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At the Kenyan mall, the man with the gun is in the UK's Special Air Services (SAS). 

According to the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph:

"The SAS soldier shown above was having coffee at the Westgate mall (in Kenya) when it was attacked.

"With a gun tucked into his waistband, he was pictured helping two women out of the complex.

"He is said to have returned to the building on a dozen occasions, despite intense gunfire.

"Sources said the soldier was with the SAS, but he cannot be named for security reasons.

"A friend in Nairobi said: 'He went back in (the mall) 12 times."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ (The Daily Mail has now deleted its original story)
Nairobi terror attack: 'SAS hero' saves up to 100 lives - Telegraph...

Samantha Lewthwaite, suspected of working for Britain's MI6.

A senior Kenyan anti-terror officer says: ‘We believe she (Samantha Lewthwaite) was commanding the operation (the attack on the mall) but her fate is not yet known. It is understood she was a sniper also.’

The Mail revealed yesterday that soldiers say they saw a white woman shouting orders to gunmen, while a Twitter account purporting to represent Al Shabaab praised Lewthwaite.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

"Two British Special Forces advisers and several MI6 agents were involved" in the mall operation,

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Reportedly, the Mall terrorists gave out Mars bars to some of the children.

Terrorist gave my kids Mars bars

Who was killed and who survived:

Israel - no deaths reported

USA - no deaths reported

The dead were reported to be citizens of KENYA, GHANA, INDIA, CHINA, PERU, SOUTH AFRICA...

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Kenyan Mall attackers

Britain's SAS (Special Air Services) have reportedly trained the Khmer Rouge, the Tamil Tigers and Indonesia's notorious Kopassus.

Britain's SAS trained the Khmer Rouge

It was the British Special Air Services (SAS) firm Keenie Meenie Services which reportedly trained the Tamil Tigers.

(Southern India, Sri Lanka terrorist groups)

Mall Attack in Kenya ... this just smells ...

In Spain, website owners can now get six years in prison for linking to copyrighted material Posted by retank

Vice President William Ruto of Kenya's Message:

“Its really unfortunate that this terrorist attack was timed to coincide with my presence here at the Hague and the visit by His Excellency the president of Kenya to New York for the UN general Assembly." 

SHOCK: RUTO CLAIMS West Gate Mall Attack was ARRANGED to FIX him and President Kenyatta

The Kenyan Daily Post has "identified different codes" used by the group that attacked the Kenyan Mall on 21 September 2013.


Reportedly, the codes relate to Masonic lodges in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Harvey Point, in North Carolina, is used for CIA paramilitary and 'counter-terrorism' courses that involve high explosives and ballistics. 

Harvey Point was used by Navy SEAL Team Six to train for the raid that pretended to kill Osama bin Laden, in a scale mockup of the secret compound.[3][4]

Reportedly, Somalia's al-Shabaab terror group has released the names and nationalities of 9 attackers at the Westgate mall in Nairobi.

Alleged Kenya Mall Attackers Named by Al Shabaab - All Africa

They released the names via a Twitter account which is now suspended.

Below are the names and nationalities of 'the attackers'.

1: Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22 years old from Minnesota, USA

2: Abdifatah Osman Keynadiid, 24 years old from Minnesota, Minneapolis

3: General Mustaf Nuradin, 27 years from Kansas City, America

4: Qasim Said, 22 year old from Garissa Kenya

5: Ahmed Nasir Shirdon, 24 years old from UK

6: Zaki Jma'a Arale, 20 years old from Hargeisa Somalia.

7: Ismail Guled, 23 years old from Finland

8: Siad Nuh, 25 years old from Kismayu, Somalia

9: Abdirazaq Mowlid, 24 years old from Canada

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the usual suspects have carried out an attack on a church (above).

Did Americans help


brian said...

a crisis actor: man of many parts

the fellow is
Shakeel Ahmad Bhat
(Kashmiri: शकील अहमद भट (Devanagari, Śakīl Ahamad Bhaţ), شکیلن احمد بھٹ (Nastaleeq))[1] (born around 1978[1]), nicknamed Islamic Rage Boy by several bloggers, is a Kashmiri Muslim political activist[2] who has been in photographs on the front pages of many newspapers and has become a cult figure on the Internet. He has been featured in newspapers such as the Times of India,[3] Middle East Times,[4] France 24,[5] and The Sunday Mail[1]

yes it is staged

Anonymous said...

Endless War and the “Pictures in Our Heads”


Anonymous said...

The Truthseeker: World War 3, Greater Israel & Real Axis of Evil (E24)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fingering Lewthwaite is a red flag that something is wrong with the story. Lewthwaite is the widow of a London 5-5 patsy. What are the odds that she was involved with the Kenya incident, compared to the odds that she is a patsy.

Mick White

Abu-Suleyman said...

Salaam Anon,

the samantha you see is an actress, the real was killed in 2008 by the mi5 in kenya, cause she did not believe the stories about july 2005 and was sure that mi5 dune it...

Anonymous said...

Mars bars!!! WOW you can easy connect American Russian Jews to British Jews. Don't forget special olympics and American media. It is all Kosher.

Unknown said...

It is another fakey phony flagee


Unknown said...

Itchy beard:


Nikki said...

Wow! That picture that shows the same man in all the different scenes was profound! I've been aware of crisis actors and have seen photos before, but this one was the most obvious. These scum bags are completely out of control and their ballsiness is astounding.

Anonymous said...

The Kenya Kon

Right out of the Al-CIA-Duh playbook:


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Aang, Uhuru Kenyatta is not the favorite candidate of the west in Kenya. His nephew was killed in the attack. Maybe this attack resembles Beslan. Once again an enemy of the west gets attacked by Islamist mercenary terrorists


Unknown said...

Check out the Brit police man / Mi6 man caught on this video of the scene in Nairobi Kenya. What is this guy doing in Kenya all geared up with police gear on telling people to get behind "hard cover", suspect.


Charles Edward Frith said...

Kenya in bed with the Israelis who are in bed with the Saudis


Anonymous said...

Standard: Kenya Defence Forces give horrific accounts, death toll may go up
Authorities confirmed the terrorists had rigged the four-storied building
with booby-traps and security forces had to sweep the building, explaining
delays in the operation.
"We are doing a clean-up of explosives that had been set up by the
terrorists," the Kenya Police posted on its Twitter account...
Meanwhile, a British national is among seven men who were detained at the
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ( JKIA).
The British government confirmed Abdulrazak Sharif Ahmed, 35, is their
***The suspect reportedly had injuries on his body and face when he arrived
at JKIA on Monday morning ready to fly out to Turkey...

Standard: Security organs knew of attack in advance, claims Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko

if true, then anyone could have planted the bombs in the Mall!

su said...

I don't read the news any more.
I come here to see the debunkings and I go to Chris Spivey because he is so passionate about those fucking us over.
As soon as I heard that Israeli troops were storming a country's infrastructure I just got this soul message - how many rabbit holes do you need to go down.

Every time one reads news one's synapses form a tighter pattern.
If one keeps reading horror one's mind becomes horror.

We have to remember who we really are - infinite, eternal universal beings of such immense power and might.

Anonymous said...

already emerging that the Israeli owner of this mall- guy whose name is LOWY- was a co-owner of the World Trade Center alongside LARRY SILVERSTEIN.

Read ex-Mossad agent Voctor Ostrovsky's books from the 19080-1990s. He explains that Mossad trained tamil tigers in sucide bombings, right at training camps inside Israel. Explains why so many IDF "stormed the mall".

Another zionist themed scams, indisputable.

Ummer Farrooq said...

Shakeel Ahmad Bhat is not a staged individual, he is a protestor who protests against those who killed and raped his sister.

More of us should be like him, and not like a bunch of hippies giving up our guns for guitars.

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