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Police, FBI: Shooter reported in military building at Washington Navy Yard; multiple victims

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Police work the scene on M Street S.E. in Washington, where a gunman was reported in a military building at the Washington Navy Yard Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. Shots have been fired and employees directed to a shelter. Police and federal agents from multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene and streets in the area were closed. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
WASHINGTON - Several people were injured in a shooting Monday morning at a building at the Washington Navy Yard, the U.S. Navy said, and authorities searched for an active shooter.

PoliceFBIShooter reported in military building at Washington Navy


Anonymous said...

The public are honestly fed up with all these false flag attacks
it shows just how low these zioterrorists who run our countries will sink

Dublinmick said...

Great post!

This is a must see, the boys from Germany talking about the Georgia Guidestones. Off topic I apologize.


I reposted it for them.


Die Georgia Guidestones sind ein mysteriöses Denkmal, auf dem zehn Gebote für ein „Neues Zeitalter der Aufklärung“ eingraviert sind. Das erste Gebot: Haltet die Weltbevölkerung unter 500 Millionen Menschen. Die Autoren dieses amerikanischen „Stonehenge“ sind der Normalbevölkerung unbekannt. Wir werden die zahlreichen Eigenschaften dieses Denkmals und seine Botschaft für eine Neue Weltordnung untersuchen, sowie erklären inwiefern dies die Arbeit einer Geheimgesellschaft ist

Zoompad said...


This is a chilling video. I almost wish Chris Rock would make some comment on it, but I fear if he would come to the same end as Bill Hicks.

Zoompad said...

Not just fed up of it, its becoming a national black joke.

Anonymous said...

“Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack”
Yossef Bodansky,

rebels and the U.S. administration were behind any chemical weapons attack


Unknown said...



The official version of this story now in from the 'VOICE OF AMERICA'

"Authorities: Suspected Gunman ... Acted Alone"

Only one crazed gunman, move along


What a load of old cobblers.

Unknown said...

Oh dear...



giark65 (abel danger) said...

This video caught a few website links scrubbed after the attack.

And then you have Diane Feinstein trying to censor the alternative media.

Anonymous said...

The Chemical Attacks on East Ghouta to Justify Military Right to Protect Intervention in Syria,
by Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, Institut international pour la Paix, la Justice et les Droits de l’homme, 11 septembre 2013, 43 pp.|


The Institute, presided by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross, has listed the first videos of the massacre of Ghouta, and was able to ascertain the encoded hours of the videos as well as the time of posting on internet. The closer study of this material enables us to point out incoherences and manipulations :
- Ghouta is has been depopulated or some time now. The only people that are left are those who support the ’’rebels’’ and some elderly people who weren’t able to flee. The supporters of the rebels are almost all grown men or adolescents. Only few are women or children.
- On the videos, the victims are mostly children, some adults, but almost no women, while the United Medical Office of Ghouta speaks of a massive amount of deceased women.
- A woman is looking for her children, but she appears in videos filmed in five different localities, and finds her children in two of them.
- A witness describes his family’s reaction when they smelled the gas, when Sarin gas is odourless.
- A picture of the Egyptian revolution was posted as proof of the Ghouta massacre by the Revolutionary Committee of Masaken Barzeh.
- Two videos, one posted by the revolutionary Committee of Jobar and the other of The Revolutionary Committee of Hamouria, both show two incompatible scenarios of the death of the same child.
- The comparison of several videos suggest they were staged, since it seems difficult and absurd to move bodies in the same emergency room.
- While the ’’rebels’’ announce over 1466 deaths, the videos only show 8 burials.

Anonymous said...

The chemical weapons of Ghouta came from the Turkish Army

Anonymous said...

5 Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
September 17, 2013 (Tony Cartalucci) - As predicted days before the UN's Syrian chemical weapons report was made public, the West has begun spinning the findings to bolster their faltering narrative regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks on August 21, 2013 in eastern Damascus, Syria. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2013/09/5-lies-invented-to-spin-un-report-on.html

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

VeteransToday - strange agenda:
90% articles OK, 10% desinfo

Pro-Libya destruction, pro MB...
Is this site CFR-guided?

In Egypt, Public Campaign Against Obama, U.S.; Calls For Intensified Cooperation With Russia, China

Sometimes I'm not sure if Kevin Barrett is 100% honest...
But it is may be only the impression
May be I m wrong

IAC center as well (Sara flounders0 seems to be pro-MB...

Anonymous said...

Barrett, MB source:

Al-Jazeera Commentator, Former Muslim Brotherhood Official, Gamal Nassar: Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols Of Elders Of Zion In Egypt


Anonymous said...

Murky Clues from UN’s Syria Report


Anonymous said...

Syria: Fabricating Chemical Lies. Who is Behind the East Ghouta Attacks?


Anonymous said...

Humanitarian Murder


Former Attorney General: US Sanctions are Genocidal


Anonymous said...

The Financial Armageddon Looting Machine: Looming Mass Destruction from Derivatives


Anonymous said...

Washington and Israel Conspire to Oust Assad


Anonymous said...

US, UK and France Stress Threat of Force Against Syria


Surveillance Lies and Compromised Justice


Anonymous said...

Five Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Willyman is supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well :(
but published quite interesting post

New York Times Puts Launch Point of Chem Weapons Rockets Inside Rebel Contested Area

Like many "progresive", SWP?
Against terrorists in Syria, but pro-MB in Egypt... hmmm

Anonymous said...

The same intelligence front background checked both Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis for their positions as contractors of the national security state.

The contractor (USIS) was formerly owned by the Carlyle Group:

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