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George Osborne with Natalie Rowe, a vice madam, in 1994. 

In the photo above we see UK cabinet minister George Osborne and prostitute Natalie Rowe.

Natalie, a former teenage runaway, ran the Black Beauties escort agency and used the name 'Miss Whiplash' and 'Mistress Pain'.

Reportedly, among her clients were four top members of the Conservative party, a bank chief executive and a 'world famous' television host. 

George Osborne, aka Gideon Osborne, is a top man in the UK government and in Bilderberg.

George Osborne has been linked to Nat Rothschild, oligarch Oleg Deripaska and financial shenanigans.

George Osborne's best man Peter Davies to make millions from Royal Mail shares

'Cocaine' pictures /George Osborne's doctor brother suspended from practising / A Deripaska Sort Of Party

George Osborne was allegedly a regular guest at parties dominatrix Natalie Rowe organised at her flat in the early 1990s.

Natalie Rowe

Natalie Rowe has written an autobiography, soon to be published.

On 2 October 2013, police officers armed with a battering ram burst into Natalie's London flat.

The police claimed they were looking for drugs.

No drugs were found in the two-hour search.

Natalie Rowe says the police questioned her about her  forthcoming autobiography.

The book is expected to make ­embarrassing new claims about George Osborne.

In 1994, a photo emerged which showed George Osborne and Natalie alongside what is alleged to be a line of cocaine.

The photo above was taken "at a party to celebrate her getting ­pregnant by her aristocratic boyfriend William Sinclair."

Natalie met George Osborne through William Sinclair, a descendent of one of Britain's biggest landowners.

Sinclair and Osborne were both members of Oxford University's notorious Bullingdon Club.

Natalie Rowe's path from teenage - Telegraph

The Bullingdon Club, whose members have included David Cameron, Nat Rothschild and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Natalie Rowe states: "It was definitely cocaine on the table. 

"I said to George jokingly, 'When you are Prime Minister one day, I will have all the dirty goods on you' - and he laughed."

Natalie Rowe states that Osborne and Sinclair "found the paddles and the whips, the chains and the handcuffs.

"But they found it quite amusing.”

George Osborne, Andy Coulson,....

The police raid on Natalie's flat happened two days after it was first reported she was planning to publish and serialise her book.

Natalie reports: "I was dressed only in my knickers and a top..."

"They went through all my drawers..."

They also examined documents relating to Natalie's book.

Pat Kirkwood.

We read in The Telegraph about a one-woman musical, Pat Kirkwood is Angry, which quotes from private letters that the Duke of Edinburgh wrote to the late actress.

Ward and his girls.

The Telegraph also mentions the West End show by Andrew Lloyd Webber about the Profumo affair.

"Mandrake hears that the musical will feature claims about Prince Philip's connections to Dr Stephen Ward."

Prince Philip features in Profumo affair show - Telegraph

Christine Keeler, one of Ward's girls.

Ward supplied girls to the elite.

The Profumo affair has links to Mossad, the CIA and MI6.

It was Stephen Ward who told the Russian spy Yevgeny Ivanov: "a man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I can assure you of that."

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

According to The Daily Mail:

Private photographs of a young Prince Philip were obtained by Russian spy Yevgeny Ivanov, during the Cold War.

The Duke of Edinburgh

The photos allegedly show events at Soho's Thursday Club, whose members included Stephen Ward, the Duke of Edinburgh,  David Niven, Peter Ustinov, and 'a cheerfully louche group of men, artists and actors, photographers and aristocrats' which took the Prince 'to the edge of a gamey, and indeed seamy, set'.

Stephen Ward was an osteopath with links to the US President, royalty, Hollywood stars ...


Ward allegedly worked on the CIA's Monarch mind-control programme.



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The Hidden Story of Barack Obama

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Aang, have you seen this story?

Tories in boy brothels of Amsterdam

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Aang, look into the connection uncovered on the Icke/Savile thread today between Virginia Bottomley's cousin Jeremy Hunt and B.A. pilot and serial child abuser Simon Wood.

Wood was Company Director of Nyumbani, which in itself was registered to Jeremy Hunt's Hotcourses company.

Virginia Bottomley is married to alleged Elm House visitor Peter Bottomley. And she allegedly shut down the enquiry on Peter Righton.

And now Hunt is in charge of the investigation into Savile's abuse in hospitals FFS.

Join the dots.

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