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Justin Bieber is from Ontario.

Justin Bieber has an androgynous image.

The Sun reported that the teen pop star partied in a gay bar.

A member of Bieby's posse, Jason Boyd, known as Poo Bear by Beliebers, is involved in the international cocaine smuggling biz.

Bieber's Cocaine Ties

Precious Treasure Holiday Co. promised to arrange illegal encounters in Ontario for pedophiles.

Justin has sung about a gay love affair.

Ontario has been portrayed as a haven for child-sex tourism.

Justin Bieber is managed by Scooter Braun, who is Jewish, and from Atlanta. 

Dr Joseph Mengele is reputed by survivors of his experiments to have worked at Bayer laboratories in Ontario.

Victim of CIA mind control?

Martin and Sharon Butler began looking after Justin Bieber, when Justin was five years old.

Martin and Sharon Butler were born in Britain but moved to Stratford in Ontario in Canada, home of Justin Bieber.

Dr Joseph Mengele is reputed by survivors of his experiments to have worked at Bayer laboratories in Ontario.

Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, became pregnant with Justin when she was 17.

"The Butlers stepped in ... to provide what they describe as 'additional parenting' when Pattie found herself unable to cope." (We brought Justin Bieber up

Martin Butler is a 43-year-old IBM software specialist who emigrated to Canada from Walsall in the West Midlands in the UK.

Ryan Butler (right)

Ryan Butler, Justin's childhood friend, wants to be a film director.

In 2008, Justin's mother gave a talk on a local radio station in which she said she was sexually abused when she was five.

She said: "My sister was killed by a car when she was five.

"When I became a teenager, I started exploring drugs and alcohol. I was pretty much high or drunk from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed."

Justin's parents

Justin's father Jeremy had a record of heavy drinking and fighting.

Pattie separated from him when Justin was 13 months old.

Martin Butler says: "When Justin came to our house, he learned our old-fashioned British rules and principles, like respect for people..."

The US Department of Homeland Security set up a website firm called Precious Treasure Holiday Co.

This promised to arrange illegal encounters in Ontario for pedophiles.

The website portrayed Ontario as a haven for child-sex tourism.

The website, built by US agents, claimed that Canada was safe for pedophiles.

The website was outed by The Smoking Gun as a government operation.

U.S. agents pedophile ploy - CBC.

Born in London in Ontario.

Justin Bieber's handlers are making him 'crazy' and 'nuts'.

"From Mariah Carey and Britney Spears' infamous programming breakdowns in the past decade to Amy Winehouse... the music industry has its fair share of artists plagued with psychological problems.

"Thanks to Fritz Springmeier and other researchers of MK ULTRA and mind control programming, we're now able to understand the possibility that these tortured artists are suffering from dissociative disorders kept quiet in mainstream media."

Sick, Sad World: Justin Bieber Jumps on the 'Crazy' Train

"Justin turned up two hours late for his show on Monday.

"On Thursday, a fan paid £330 to meet Justin, but saw him for just 15 seconds.

"Justin was hospitalised with chest pains on Thursday.

"He was involved in an altercation with a photographer on Friday.

"He failed to turn up to film a slot for primetime ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway."

http://www.dailymail / 'I'll never come back to UK': Justin Bieber cancels ITV appearance after fortnight of hell on tour

Reportedly, Justin has fallen in with 'a bad crowd in LA', said to include Lil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore from Chicago) and Lil Za (Xavier Smith).

Reportedly both were present when Justin was photographed with a cannabis joint.

"The incident came a day after Lil Twist was pulled over by police as he drove Bieber’s £120,000 458 Italia Ferrari and a photographer was killed as he ran across the road to take a picture."

Pressure: Bieber is increasingly under the sway of new Hollywood companions led by little known rappers Lil Twist (right) and Lil Za
Lil Twist (right). Read more: http://www.dailymail.


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Anonymous said...

Corporate Child Abuse: The Unseen Global Epidemic

Anonymous said...

Saudi Black Op Team Behind Damascus Chemical Weapons Attack – Diplomatic Sources

Anonymous said...

At first, it seems just gossip. Something that is enjoyed by teenage girls, mainly.
But when someone digs some info, the 'real deal' comes out here and there... The info provided by your link
tell alot. Who could believe that MJ was like a ghost and went into a complete blackout every night to cope with his years long problems? How many of this stars fall down abruptly?

Just some read about them and you'll find that most of them are heavily manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Not forgetting the P Diddy connection. Oh look, 34,000 results in google for 'p diddy gay'. Otherwise, Mr. Diddy has 'handler' written all over him.

Speaking of suchlike, I'm sure you won't have missed the brouhaha involving Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor, yes? Very interesting. One does hope it continues.

best etc. etc.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Don't forget that Occult Owl Tattoo

Anonymous said...

See pic of Chavez .... it was all bs wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much... we need more on this type of subject....the shit runs so deep. Government corporations are very malevolent.


Zoompad said...


Its the biggest con trick ever pulled. How can people be so decieved? Why do they worship the Pope?

Anonymous said...

Zoompad: Why do they worship the Pope?

No one worships him. Catholics consider him the first representative of God on Earth. Protestants do not.

Worshipping the Pope is an heresy, you can consider him or not as 'Pontifex'.

Anonymous said...

Then why do they come to him for deliverance...Jesus is the only being on Earth that shall be worshiped and shall deliver us to eternal life and Jesus is the only representative of God on earth. We are merely human.


Ummer F said...

"Justin was hospitalised with chest pains on Thursday."

He suffers from something there. If the doctors cannot find anything then it's for sure occultic.

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