Thursday, September 05, 2013


The chemical weapons used in 'the gas attack in Damascus' were transported from Turkey.

This is according to Mohamad Gunes, a former member of a city council in the Turkish province of Hatay.

Chemical weapons sent from Turkey to Syria: Former Turkish provincial official

Gunes says: "Four months ago, Turkish security forces found a two-kilogram cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the al-Qaeda and al-Nusra.

"They are using our borders to take the gas into Syria.

People in the southern province, which borders Syria, said that the weapons were used by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front militants.

Farid Mainy, a Hatay resident, says: "America and Israel had al-Qaeda use chemical weapons in order to push us into war; none of us wants war here. 

"In the history of Hatay, we all lived peacefully side by side, now there is Mossad, CIA and al-Qaeda all over the place. 

"We are worried that they might use chemical weapons against us," says an activist.

Turkey's leader, Recep Erdogan, who is believed to be a crypto-Jew.

Frank Gregory Ford, a former U.S. intelligence agent, writes:

"I saw canisters, bombs, of VX/GF (chemical weapons) in storage in Iraq.

"They were tagged showing they were shipped there from Ft. Rucker, Alabama by the Carlyle Group

"These chemical weapons have been outlawed internationally..."

US Strike on Syria imminent – Wayne Madsen | Follow The Money

Mr Nasty

Israel needs another false flag.

Recently, "Israel 'test fired' two missiles from the central Mediterranean and sent them on a course which would have crossed the location where American ships are currently stationed. 

"One of the missiles triggered the incoming threat detection on one of the U.S. destroyers and was shot down. There is no word of what happened to the second missile, but from the chatter it could be guessed that it malfunctioned en route to the U.S. ships."


Anonymous said...

Pelosi Uses Conversation With 5-Year-Old Grandson To Push For Attack On Syria

Anonymous said...

John McCain Explains Why He Was Playing Poker on Phone During Syria Hearing

Anonymous said...

We have children in schools in France. They have just come home from the first days of the new term year with permission slips for use to sign; "In the event of a nuclear event causing an airborne release of radio active iodine do we give permission for the school to administer potassium iodide tablets to our children"

Fukushima, Syria, france base false flag???

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Anonymous said...

After israels cowardly attack on the peace aid convoys taking medicine and food to the people of palestine, remember several turkish citizens were shot and killed and others badly beaten, turkish people hated the jews, but the israelis offered to share USA intelligence with them, so all is now gorgotten.
except it isnt, we turks have long memories of jewish cowardice and one day they will pay for killing our family members like this

Ian Leslie said...

Sorry Aang, completely 'OFF TOPIC' as per usual, but close to my heart and mind's morality....I give you the sick, twisted, Woof Woof, we will do as our Masters Jersey Way!!!

Anonymous said...

Rattling the Sabre on Syria: Time to Cut Through Media Disinformation

“Boots on the Ground”? 75,000 Troops “Required to Secure Chemical Weapons if Damascus Falls”

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Syria: Obama’s Pretext for War

Anonymous said...

Top Chemical Weapons Expert Says We Don’t Know Who – Or Even What – Caused Syrian Deaths

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China and the US-Saudi-Israeli Plan for the Middle East

Obama was the Candidate of the War Lobby Funded by the Crown Family

Anonymous said...

Check your country and who is spying:

All explained here:

brian said...

Pres.Assad's adviser- "Victims kidnapped from Lattakia, ppl of Ghouta village say" #Syria "USA claima are lies" …....this is my view to s the children in the videos photos look like propaganda tools

also i throw down the gauntlet to AUS laboe party on eve of elections

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