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Princess Obama Of Kenya Pictures

The people who attacked the Kenyan Mall were allowed to escape.

Anonymous comments: 

The Kenyan Government has confirmed that it is not holding any of the bodies of the terrorists behind the Westgate attack.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku said that it does not have custody of the bodies of the five terrorists allegedly gunned down in the siege.

Forensic investigation are being spearheaded by ... the FBI, agents from Israel, UK Metropolitan Police, German and Italian agents...

Questions over missing people after mall attack | The People

Odd man out.

Anonymous alerts us to the following comment by kupambazuka:

"I think the Kenyan authorities have capitulated to the British government.

"Why would a person with a map of Westgate in his laptop, and a story about visiting a non existent mother in Nairobi, be released?" 

It's all fake?

"Multiple sources, including some police officers who made the initial response to the distress call, confirmed that the first group of terrorists may have escaped within an hour into the attack."

Hard questions emerge over handling of terror attack

This first group were presumably similar to those who carried out the CIA's Operation Gladio attacks in Italy and Belgium and the attacks in Mumbai, Norway and Sandy Hook.

Kenya's General Julius Karangi meets General William M. Fraser III, Air Combat Command commander, during his visit to Langley in the USA.

"An elite police unit ... had apparently pinned down the terrorists on Saturday before the Kenyan army (KDF) arrived...

The mission was effectively taken over by Kenyan army chief Julius Karangi.

"This changeover allowed the terrorists to regroup and in the confusion, led to the shooting of an elite police commander." 


Zoompad said...

Sick of them.

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Stephen Gash said...

The stabbing and killing of Greek 'anti-racist' rapper Pavlos Fyssas was a false flag Gladio action to provide the excuse to extinguish the anti-EU Golden Dawn party.

Anonymous said...

British Daily Mail Fakes Nairobi Pictures


Anonymous said...

The Nairobi pictures are a hoot. This was no "false flag" in a traditional sense, it was a movie production.

Anonymous said...

for those websites who suggest no-one actually died:

8 gut-wrenching images as Kenya mourns Westgate attack victims

for those websites who keep saying Frank Lowy is connected to the Westgate Mall, here are the owners:

KenyaLaw: Court of Appeal:
By an application brought under Rule 5 (2) (b) of the Court of Appeal Rules, the applicants ask this Court to “stay the orders” made by the superior court (Sitati J) on 2nd February, 2009 extending the exparte interim orders of injunction issued on 19th January, 2007 restraining the applicants from evicting the respondent or interfering with the respondents enjoyment of L.R. No. 1879/1/557 unit G8 Westgate shopping Mall and any further extension of those orders pending the hearing and determination of the applicants’ intended appeal...

Anonymous said...

we've had Trajtenberg, Tachenberg, but Trachtenberg is probably a better search term:

29 Sept: Nation: Embassy warned of attack against Israeli targets
This could have informed the decision of the owner of the shopping mall, Mr Alex Trachtenberg, to relocate his family to Spain two months before the terrorist attack.
He also moved the operations of his businesses from Westgate mall to a new location in Lavington...

from translation:

El Mundo Spain: The luxurious mall is owned by Alex Trachtenberg, an Israeli Jew living in Nairobi for two decades. Trachtenberg has declined to comment on the attack.

twitter of journo from El Mundo's Africa desk:

22 sept: Last time I called Alex Trachtenberg, owner of #westgate, he made it clear that he doesnt like media.dont expect any info from him ...

remember nakumatt's Mwau, Trachtenberg's partner, has alleged drug connections:

btw al shebaab allegedly exports a lot of Khat, as well as charcoal. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Link Between Kenyan Shopping Centre Massacre and 9/11 Tower Leaseholders Surfaces

Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya was Built by the Same People Associated with the World Trade Center!
1. The Westgate Shopping Mall was built by Westfield Australia.
2. The Westfield Group is owned by a man named Frank Lowy.

Read the rest:


Unknown said...

Anon 3:53 AM -

"for those websites who suggest no-one actually died"

Nice try.

I for one do not know whether or not anyone actually died at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya in late September 2013.

It is possible that someone died.

But I will say that a remarkable amount of the evidence that has been published in the mainstream media appears to be faked, staged or contrived.

So it is possible that no one died

Those are two different positions.

It is possible that a lot of fake material such as photographs of actors staging the aftermath of a 'terrorist' attack could be produced for some reason for release to the public while at the same time an actual real attack with real deaths has occurred.

I cannot and do not say this is what happened but equally I cannot say for certain that this is not what happened. I say I have doubts

I have grave doubts about the veracity of what has been presented due to the unreliability of much of the evidence that has been presented in the mainstream news media.

To have any chance of knowing for certain I would have to have been within the building itself at the time. That is why trust in the government and in the media is so crucial for the proper functioning of a fair, just and honest society

Without it how can society function without being subject to exploitation and oppression by an unjust and dishonest power structure?

Therein lies the problem. Increasingly the people do not trust their government or their media to tell them the truth and so the people will in time eventually overturn those institutions.

That day cannot come soon enough.

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

I believe that. Golden Dawn was going to be big. The Jewish BANKSTERS couldn't have that.

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