Thursday, October 03, 2013


US Navy Commander Robert S. Kerno and Hugo Chavez on the USS YORKTOWN

Who might be assets of the CIA - Khomeini, Saddam, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Un, Gaddafi, Hugo Chavez...?

Bill Van Auken of the World Socialist Web Site has his doubts about Chavez's Venezuela:

"At the heart of the mounting economic and social crises are the contradictions underlying so-called Bolivarian 21st Century Socialism, inaugurated by the former paratrooper colonel Hugo Chavez and continued by his hand-picked successor Maduro.

"Masquerading under the name of socialism, its program consists of partial nationalizations and social assistance programs for the poor, while the commanding heights of the economy remain firmly in the hands of international and Venezuelan finance capital.

Venezuelan model Dayana Mendoza

"While workers have seen their real incomes steadily eroded, the country’s stock market is the highest performing in the world, up 281 percent compared to last year. 

"Leading this dizzying rise have been the country’s private banks, which are the most profitable in the world thanks to speculation and funding the country’s ballooning public debt at exorbitant interest rates.

"Under Chavez and now Maduro, a whole new wealthy layer of the country’s ruling establishment, the so-called boli b urguesia, has grown up, enriching itself off of corruption, government contracts and financial speculation."

Venezuelan President Expels US Officials for Instigating and Financing Economic “Sabotage” By Bill Van Auken - Global Research, October 02, 2013 World Socialist Web Site

You may well think that Bill Van Auken is more likely than Hugo Chavez to be an asset of the CIA.

Luli Fernandez

Drugs crime is widespread throughout Latin America. 

(Crocodile Tears? Covering Crime in Venezuela

In Venezuela, "there is the bloody gang warfare caused by drug trafficking, partly as a result of the presence of Colombian paramilitaries and guerrillas."

In Venezuela there is "a corrupt and underpaid police force; and the streets (are) awash with illegal arms, with estimates ranging from 6m-15m in a country of 29m." 

(Caracas accuses media over crime coverage)

The UN’s latest figures show that the murder rate in Venezuela is 52 per 100,000.

Honduras 60.9

Jamaica 59.5

Colombia 38.8

Mexico 11.6.


Anonymous said...

There was a strange little article a few days ago about An audio recording widely circulated on social media purporting to be the late Venezuelan leader saying he's still alive. The recording purports to be a message from Chavez to his brother. A voice that sounds like Chavez says he is recovering, that his death was a lie and that he is "more alive than ever."

Could it be that Chavez has been put out to grass with Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi after serving his purpose of leader as pantomime villain and is still actually alive somewhere?

brian said...

oh please! beware WSWS esp on Chavez and Venezuela: they have long been attacking Chavez for not implememting their sort of socialism

whos to say WSWS isnt CIA?

Anonymous said...

no is true, my president was a nationalist, our society is very complex. he loved venezuela, he made mistakes is true but never was cia agent. the audio is desinformation unfortunely he is dead. sad very sad

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