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"Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, the chief of US Naval Operations, was evacuated from his residence at the Navy Yard complex shortly after the first report of shots fired..."

At least 7 dead in Navy Yard shooting. Two possible suspects at large

"One of the shooters has been confirmed as 'a former Navy official in his 50′s whose work status recently changed.' He was apparently 'disgruntled' about his job. Six Dead In Mass Shooting at Navy Yard

The incident has “no known connection to terrorism,” according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The UN report on the gas attack does not blame forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al Assad

15 September 2013 - Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, announced that China will also be sending its naval forces to the Mediterranean. Minister Lavrov believes it is a 'comprehensible' move.

There are already U.S. French, Russian and British warships off Syrian shores.

Russian Foreign Minister says China will send fleet to coast of Syria

America is the enemy.

According to Press TV:

"The United States and Russia have been on 'high nuclear alert' since the 'missile training' incident in the Mediterranean...

"A significant number of military leaders have lost all faith in their command structure.

"Israel’s July submarine attack, one mirrored this week as a 'test,' was intended to disable Syria's advanced P800 Yahont anti-ship missiles, capable of destroying America's guided missile destroyers..."

Continued here: PressTV - US deployed nuke force before the Syria crisis

In Vietnam, an American soldier tortures a boy.

Louis Dowes, Media analyst, writes at Press TV:

"The BBC could not have its propaganda delivered by non-Zionists.

"So it had to recruit .... Jo Coburn - the English Jewish journalist who describes herself as a 'liberal' Jew and 'sympathiser' of the Zionist movement.

"In 2011, Zionist Jo Coburn attended and supported ‘Liberal Judaism Day’ at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood, London. Also in attendance was executive editor of the right-wing The Times newspaper Daniel Finkelstein....

"This week, the BBC wanted to make its ... case for war on Syria...

"You see, the BBC treats the British public as idiots..."

Continued here: A lesson in BBC propaganda

Syria's looming economic disaster


Anonymous said...

UN Report

Anonymous said...

If there was still a need to prove the role of puppets of “Human Rights Watch”, in the hands of the American Intelligence, with this interview with Kenneth Roth has been fully demonstrated.

Bombing for Peace: Syria strike better than nothing? (ft. Human Rights Watch CEO)
Attacks on Ghouta | Human Rights Watch

Dublinmick said...

On a past topic here, time for the boys to remove those lightning bolt tattoos.

But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional reserve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.

Schacht’s and Hitler’s policies allowed full control of the economy, which was used to maximize production for the sake of war. But it did absolutely nothing to limit in any way massive war profiteering by the financial and industrial classes that brought him to power.

Who was Hjalmar Schacht?
Schacht was born in 1877 as the son of an aristocratic family. He joined Dresdner Bank in 1903 and already in 1905 was meeting people like JP Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt. He studied Hebrew to advance his career.

Anonymous said...

Hey aang how come this DC yard still active? You mean it survived countless closings? DC miracle and how!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Syria Chemical Weapons Deal—US War Postponed, Not Canceled

Anonymous said...

British Media Parades UK-Coddled Syrian “Defector” in PR Push

Anonymous said...

Syria: Has Obama Finally Forsaken the Insurgency?

Anonymous said...

The Option of “Regime Change” is Still “On the Table”: Who is Washington’s Protégé for Syria?

Unknown said...

Obama is going to have a face to face meeting with President Rouhani of Iran at the UN next week.

The first time that has happened since 1977.

And just as I got done saying that, there's a lone, crazed killer in tactical gear, running around DC at the Navy Yard, global command and control centre, 5 blocks from the US Capitol.

I'm sure that's just a complete coincidence.

I just saw the US Secret Service lead helicopter, Eagle 1 Medivac-ing someone from the Naval Yard.

The President is in the White House, why are the Secret Service attending the scene and getting involved?

Who's watching The President...?

Reagan National Airport is in lockdown.

There is a shelter-in-place in-place across Southern DC.

Who's watching The President...?

Reports of 3 shooters, 5 blocks from the Capitol.

Who's watching The President...?

Eyewitness Logistics Specialist Patricia Ward reports all the shooting occurred in the. 4th Floor, she believes - she was also involved in a Navy Yard Shooting in 1995.

More details below:

Anonymous said...

Navy Yard Shooting a HOAX!! PROOF Actors Exposed!!

Stephen Gash said...

Jo Coburn brags about her family being from Glasgow, and I believe she considers herself to be Scots. She is more anti-English than English in the opinion of many English nationalists.

Dublinmick said...

Right on cue, DC medical examiner Janis Orlowski makes the plea for gun control. Case solved.

Anonymous said...

Foreknowledge? Why was this posted the night before the incident?

Driving the Trance Canada said...

False flag. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Aang, respectfully, you should think twice about linking to John Ward's blog. He's a Zionist wolf in bleeding heart crusading clothing

Anonymous said...

shout-out to aangirfan here...

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