Saturday, October 19, 2013


"Kate McCann recollects the night that Madeleine disappeared on Crime Watch in the U.K.

"Kate's emotions in this video are very consistent with what she is saying and would be very hard to fake, if she were lying.

"I have always believed Kate and Gerry McCann have told the truth.

"What do you believe?"

Kate McCann Recollects Night of Madeleine's Disappearance (Eyes for Lies) at Eyes for Lies Blog

In the seven and a half years Eyes for Lies scored cases, she accurately identified the truth or deceit in 37 out of 39 people before it was known by simply watching video clips of people speaking out in the media.

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Anonymous said...

Of possible relevance?

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis.Thanks.

There is also quite a lot of research to suggest that subjects who look to the left when 'recalling' an incident are accessing different parts of the brain from those incidents reflecting truthful, accurate recollection.
For whatever that's worth.

We all hope that the truth in this matter comes out and the perpetrators of this most heinous crime are brought to justice.
Peace and love.

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