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If God is all-powerful, all knowing, and all good, why does Barack Obama exist?

Martin Rees, the UK's Astronomer Royal, has written about Six Numbers that shape the Universe

"Six numbers in physics are just right for the emergence of galaxies, stars, chemistry and people...

"Says Rees: suppose... you were the intended victim of a firing squad and every bullet missed you...

"Wouldn't you be inclined to wonder if something special had been arranged on your behalf...

"That, somewhere in the Looking Glass world of modern physics, there might be some deeper reason for the providential value of these six numbers?"

One of those numbers is λ for lambda.

"It is a number so small that the puzzle is that it is not zero.

"But this weakest and most mysterious of forces - think of a value with 120 zeroes after the decimal point - seems to dictate the whole future of the universe.

"It seems just strong enough to push the most distant galaxies away from us at an unexpected rate.

"Were it much stronger, there might be no galaxies to accelerate anywhere."

St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430) wrote that "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth."

God is not a fundamentalist.

God is not even a Christian.

It was not the Jews who discovered God and God did not see the Jews as a chosen race.

The world is neither completely ordered, nor completely random.

This is what makes it worth living.

Is an all powerful God capable of creating a stone so heavy that even he cannot lift it?

Is an all powerful God incapable of creating such a stone?

Is God able to perform logical absurdities?

Imagine a pond.

Dropping a stone in the pond creates waves.

If you have waves, you also have troughs.

Some would argue that if there is 'good' then there is bound also to be 'evil'.

There is an element of chance and uncertainty in life.

That's what makes it real life.

God, when he plays golf, does not always want to get a hole in one.

And yet, God can interfere with the dice, when people are in a benevolent frame of mind.

At The tap: we read 'Why Your Kids Always Beat You At Dice'

"I will always remember playing dice games with Hamish aged about 3.

"His game.

"Somehow he always got the sixes and I got the ones, so he always won.

"I sort of wanted to lose, and he wanted to win.

"After a while he felt sorry for me, and generously he said the 1 could be worth 19 points!

"From then on, he got the 1's and I didn't.

"It was way outside the realm of randomness in dice throwing."

Is she a 9?

Pythagoras discovered connections between music and numbers.

According to most Numerologists:

Everything can be expressed in numbers.

Numbers correspond to vibrations.

Quantum Physics teaches that everything is vibrating energy.

Some events linked to the number eleven:

11 November 1918 - on the 11th hour, World War I ended (11/11/18)

11 September 1941 - the construction of the Pentagon began.

11 September 1973 - The CIA put Pinochet into power in Chile.

11 September 1990 - Bush gave his State of the Union Address about the New World Order.

11 September 2001 - The World Trade Centre attacks took place.

11 March 2004 - The Madrid terror attacks.

11 February 2011 - Mubarak stepped down.

11 march 2011 - The Earthquake and tsunami hit Japan 

"He's a 27/9 Life Path number so he means well in all he does since 9 is the justice-seeking humanitarian number. 9's are some of the most generous and caring people." Website for this image

The world is neither completely ordered, nor completely random.

"The 9 is often accused of being patronizing: You may not think that they know everything, but others view you as feeling that way. This breeds resentment and competition in those around the 9."

Spiritual Seeker (Numerology: Life Path 9 - The Humanitarian)


aferrismoon said...

Sept 11th is the date commemorating the Beheading of John the Baptist.

911 enumerates to the Hebrew word 'RAShYTh' , translated as 'beginning' in the Bible


Anonymous said...

@Afferismoon - 29 August is the date commemorating the same thing in Orthodox Xtianity

Anonymous said...

And this is partly why I feel like such an idiot for being as innumerate as I am. But, health allowing (and assuming WWIII is not around the corner, not an assumption that feels very safe at the moment), I still plan on correcting it.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting chaos theory! You have read Chaos by James Gleick yes? If not, you must. It's an easy read.

Loosely it says that nothing can be accurately predicted beyond three cycles. For mine, it sort of puts maths in its place, ie. it makes clear that the universe is beyond maths' ability to describe it.

Whilst Chaos doesn't have a sticker saying 'This Book Will Change Your Life!' on the cover, I think it should.

best etc. etc.

Kal Dani said...

Discover Prince William's occulted numbers...

5555 days old on Princess Diana's funeral and much more:

Anonymous said...

'Partly ordered, partly random' begins to describe Open Theism, the appropriate alternative to Calvanism, which itself began with Augustine's over-reaction to Pelaguis. Well done Aangirfan for approaching this and other similar questions. Where your comments and questions could be addressing Christian theology I believe we Christians should offer some 'reason for our hope'. Yours too.

Dublinmick said...

Bravo aangirfan, this one is too good!

In fact Americans (native Americans) knew all along that all life was a circle. In fact they say that God loves circles, our eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, body orifices are all just about a circle.

The mathematician also found this to be true as 360 degrees is also a circle.


Anonymous said...


While your philosophical and theological postings often lack rigour, they are an excellent source of inspiration and ideas. This is important. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Rigour can come later.

I was just reading today that some German academics more rigorously formalized Kurt Gödel's ontological proof, a logical proof of the necessary existence of God.

Gödel was no lightweight. He is responsible for the foundations of much of modern proof theory and classical computability theory.

My own view is that once you accept the principle that perceived worlds and minds are synthesizable, then you must inevitably accept that it is vanishingly improbable that you and your world are not synthesized by a purposeful and intelligent agency. Not only is your world synthetic, but there are myriad other worlds both parallel and recursively embedded. Each world quite possibly a variation on a theme, with endless cross-pollinating flows of memes and archetypes between worlds.

We ourselves create worlds, conceptual constructs within a monistic informational continuum. Everything from a representational cave painting of a bison hunt to, in the near future, synthetic neocortices. The latter to add yet another level to the recursion of conscious realities.

This may seem like a radical notion. But it is less surprising than the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, for instance.

As a philosopher and mathematician, Gödel thought longer, harder and with more profundity and precision than your normal mortal.

His formulation characterizes God as the Ultimate Good, having all positive attributes. Reminiscent of the Ninety-Nine Names of God.
But in full logical generality.

As a rule, we need not be afraid to think big thoughts and take our theories to their logical conclusions.

Look at the Michelson-Morley experiment, for example. They thought radical thoughts but not nearly radical enough. That took the likes of Poincaré and Einstein.

And it is instructive to question our place in the vast expanses of time and space, between the subatomic and the cosmological --- and our place in the "Ocean of Mind".

It is only a small and conceited mind that believes that the Dawkins is the pinnacle of all possible cognitive constructs, particularly given our improbably convenient place at the cusp of the Singularity. Or rather "a Singularity", because it doubtless happened countless times before.

If you could imagine. for instance, an entire planet whose atoms in aggregate comprise a sentient being, you are still not even close to the Ultimate Creator of Worlds, whose full nature is beyond the grasp even of the human imagination.

If Gödel's proof is sound, then it gives us confidence to believe that not only is God all powerful but benevolent and all loving.

"There is a man in a spaceship, floating above a planet, which is like a brain. It can read from his mind."

Anonymous said...

to Empedocles is attributed the saying that the centre of God is everywhere and the circumference of God is nowhere.

This means that all of Creation is sacred and it is about time we humans start to get the message.

Anonymous said...

11 September is also known in the Coptic Calendar as the Feast of Nayrouz, or the Festival of the Martyrs.

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