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David Shurter

"My father was a high priest- and along with some very well connected friends who were enamored with the devil- were using some of the children that were involved in a human trafficking ring as blood sacrifices to feed their sick, hedonistic desires.

"Satanic ritual abuse is just what it sounds like- ritualistic abuse that has a satanic theme to both the abuse, and the ritualistic practices that are performed...

Ritual Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Omaha, NE

Noreen Gosch, mother of kidnapped Johnny Gosch.


"She has told me and others that her ex husband was involved with their son’s abduction- and then gets all angry when people wonder if she could have also been a part of it..."

The Reason for the Fallout Between Me and Noreen Gosch ...

The Church Committee investigated the CIA and Iran Contra.

"My older sister told me recently that Frank Church and my brother Stephen are connected in that the official picture that Frank Church used during his life and career was taken by none other than my brother."

Another Strange Connection between MKUltra, Omaha Events, and My Brother Stephen.


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Credit should more properly be given to Silvija Germek at WMR and David Shurter himself, and their discussion at Wayne Madsen Reports.

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The fact that the Brit Government systematically hid the abuse of young boys at every single childrens home in the UK tells us its at government level, this abuse is real and ongoing

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Doug Casey & Jim Rogers- Central Banking on Steroids

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Anonymous said...

The 1982 plot to destabilize the Soviet Ruble by the US and China needs some attention.

This was initiated by Reagan through Leo Wanta.

The idea was simple: Create a very large fund, economic force, in order to drain the Russian treasury of gold and force the economy of the USSR itself to implode via speculative attack on the Ruble. Following this, purchase as much capital as possible, focussing particuarly on Oil and Gas assets.

The first part of this succeeded in 1989 when the Berlin wall was taken down.

For the strategy to work, gold price needed to be suppressed. For that to happen a large quantity of off market gold was required. Hirohito's treasury which was apparently found in the Phillipines, the so called 'Marcos' gold, would have provided such collateral:

Adnan Khashoggi was involved in the gold trading:

His activities had several purposes. The primary economic angles: Raise money for covert activities, depress gold price.

Wanta was responsible for the money raised in this fund and wished to return it to the US Treasury. Others had a different ideas. When he 'returned to life' (as his partner, Chinese Intel operative Kok Howie Kwong who according to 'Delmart Vreeland' was alive an well in Taipei in 2003 despite being killed with rat poison in 1992)

However, Vreeland has a confused background:

In banking there exists a term 'Private Treaty':

In the case of the Wanta funds, these had been appropriated under false pretences, and used as collateral for further transactions by others:

It should be noted that some interesting characters now appear to be cooperating rather than competing:

It is alleged that The Children's Defense Fund is a front / slush fund.

All interesting now as the Saudi - US ties appear to be coming apart at the seams, following US failure to intervene in Syria. Arguably, Saudi Arabia, and some Gulf States appear to be is isolating themselves:

And they are selling a lot of property:!31ED5171-6E4B-4B68-AA30-2407575EB263

David Shurter said...

I completely agree that credit needs to go to Silvia. She is AMAZING!!

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