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The United Nations is not necessarily neutral on Syria.

The UN has been infiltrated by the CIA and its friends.

The UN has reported on Syria in the past.

In 2011 there was the UN Human Rights Council's report on Syria (full text .pdf), and in August 2013 there was the most recent report on Syria(.doc).

These reports included:

1. Lies provided by the CIA's Syrian rebels and by defectors working for the CIA.

2. Lies provided by charities (NGOs) working for the CIA.

The UN has been infiltrated.

The UN panel, for the 2011 and 2013 reports, was headed by a director of the Washington-based think-tank, the Middle East Policy Council.

"Its board of directors includes... CIA agents, representatives of the Saudi Binladin Group (Osama Bin Laden's family business)... munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO's operations against Libya)..."

Preempting The Next Round of Lies Against Syria


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Israel's Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism


Anonymous said...

U.S. Military Intelligence Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria

Thanks Aang for your work.

Anonymous said...

The Empire Blinks: The Countdown to a US-led Attack on Syria

Anonymous said...

Controversy in Canada: 9/11 Truth and Free Speech

Anonymous said...

Turkey Establishes Kurdish Jihadist Brigade to Fight Against Syria

Anonymous said...

The Strategic Role of 9/11: Al Qaeda and the Pentagon’s Global Military Offensive

Assad Pledges Full Cooperation, Pentagon Plans Countdown to War?

Anonymous said...

Hidden WMD Arsenals and “Hidden Truths”: The Chemical Weapons “Convention”

Anonymous said...

Network TV Supports War on Syria: “Journalists Don’t Need Proof”

Preempting The Next Round of Lies Against Syria

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brian said...

Soraya Sephapour-Ulrich: Israel continues to pursue its grand strategy, using a different tactic given its awareness of, and its familiarity with the strengths of the Syrian army – an army which must be disrupted from within given Israel ’s 1982 failure to do so. And this is the primary reason for arming terrorists posing as “opposition”.

brian said...

a short history of the war on syria 2006-2014

Zoompad said...

The church has been infiltrated by satanists, and the satanists are sacrificing children.

Thats why the church has done or said nothing about the Secret Family Courts. The church could easily have condemned the childstealers, they could have held a day of national prayer, they could have had a proclamation to educate people about the Pindown cover up all over the nation, and they had a duty to protect children a duty given to them by Jesus Christ and they have done the very opposite of what Jesus said to do, they should have been at the very front taking the lead of stopping the abuse of children.

The church has turned into what God said he would spit out at the end of time.

That policewoman detective who came round my house a couple of days ago asked me if I go to church. I know Stafford Police read all my blog postings, and its insulting to my intellegence to ask me to believe she did not watch or even know about the Cyril Smith Despatches program.

How the bloody heck can I go to "church" when the church is part of the cover up of these hideous crimes?

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brian said...

israels control of the islamist insurgents
israel desires the somalisation of syria this is from 2012....and it already concludes correctly israel controls the insurgency in syria

Anonymous said...

“Israel, given AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as orchestrating, not just the “civil war” in Syria, but the false-flag gas attacks as well.”

On Monday, September 9, 2012, Richard Norland, the US Ambassador to Georgia and reputed former Moscow station chief for the CIA during the last days of the Soviet Union, visited the “Lugar” lab.
After reports on Russian television and in the Georgian press of “irregularities” including leaked emails tying the lab to chemical weapons used by Syrian rebels, Norland took a delegation of diplomats and dignitaries on a tour of the very recently “sanitized” facility.

Anonymous said...

SNC & Al Farok did Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria 8 21 2013
The USA works very closely with Al-Farouk Brigade and the SNC.
Al-Farouk Brigade, led by a members of the Syrian National Council, namely Fahed Awad are behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria. The terrorist organization goes around to the towns they try to liberate, and kidnap ordinary Syrian civilians, not just the SAA they capture, and them commit crimes against humanity on them. They are murdered out right, and then videos are uploaded claiming Assad forces committed the crimes. They have worked with the Turkish government of Erdogan for 2 years now, out of a television studio in Ankara. They are led by many pieces of filth I previously exposed in exposing "Souria2011Archives."

Syria Rebels Ordered 10 Tons of Sarin Nerve Agent in Turkey

A court indictment by the Turkish prosecutors into the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian rebels has once again highlighted

fears this week that sarin toxic gas was used by the opposition and not the Assad government.

The prosecutor in the Turkish city of Adana has issued a 132-page indictment, alleging that six men of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front

and Ahrar ash-Sham tried to seek out chemicals with the intent to produce the nerve agent, sarin gas, a number of Turkish publications


brian said...

ISTEAMS Report on the Chemical Attacks in East Ghouta 1/2
Nun exposes fabricated evidence in East Ghouta killings

Anonymous said...

US deployed nuke force before Syria crisis

Few are aware, but the United States and Russia are on “high nuclear alert” since the “missile training” incident in the Mediterranean.
With the imminent threat of nuclear war and a preliminary decision by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to support, not just a missile campaign, but act directly in support of al-Qaeda forces inside Syria, a significant number of military leaders have lost all faith in their command structure.

Israel’s July submarine attack, one mirrored this week as a “test,” was intended to disable Syria’s advanced P800 Yahont anti-ship missiles, capable of destroying America’s guided missile destroyers.

Intercepted emails show that top Pentagon intelligence officials were actively involved in planning the "chemnical attacks".

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: High Level Source Confirms Secret US Nuclear Warhead Transfer
A high level source inside the military has now confirmed to us that Dyess Air Force base is actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that has no paper trail.

September 3, 2013

Nixon Scraypes said...

The CIA is a department of the UN,it was started by the bankers after all.

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