Friday, September 06, 2013


The trouble is that we have all been invaded, by lies.

Which economy is doing worst in terms of GDP growth?

It's David Cameron'S UK.

What has happened to wages in the UK?

Most people have got poorer.

Why do 36% of the UK public think that their Conservative government can be trusted to handle the economy?

They have been brainwashed by the crooked media, which currently supports David Cameron, Britain's top war monger.

Ian Macwhirter, who has questioned the official version of 9 11.

On 5 September 2013, journalist Iain Macwhirter wrote in the Glasgow Herald that the UK finance minister George Osborne has a nerve to say that the Scots would be worse off if they were independent.

According to Iain Macwhirter:

"George Osborne is responsible for policies that have left tens of thousands of Scots in insecure jobs and plunged many Scottish families into crisis... while he cut taxes for multi-millionaires.

"He has also sparked a mini-property boom in the south-east of England by using taxpayer's money to subsidise £600,000 mortgages.

Wealthy warmonger George Osborne, in charge of the UK economy.

Now for the funny bit!

According to Iain Macwhirter:

George Osborne says that "an independent Scotland would be worse off if it received revenues from North Sea Oil."

According to Osborne, an independent Scotland would have a budget deficit of £8 billion.

Note that the budget deficit of the evil London government is around £120 billion.

And, the London government has debts of nearly £2 trillion.

Osborne mentions Norway.

According to Iain Macwhirter:

Norway "is a successful small country, with a very similar demographic profile to Scotland, and fewer economic advantages...

"Not only does Norway have one of the highest standards of living on the planet, it has one of the lowest levels of income inequality, the highest levels of social security and - Conservative chancellors please note - one of the most dynamic private sectors in the world...

"In Britain, by contrast, 4.8 million workers earn less than the living wage of £7.20.

"The top 1% have seen their share of income triple thanks to low taxation..."

Macwhirter fails to tell us that Norway is not really independent, as its top people are controlled by the CIA and its friends.

Headlines - David Icke Website

Above: Syrians about to be murdered by the evil rebels.

The evil rebels are supported by Obama.

Russia gave the UN a 100-page report in July blaming the Syrian rebels for the Aleppo sarin attack

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, an adviser to Syrian President Bashar al Assad, tells Sky News the United States has "fabricated" evidence.


Lawlessness and Ruin in Libya


Anonymous said...

britian is a country under occupation where british nationals are second class citizens.
If we said sod the jewbankers like iceland did, we could abolish all taxes which end up in rothschild pockets anyway, many people are saying enough is now enough

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Saudi Arabia’s “Chemical Bandar” behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria?

Anonymous said...

Media Deceit Tries to Make Opponents of a Syria Attack Think They Are a Minority

Anonymous said...

Israeli Intelligence News: Syria Rebels Possess Chemical Weapons, US-NATO Delivering Heavy Weapons to the Terrorists

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Video: Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons

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Stephen Gash said...

London's deficit is all due to Labour's invasion policy masquerading as immigration that focused on London and ensured that White English folk are now a minority in their own capital.

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