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Indonesians in Suriname

Suriname is a former Dutch colony.

The 2004 census showed that the population of Suriname is made up of:

135,000 people who came originally from British India,

87,500 mixed-race descendants of West African slaves and Europeans

72,600 Maroons - former slaves from Africa

71,900 Javanese from Indonesia.

Indonesians in Suriname

The Dutch took Javanese to Suriname to work on their plantations.

Indonesians arriving in Suriname

In politics, the Javanese often hold the balance between the larger and more powerful Afro-Surinamese and Hindustani (former British Indians) groups.

Indonesians in Suriname


Indonesians in Suriname

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Anonymous said...

Suriname is known for its biodiversity: 60 new species were recently discovered.

The same scientists also found that the water was contaminated with mercury.

The mercury comes from illegal small gold mining operations.

The UN has recently undertake to ban mercury. But the large legal gold mining operations don't use mercury contaminate the water with arsenic(different extraction processes).

These legal miners also grab and contaminate the land. So Surinamese amerindians are in crisis because their lands and and waters are being snatched and poisoned - the fish are deformed.

The Canadian corporation Iamgold's (legal) mine takes 95% of the profits, where as the Surinamese government takes just 5%!!!

(NB John Perkins)

Yet 70% of the Surinamese people live below the poverty line.

Maybe the Surinamese president is under shadow government pressure to sell out his people? His son was recently arrested by the US....if only everyone in Suriname could see Confessions of an Economic Hitman!

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