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 Chris Fay - former child protection officer

Chris Fay, a former child protection officer, says he was threatened with a gun to his head to stop him investigating the London boy brothel known as Elm Guest House.

'Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles', says ex-child protection officer.

Elm Guest House was reportedly run as a boy brothel by elements of the UK police and of the UK security service MI5.

In the early 1990's Elm Guest House briefly hit the headlines, but the affair was hushed up.   

According to Fay, members of the police Special Branch routinely threatened him, his colleagues, and the victims.

Fay says of the police:

"At one point they had me up against a wall by my throat with a gun at my head telling me in no uncertain terms that I was to back away if I knew what was good for me.

"I was told by the police implicitly, 'We do not want you to come to us with big names'."

Some big names

Fay, who worked for National Association of Young People In Care said the 'gangster' police 'physically' stopped the victims from speaking with the group.

Fay says: "I witnessed Special Branch police officers manhandling them (the victims) and turning them away with a warning to keep their mouths shut. It was blatant."

The pedophile ring using the Elm Guest House is believed to be linked to the child abuse networks run by the police and security services of several countries from the USA to Portugal to Belgium to Thailand.

The Elm Guest House boy brothel was supplied with young boys from local-government run children's homes.

Some of these boys were reportedly also taken by top people to Amsterdam to be raped.

Elm Guest House

Fay relates:

"In the end we had to meet victims at a local community centre without the knowledge of the police to hear what they had to say."

Fay and his colleagues were given the names of top politicians who were part of an alleged paedophile ring at the heart of government.

Fay says his kitchen window was shot at, leaving three bullet holes in the glass, although he never found out who was responsible.

'Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles', says ex-child protection officer.

Karole Kasir, who helped to run the Elm Guest house boy brothel, was reportedly murdered.


"My mate was in the Welsh boys home.

"One day the police turned up at his door, back in the 90's, and asked him questions regarding his experiences in this home..

"Against his own wishes he was served a writ or subpoena to appear at the Waterhouse inquiry...

"After he gave his evidence he was found dead...

"R.I.P. Kev Coupe."





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