Saturday, September 14, 2013


The UK has a coalition government made up of Conservatives (Nazis) and Liberal Democrats (Nazis)

Jobseekers are being coerced into experimental drug trials dressed up as ‘job opportunities’


‘Many Coalition Members of Parliament ... are heavily financially invested in pharmaceutical and health care companies. 

Over 200 UK parliamentarians have recent past or present financial links with, and vested interests in companies involved in healthcare and all were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care Bill... 

So we must ponder just how coincidental it is that Jobseekers are now being coerced into experimental drug trials, or risk benefit sanctions, as the trials are being dressed up as “job opportunities”.’

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Severely disabled man told he must take medical to prove he is not fit for work

‘Unable to walk, talk or feed himself, Ryan Norman has needed round-the-clock care since he was four months old.

Now, at the age of 20, Government bureaucrats say he must have a medical to see if he is fit for work before he can claim the benefits his mother relies on to care for him.

Ryan’s mother, Ceneta, his sole carer, claims she is in serious financial difficulties after Ryan’s child benefit and tax credits automatically stopped on his 20th birthday on September 1 – with a wait of several weeks before he is assessed for adult benefits.’

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Military Times Survey: 75% of Troops Oppose Strikes On Syria

Revealed: CIA delivers weapons to al Qaeda in Syria

Greg Palast - A Memo


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Preempting The Next Round of Lies Against Syria


What the UN report on Syria will say & what the liars in the West will claim it says.
The UN panel for the 2011 report and the more recent 2013 report were co-headed by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council. Its board of directors includes Exxon men, CIA agents, representatives of the Saudi Binladin Group (Osama Bin Laden's family business), former ambassadors to Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, US military and government representatives, and even the president of the US-Qatar Business Council, which includes amongst its membership, AlJazeera, Chevron, Exxon, munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO's operations against Libya), and Boeing.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

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We inhabit an era of strange bedfellows. No one will ever trust a flag again. They should be thought of as prima facie false.

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