Monday, October 21, 2013


Queen Atut

In this world there are many wealthy families - such as Genovese, Bush, Kennedy, Keswick, Tata, Fontbona, Gonzalez, Kwok and Slim.

The top 600,000 people in the world control 85% of the world’s wealth.

The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order

"China's elite world of blood connections and dynastic influence has much in common with the European aristocracy or the old monied families of the US." China's elite. SINOKLEPTOCRATS

Queen Atut is the don of a powerful clan.

It is said that her family is protected by black magic and a 'martial arts association' militia.

Queen Atut is governor of Banten, a province in Indonesia which is famous for Black Magic.

Queen Atut's house. According to The Power Elite by sociologist C. Wright Mills, in the USA, the interwoven interests of the leaders of the military, corporate, and political elements of society mean that the ordinary citizen is relatively powerless.

Queen Atut is in the news because of the arrest, in October 2013, of Indonesia’s chief constitutional court judge on allegations that he took bribes from Queen Atut's brother.

Queen Atut cannot go on the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca, because she is banned from leaving Indonesia.

The Bush Clan. Business partners with the bin Ladens. BIN LADEN FAMILY / HOUSTON AND GAY OSAMA

At least 10 members of Queen Atut's family occupy political office or are seeking political office in Banten.

In Banten, companies linked to Queen Atut are said to have won lucrative government contracts.

Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis have been found in Queen Atut’s brother's garage.

Queen Atut's late father made lots of money providing services to Suharto and his military.

Dynasties in the Philippines

According to Michael Buehler, a political scientist at Northern Illinois University:

1. Political candidates in Indonesia need hundreds of thousands of dollars for bribes and sweeteners to party leaders, local government officials and voters.

2. In Indonesia, about 60 clans have increased their power since direct elections for governors, district heads and mayors were introduced in 2005.

We live in a Feudal System.

In 2006 it was reported that in the Calton area of Glasgow in the UK the average life expectancy of a male was just 53.9 years.

This is lower than in Bangladesh or North Korea or Iraq. (In Iraq, life expectancy is 67. Minutes from Glasgow city centre ...)

The Sarcastic Liberal

People are brainwashed into voting for the feudal elite

It is the small countries, like Finland and Denmark, that tend to be the least feudal.

Slovenia has low income inequality


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full

brian said...

its likely some 'suicide bombings' are not what they seem: at 3:28:
' Citizen relates details of his abduction by terrorists who attempted to turn him into a suicide bomber

Anonymous said...

So if "People are brainwashed into voting for the feudal elite", what would Aangirfan's advice be to voters?

Not bother to vote at all?
Spoil our ballots?
Vote for a fringe party?
Is there a non-feudal party to vote for?

Anon said...

I would suggest that Indonesians should vote against Prabowo.

In Scotland, I would urge a YES vote.

In the USA, vote for the independence of each state.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The Times Sunday reported a settlement with JPM Chase by reporting that settlements are used in place of criminal charges to not upset the fragile economy. This is hours after holding a gun to said economy? I know this is simplistic but practical. Many of our top leaders are completely oblivious to anything except a free meal ticket from political/military/media/industrial/university BANKING union?

Newspaceman said...

Aangirfan, there's a photo on y bblog showing the SNP conference and their countdown clock @ 333 days till the referendum.

There's an image too, in which Salmond, perhaps coincidentally, appears to allude to ISIS.

As I say, it's maybe just coincidence.


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