Saturday, September 14, 2013


A Pro-Assad man being beheaded by Obama's rebels.

Another victim of Obama's rebels.

Another victim of the rebels, who were sent into Syria by the CIA.

"I don’t know how old the victim was but he was young. He was forced to his knees...

"The executioners belonged to ISIS - an Al-Qaeda faction."



brian said...

3- A gas that spares women

TM : In these documents is explained that most of the victims are children.

Indeed, you can see in the videos that many children are in agony. They are all about the same age. There are also adults. But all the adults are men. And generally, are at the age where they can fight.

There are no woman. Aside from two exceptions, there were no women in the officially announced victims. On the 1 429 official victims, only 2 are women.

It would be the first time that a gas would discriminate individuals according to their gender.

4- The victims are prisoners of the jihadists

TM : When these images had been broadcasted, the first thing that jumps to eye is that none of these children are accompanied.

This is very shocking, because in Near-Eastern culture, you never leave a body unaccompanied, even more so when they are children.

But these children are without parents.

Then, we can see them in the hands of people that are presented as medical staff, trying to save them. But it is hard to deduce what exactly the staff is doing.

In fact, their is a simple reason : these children are not victims of a chemical attack.

These are children that were kidnapped two weeks previous, in the beginning of August, in the Latakia region, 200 km away from the Ghouta.

They were taken while a jihadist attack on pro-Assas alaouit villagers. Most of the families were killed. Some survived. In the improvised cemeteries around Latakia were found over a thousand dead.

These children, of whom no one has heard about for two weeks, actually resurfaced on these videos.

Those of which the families were still alive recognized them, and these families pressed charges for assassination. If we don’t understand what kind of care is given to these children on these videos, it’s simply because they are not being treated.

They are being injected poison by intravenous, and being killed in front of the cameras.

this is the best analysis of Ghouta yet made

brian said...

the lies of a NYT pulitzerprize winner

my letter to SFGATE
this shameful article of yours and your pulitzer prize winner:

who is the hypocrit?Putin or SFGATE?

1. claims 'rebels' couldnt kill their 'own people'.
The children in the pics and videos are syrians from Latakia
not kids of jihadis from chehnye libya tunisia jordan...

locals call SFgates pulitzer winner a shameless liar:

the insurgents(not 'rebels') have used sarin:

3. russia only nation involved in syria conflict?
try saudi qatar israel US turkey

arming terrorists is a crime under international and national laws
and media aiding war is also a war crime: remember Julius Streicher?


Reiver97 said...

"Illegitimate children of halal prostitution

Recruited by radical Islamist organizations, nearly forty young Tunisian, both naive and exalted, joined the front in Syria, where they are supervised by the Salafists. Their role is not to fight, but to sacrifice in the name of "jihad of nikah" ... that is to say, to satisfy the rest, or rather sexual appetites, warriors. When they are pregnant, they are returned to their families at home, they become a new "social problem." Children born or unborn have no status, and point customary marriages (contracted to make lawful sexual relations with jihadists) have value or under the Act or for a deeply conservative society. A hitherto unprecedented situation in Tunisia, which is reminiscent of the thorny issue of children of Algerian maquis."

Translated by google from :

"A 13 year old Tunisian ranked third in Jihad for the Nikah!

Umm Al baraa, a Tunisian minor aged 13 is ranked in 3rd place at the level of its participation in Jihad for the Nikah in Syria, according to the Lebanese newspaper "El Khabar.

It is worth noting that in 2013, we hear about "jihad of nikah" about these women that are available to jihadists, through a simple unspoken agreement limited in time.

An act whereby they contribute to the jihad, offering their bodies under the seal of the religious law "halal" and thus hope to see the gates of Paradise open before them."


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