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Child abuse - political art - David Icke

Child abuse arouses strong passions.

On 3 October 2013, in Madagascar, a mob killed three 'Europeans' suspected of murdering a young boy.

The boy's genitals and tongue had been cut off.

The locals suspected the foreigners of trafficking in human organs.

Europeans burned to death by mob of vigilantes in Madagascar after they were accused of murdering a young boy

Keanu - murdered by his mother.

Women seem to be increasingly abusing their children.

Birmingham children's chief 'cannot guarantee' child safety / How could little boy's mummified body lie undiscovered

Richard Dawkins recently suggested that a little bit of sexual groping of an 11-year old school boy would not necessarily have a lasting impact. 

"When Richard Dawkins was 11 years old, his art teacher pulled him onto his lap, reached into his shorts, and fondled his genitals. 

"When he told his schoolmates, he learned he wasn't alone - the man had abused some of his friends, too. 

"But 60 years later, the famed atheist author... can’t bring himself to condemn the teacher’s actions.

"Dawkins told The Times magazine last week that abuse like he and his classmates suffered causes 'no lasting harm,' and that 'mild pedophilia' or 'touching up' shouldn't be judged as harshly as rape or other crimes."
Organ traffickers exploit Sudanese refugees and asylum-seekers in Egypt.

Dragana Brown has a blog post entitled Child Sexual Abuse - The Taboo of Paedophilia

1. According to Dragana:

"Professor Brian Cox... says that '...the subatomic building blocks of our bodies are constantly shifting in response to events that happened at the edge of the known universe....'"

So, what we do to a child can have an effect all around the world?

2. According to Dragana:

"I recently spoke to someone who had experienced abuse from the age of 3 for a number of years. 

"Interestingly, they only fully recalled what had gone on some 30 years later...

"The terrible pictures started to come back so vividly..."

3. According to Dragana:

"It is hard to deny that we live in a world that is littered with illness and disease, horrors and abuse. 

"But is it not time that we reflect on our own acts and thoughts and how we individually may be contributing to this mayhem - child sexual abuse included?"


Dublinmick said...

Many years ago they discovered an underground complex near the Orlando airport and evidence of satanic snuff movies. It was covered up with slight mention in the press. it is near the airport and Disney.

I think the road mentioned was Holdren Road. It did not get a lot of press.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

The ones who think they are lovers of children because they dont murder the children still throw them away like empty packets after they've had their fun or when things get too hot, and the human being who is discarded like that is then easy prey to the murderers and human traffickers.

So in my opinion they are all as bad as each other, they all lie and cover up for one another.

Anonymous said...

'No sarin detected in West Ghouta environment, only in human samples' - UN's Angela Kane

Anonymous said...

Documents Reveal Govt Lied About PRISM, Aided Financial Collapse

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The drugging of our children—0 to 5 year olds

Anonymous said...

IMO the most important sentence in her article is this one (quoted from the Huffpost UK site linked above):
> If we consider that the Taboo of Paedophilia is a powerful
> configuration of a consciousness that is the complete opposite to
> Love, it is important that we also examine what or rather WHO feeds
> this consciousness to stay in control and have power over us.

Apart from that, thanks for this article, Aangirfan, and keep up your great and necessary work. The issue of child abuse has become current for me during the last couple of weeks - it is _everywhere_. I can only concur with what is implied in above article, that we ALL would do good in starting to take charge of this issue.

Anonymous said...

So how do we raise the topic of child abuse in conversation without coming across as a total nutter?

In my experience, even my closest friends don't want to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

My parents were Elders and had me attend Sunday School (C.of S.) every week from about the age of 4 or thereabouts until I was old enough to decide I wasn't interested, (circa 12).

I met one of my teachers many years later and thanked them for giving up their time to teach me about the stories in the Bible even though I was not able to fully understand how it fitted. They were, at the time, stories just as are other children's stories, except I knew they were real and more important.

Mum was a doctor yet both of them put up with me smoking in the house, going to the pub and doing the weed, from 14 and never rebuked me for it.

Dad, a teacher, even brought me a carton of cigs from a foreign holiday which I remember sharing out in the boy’s toilets age 12!

No one at church ever behaved other than impeccably from my experience and I have no recollection of Hell even being mentioned as a child.

My most vivid memory of a sermon, as a child, was Jesus words to the criminal next to Him on the cross: "Tomorrow you will be with me in paradise." This paradise sounded pretty good!

Everything about my childhood was supportive or to let me do my own thing, not indoctrinating. I do however wish I had been warned about what to expect in adulthood in terms of oppression by, the powers that be.

Richard seeks to apply blanket terms in that Christianity is about fear, it is not it is about respect and love.

Jesus great command: “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and strength and thy neighbour as thyself.”

I know from having Catholics as my closest friends over many years that they were taught fear in school but we don't share their belief system, which is why my friends became agnostics.

Richard and his ilk should stop attacking whole groups for the misconduct of individuals. He is Antichrist in his spirit and part of the N.W.O. like other snake oil salesmen such as David Attenborough and Jack Cousteau.

“Oh we are so kind, we love animals - look and enjoy the animals – so we must kill mankind because he destroys the animals” as it were.

I live in the country and the wildlife is absolutely thriving.

If you want to believe in evolution, aliens, Allah or whatever go do so.

We want you to have that freedom, just don’t be harming folk or seeking to interfere with them because they think or know differently. No surprise those suffering in the Middle East get angry with the west but is happening to a plan so that tptb can set things up as they wish then provide the solution from the new world leader – peace and safety. The ultimate scam.

If the environmentalists really want to make a difference, what is needed is to be paid for recycling as a Tesco store I visited does. Throw the stuff in the hopper watch the coins spit out – now there’s a brilliant idea. Better than selling the Big Issue.

No adult should be groping a child. It is not acceptable. Indeed I recall Billy Connolly share the difficulty of coming to terms with his abuse because the revulsion was mixed with the fact there was also an experience of pleasure.

Go a step further, help your fellow man regardless if they believe what you believe and I do it all the time. Resist those who do harm to you and others.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:49 PM

It's a Taboo. Not in the Freudian sense, but in the good old sense of our ancestors... There's a point in history when the inbreeding was considered a Taboo: a law so high that even talk about it was a crime.

There's an agenda that seems to want this ancestral taboo removed...

Anonymous said...

Never mind paedophilia, none of my friends want to talk about anything apart from food, films, and furniture.

Phooey, etc. etc.

Lee Cresswell said...

It's only a matter of time now before adult/child sex becomes legalized. Apologists for peodophilia are working very hard to realize this ILLUMINATI GOAL. This supposed "progressive" article is one such example. It is ignorance masquerading as wisdom. Lies masquerading as truth. Darkness masquerading as light. This is why IGNORANCE will not be allowed as an excuse on Judgement Day...because it is willfull...and because it SERVES EVIL. Do not be deceived. Lee

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I used to admire Dawkins, when I was ignorant. Then I decided to look at evolution with an open mind. I discovered that while natural selection is self-evident and marvellous, there is no evidence for evolution whatsoever. Genomes are flexible, and can produce a miraculous variety of the same species in order that that species can survive a range of environments. However, the genome has its limits. If, while breeding for certain characteristics you push the genome too far, you end up with sick or dead animals. I discovered that science cannot point to a single example of a mutation that has either added info to a genome or has been beneficial to the species. This is very strange since if evolution is a fact, it must be very plastic with ubiquitous recent examples. I then discovered that, not only is there no missing link between humans and apes, there are no missing links anywhere for any species. New species appear, without ancestors, in the fossil records and, in most cases, disappear just as suddenly. I then discovered that there are many species alive today that haven't changed in millions of years. Why haven't they evolved? There is a growing number of scientists - not on the gov payrole - who are distancing themselves from the whole crackpot idea. But, if there is no evidence for evolution, what is the alternative? Well, it seems that Dawkins, instead of spending every spare moment looking or missing links, spends his time attacking one alternative - we all know which one. But who is forcing him to spend his life doing this? Does he have a murky private life? Is he, like so many of our politicians, being blackmailed?

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