentary manner, rather the opposite.

I remember fairly recently that when Prince William and Kate's choice of weddding date was announced on 29/4, the Sun was quick to highlight the Icke birthday connnection. I might even be able to locate an image of such.

My problem with Icke is that he tells mostly truth, and wraps it in shite. Like a reverse beef olive.


Anonymous said...

personally I've always thought brand was a self promoting douche

Anonymous said...

MAINSTREAM TV and ICKE: 2013 (This Morning) 2006 (This Morning) 1991 (Regional ITV)

Don't forget "The Lizards and the Jews" on Channel 4 (about 2001)

There are many many examples of David Icke being SHOWCASED on MAINSTREAM television.

The BBC 'interview' with Terry Wogan was set up- it was Icke's 'sacrifice'- that's how the elite operate. He is their boy, peddling NWO theosophy.

Where would Icke be without that infamous BBC interview? He worked for the BBC! He then became the LEADER of the GREEN Party. The Icke publicity machine rolls on...

His webmaster worked for MTV and the Big Brother (UK)programme. Wake up, people!

Icke is a 'good psychopath' and egotist (as they all are). Look up what his ex-wife said about 'Mr Infinite Love'. Her name is Pamela Richards:

Anyway, Brand is yet another piece of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION; you cannot trust ANYONE who is given a MAINSTREAM PLATFORM.

Do you really think that the elite are stupid? They would 'take out' ANY and ALL legitimate threats to their plans. They don't care- look at what happened to Diana- is Icke more important than her?

Icke WORKS FOR THE ELITE- please, don't allow yourself to be deluded any longer!

This is a great blog, one of the few ways people can TRULY AWAKEN (to the MASS DECEPTION coming from the AUTHORISED 'OPPOSITION'!)


Anonymous said...

Serious;y if this is how you judge people because he has a top with skulls on and holds a picture with an abstract meaning. Then you are fuckin crazy.
Yes he is a selfish tool who loves the limelight. Just like many other people. And no he is no result of MMC NLP. he was just a pretty boy with a drug addiction at the time.

You guys need to learn that all of humanity are flawed. Give me a perfect righteous man and will give you a lier or a hypocrite.
You gotta learn that we are all human we are all flawed and we can all only do the best that we can.
No we dont need him or his ilk to run any revolution for us, we are quite capable on our own tyvm. However nothing that the man Brand said on Paxman is wrong. We have all been saying that voting doesnt work etc etc.
So get off your paranoid judgemental high horse and stop playing games with pyramids n eye symbols.
The superiority complex i get from most conspiracy theorists nowadays sickens me. All im more awake than you are, you are just a sheeple blah blah blah.

Unknown said...


I think we can safely say on the basis of the below, "Pamela" was a spook plant.

"Showcasing" someone is not the same as taking them seriously. And it's safe to say that, despite his notoriety, the mainstream has NEVER taken Icke seriously.

You sound like you a smear artist to me.

baron charles foster drake said...

on ike deep ike
and his pox mi little vauxhall helpers.

His webmaster worked for MTV and the Big Brother (UK)programme. Wake up, people!

sean is it big brother ex mtv now teamed up with silky carlo or what ever the tart is called.
simply super radical structure.
like winston smith and his girl making love in a hovel un aware that the vid telly screen is behind the dusty curtains.
sean ikes big tavistock helper.
what a rothschild crew along with brand.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would say Brand Is a fraud. Maybe not even knowingly (look up Monarch Trauma based mind control. The fact is, it doesn't matter if he is a fake or Icke or anyone else. The question is did you "wake up" are you asking your own questions and finding YOUR own answers?

Anonymous said...

This blog has a lot of info on Russell Brand

Worth checking out, the blogger has nailed it I think, the blog has been exposing this agenda for a couple of years.

Meaghan Edwards said...

Oye . . . So much ridiculousness.

There has been no verification from either Khan or Brand that they are dating. If you get your information sources from Daily Mail and their ilk, well, it says everything about you.

Secondly, Brand X is play on Malcolm X, one of his favorite heroes.

Thirdly, apparently for some with their tinfoil hats on too tight, he's a Illuminati member because he was molested. I can't make that up, people.

Anonymous said...

Exposure IS the best medicine for parasites.A fact.

I came to this by asking myself questions and lots of research of others who are awake. those who have not" awaken" yet, exposure of these con artist is a public service.So it does matter.No need to spend your hard earned $ on an infowart t-shirt.

Snoop! said...

aaaaw he's so cute , to hell !

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