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Hitler (right) and 'Hitler after his escape' (left)

From November 1912 to April 1913, Hitler stayed in a flat in Liverpool in the UK with his married half-brother Alois.

Hitler spent months living in Liverpool flat

There is a belief that while he was in the UK, Hitler was taken over by a right-wing faction within the UK security services.

Hitler may have had a British Handler

Some people have speculated that Hitler may have come in contact with Tavistock.

If Hitler was linked to a shadowy cabal within the UK and USA, this might explain:

Why Hitler was financed by the Bush family and others.

Why Hitler let 335,000 Allied soldiers escape at Dunkirk.

Why the I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed.

Was Hitler an Illuminati Agent? -

Many of the elite saw Hitler as someone who could keep the masses under control.

"By 1919 Hitler was an Intelligence officer with the German Army assigned to spy on the tiny German Labor Party, and he became it’s leader.

"The brother of the founder of the US Federal Reserve Max Warburg was the chief of German Intelligence.

"Both were directors of the I.G. Farbin conglomerate. 

"Hitler was sponsored by the banker oligarchy, and the Nazis received millions of dollars from New York and London."

Nazism and Zionism Sponsored by the Same Illuminati Banking Cartel


The powerful cabal that supported Hitler did not like organised labour, liberals, democracy or anything else that challenged the feudal system.

At the end of World War II the feudal system was still in place.

The Fascist-Nazi-Zionist-Mafia elite continued to rule through  the Bilderberg group, and similar organisations such as Bohemian Grove.

NATO's Nazi Beginnings

Totalitarianism thrived in Russia and Eastern Europe.

British authors Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan, in their book Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler, argue that towards the end of the war, Hitler escaped to South America.

According to the book Grey Wolf:

Hitler escaped from Berlin on a Junkers-52 transport aircraft.

Hitler, after landing in Denmark, flew to Spain, where General Franco supplied him with an aircraft to take him to the Canary Islands.

From there, the Hitler took a submarine to Argentina.

Hitler died in Argentina on February 13, 1962, aged 73.

Argentine journalist, Abel Basti, claims that Williams and Dunstan stole his research.

"Basti did in no way invent the idea of Hitler being alive in Argentina," says Williams. "Books on the subject existed as far back as 1953 and 1987. I have never plagiarised anyone's work."

Hitler, 'brainwashed by a shadowy cabal'.

The Powers-That-Be want us to think that Hitler died in Berlin in 1945.

In the Daily Mail, author GUY WALTERS writes that "The idea that Hitler could have escaped - and kept that escape hidden - seems farcical...

"In the years immediately after the war, there was no hard proof that Hitler had, in fact, died. One of the problems that investigators encountered was the lack of any physical evidence for his death.

"The existence of skull fragments, found by the Russians near the Fuhrer's bunker and believed to be his, was not known to the West until 1968. Then, in 2009, DNA testing of the bones revealed that in fact they belonged to a woman...

"This has given the fantasists added ammunition to claim that Hitler didn't die in the bunker.

"In the immediate aftermath of the war, British and U.S. intelligence services received countless reports suggesting the former Nazi leader had been spotted alive and at large...

"For a long time, the Russians believed that the Allies were sheltering Hitler, and they put about these fake stories in an attempt to flush out what they thought to be the truth...

"Even General Eisenhower, the former Allied supreme commander, appeared to be taken in.

"In 1952, he said: 'We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that he escaped from Berlin'...

Hugh Trevor-Roper whose reputation was damaged in 1983 when he authenticated the Hitler Diaries on behalf of The Sunday Times newspaper, and they were subsequently shown to be forgeries.

"After the war, the historian and MI6 officer Hugh Trevor-Roper was commissioned to investigate Hitler’s death. He spoke to many of those who were present in the bunker during those last fateful days.

"They all said the same thing: Hitler had killed himself, and his body and that of Eva Braun were cremated with petrol."




Dublinmick said...

And let us not forget the oh so innocent catholic church smuggled him around disguised as a priest.

This also jumps out, I was not aware of this, thanks.

"The brother of the founder of the US Federal Reserve Max Warburg was the chief of German Intelligence."

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden

Which is the odd one out?
The prize is instant fake death.

Anonymous said...

Each human mind seems to know inherently that it has been created for the same reason as any other mind for explorative reasons of an ambient and that individuals are in this sense all of equal value
From this sense of equality stem all ideas on justice and injustice.

It’s a guess, but maybe when an individual ignores this awareness and violates another equal, they receive a message of wrongness from themselves and experience a feeling of being ‘bad’ that is not so easy to get rid of.
If one continues the wrongful behaviour or it worsens, the feeling increases and has to be dealt with.
It’s an inside problem and the nagging voice to be quieted is one’s own.

One can practice self deceit and try to shift blame outside and so the idea of a ‘Devil’ was invented. ‘He’ serves as a scapegoat. He made me do it - I didn’t.
Once that step is made and a man needs to believe in devils, all Hell can break loose.

Why does all hell seem to need to break out from certain people? I wonder if it's repression of awareness? Maybe people who are drawn to the ritualistic behaviour cults believing they go into the so-called satanic realms are in some strange way, trying to free themselves of consciousness of what they do.
The necessity to suppress this inner voice of awareness is strong so a need rises to assert the rightness of being wrong.

Why attack the human children?
Because they are innocent and harmless and a symbol of what the perpetrators are not and never can be because of what they have allowed themselves to become or because of something that has been done to them.

Maybe the ugly religion is about trying to live with the bad feeling and come to terms with it by asserting evil in a ceremony together with companions who have a similarly troubled conscience and a very disturbed consciousness.

There is no devil - but men can act like what they imagine devils would be.
And then they put this into the world and others begin to believe because they see the ugly acts.
What other conclusions could be drawn?

Anonymous said...

of course roper would say that, he was MI6 and MI6 extracted Hitler out of Berlin recounted in 'Hitler was a British Agent'

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