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Reece Manley

In hospital, Reece Manley had a near-death experience.

He says the God he observed in the place he called heaven during his near-death experience was a God of acceptance.

He said his near-death experience taught him that God embraces gay people.

Manley was brought up as an evangelical Christian.

Manley said he has had personal experience with a religion that taught him fear.

"Spiritual abuse is real," Manley said, adding, "I show people different ways to express spirituality."

As a pastoral counselor, Manley worked with people who were raised in what he describes as religions based on fear.

Near-death experience altered local Christian writer's beliefs

Dr Reece Manley

Dr. Reece Manley, 1969-2011

Reece Manley's childhood involved "incest survival, beatings and repeated rape."

Reece was brought up in Anton, in Texas.

His parents divorced; he was raised by his maternal grandparents. 

As a child, Reece considered himself to be gay.

Reece's mother's brother, Uncle Tom, had cystic fibrosis.

Uncle Tom repeatedly 'raped' Reece, while Reece was aged seven to twelve.

Uncle Tom told Reece that if Reece told anyone, Reece would go to hell and be thrown away by his family.

Reece doesn't believe that the incest caused him to be gay.

Most homophobes are subconsciously gay.

Reece studied psychology at Texas Tech University. 

Reece became a youth minister for three different churches including the United Methodist Church. When he came out as a gay man, he was asked to leave the church 

Reece got a job at the Texas Youth Commission and worked with juvenile sex offenders, of which all, he said, had been sexually abused themselves. 

Reece received a Doctorate of Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2001. 

 He "began counseling clients from a more spiritual perspective."

Reece had health problems.

He had grown to 420 pounds.

As a result of failed surgery he suffered constant pain.

Reece became a cocaine addict.

In 2007, Reece said his last goodbyes to family members, had a few drinks and drove over an embankment. 

Reece believes the 'grace of an angel' intervened and saved him.

Six months later, he was in hospital on an ventilator and had a near death experience.

He says his deceased grandmother came to see him and told him it was not his time yet.

Reece died in 2011, having written several books.

An Ode to Reece Manley (1/14/69 – 2/3/11) - Renee Baker, Ph.D., LMT


Lee Cresswell said...

As for the implication that Christians (and the Christian God) hate homosexuals...God detests ALL SIN. But he loves sinners..He loves us so much that he sent his only begotten Son to die for us, that we might be saved from the penalty for sin..which is death. But Gods forgiveness is only ours if we accept this loving sacrifice on our behalf, come to Jesus in repentance..AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. This requires of course a humble heart and not a PROUD one. As for the pop-psychology conclusion that those that despise homosexuality are in fact themselves subconscious homosexuals...laughable!!! Its kind of like drawing the conclusion that all those people who despise paedophilia are in fact themselves closet paedophiles!!!!!. Yeah right....;-)

Anon said...


Watch the video at the end of this post.

Most homophobes are gay.

Anonymous said...

More religious deceit

Paul said...

Lee. if you can find a shred of logic somewhere under your religious brainwashing, please use it before it's too late for you.

Zoompad said...

"A homosexual doesnt not go to hell for being homosexual..but for being unrepentant...and PROUD..Why do you think they call it Gay "Pride"? "

Well said.

As far as labelling people as "homophobes" goes, I used to be puzzled about why God was against homosexuality. That was until I had a taste of the horrendous bullying from the Gay Rights brigade while I was fighting for my right to have a family life in the Secret Family Courts. At first I didn't understand the hatred that was directed towards me - until I realised the Wonderland Club had historically shared a platform with the Gay Rights campaigners. Even the Prime Minister is against us who simply want our children to have the right not to be abused!

Anon said...


I sympathise. There are gay bullies.

But, please have some sympathy for the millions of children who are bullied for being gay.

God loves all children whether gay or straight or bisexual.

Anon said...


Hell will be full of unrepentant homophobes?

Lee Cresswell said...

I was not brainwashed. I grew up in a very unreligious family. I always thought Christianity was bullshit. I have though been searching for the TRUTH all my life. That is really the only thing I have ever been interested know..what is this place? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Who created us? Where do we go when we die? Why is there injustice and evil in tvis world? Where does it come from? What is the nature of reality? Whats more, posing these kind of questions at a social gathering in a social enviroment is the best way to clear the room!!;-) These questions that so intrigue me seem to be almost tabboo. Anyway i discovered the answer to all of these questions in a very serendipidous way about three years ago....the Truth....and it was in the VERY LAST PLACE that I would have EVER thought of looking...The Holy Bible. So if I have been brainwashed then i can tell you was not by a Church. I still do not betong to a Christian Church...they are pretty much all infiltrated by the enemy. But....if you really love and value the truth..then you will humbly search for it in your life..and you WILL find it...and when you will know Jesus Christ. The truth is b.t.w the only thing that can save your eternal soul....and without it you have nothing.

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