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Portrait of Prince Arthur, 1854, by Roger Fenton. The Royal Photographic Society Collection, National Media Museum.

Above is a portrait of one of Queen Victoria's children, Prince Arthur, taken by Roger Fenton in 1854.

At the side of the young prince can be seen the ghost-like figure of his nurse.

She moved into the frame part way through the exposure.

G is for ghosts

The Ram Inn and owner Caroline Humphries.

The Ram Inn is said to have 20 ghosts.

This bed-and-breakfast cottage was built in 1145, on a site where child sacrifice and devil worship are reported to have taken place.

A woman who stayed in the cottage in the 1500s was labelled a witch and burned at the stake.

You can find this cottage in the village of Wotton-under-Edge in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire in the UK.

The ghosts include a murdered young girl called Rosie, a high priestess, and a male 'sex demon', known as an incubus.

Allegedly, something ghostly.

The owner of the inn is Caroline Humphries who  has lived in the Ram Inn for nearly 50 years.

She says she used to hear the ghosts of murdered children crying in one of the bedrooms. Since putting toys in the bedroom, they seem to have calmed down.

She says: 'When I was a child, I was so scared of the house I used to sleep in a caravan outside.

'It was normal for us to see people running out of the house, screaming in terror.'

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Anonymous said...

Loch Ard Gorge is a lonely and windswept place at night.
[Boring story omitted.]

Karen and Teresa saw her. So did I. White woman in a nightgown.
But they were both terrified. I just found it strange.

Seeing her was more a dreamlike sensation while awake.
Real as you or me. Not an apparition.

I discovered her name about three years ago. From the news.

What was most interesting were the elements of synchronicity.

That is, acausal meaningful coincidences.

"Zimmer 137"

One possible explanation for synchronicity is that our world is in fact some sort of semantic map, like a vast shimmering associative memory that we are embedded in. And which we can influence. Maybe even one that extends all the way down to fundamental natural law.

The usual "rational" explanation for synchronicity is that it is mere statistical cherry-picking.
Of course, "rational" people do not back this up with evidence. Why should they? It's "obvious".

So how should I interpret this?

Maybe there's no absolute demarcation between the worlds of dreams, waking reality and the hereafter. A nebulous overlap.

So she's like some fleeting evanescent wave. Perhaps searching in the world she left behind.

But after the last day, when our world and reality finally disintegrate.
Then we shall all meet again.

"I couldn't tell where Heaven stopped and the Earth began. It was so beautiful."
"I wish I could've been there with you."

Anonymous said...

Before you ask...

No, I haven't seen little green men, the Yeti, Min Min lights, Bunyips, the Yowi, Elvis or the Loch Ness monster.

If someone told me they'd seen such things, I would at least listen. At a minimum, you would learn something about human nature.

It's one strange world out there.

"Many miles away,
There's a shadow on the door
Of a cottage on the shore
Of a dark Scottish lake."

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