Friday, September 27, 2013


President Kenyatta's nephew, who was killed in Westgate mall.

In Kenya, the CIA prefers former president Odinga to current president Kenyatta.

The family of former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga was scheduled to visit the Westgate mall on 21 September, the day of the attack.

But, "God delayed their visit and delivered them from the jaws of death."

RAILA says his family was to visit Westgate but God delayed them

boy sniffing glue at post office, nakuru, kenya
Kenyan boy sniffing glue. Chris Lombardi

Kenya's National Intelligence Service officials told family members not to visit the shopping mall on 21 September.

NIS "did warn the police and officials inside the President’s office before the Westgate siege, but its warnings went unheeded."

Some Got Warning To Avoid Westgate Before Bloody Siege

every 60 seconds in Africa...
Kenyans. Ignacio Hennigs

The first of the mall attackers to be identified is a former Kenyan special forces soldier.

He was born a Christian.

Kenya's special forces are trained by the British.

The second attacker to be identified is a former guest of the CIA.

DAILY POST: Name of the second CIA TERRORIST / leader of Kenya terror attack / Daily Nation

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and rival Raila Odinga


Anonymous said...

why these turkish connections, which MSM is ignoring? first, the Brit at the airport fleeing to Turkey, and now this:

27 Sept: ThePeople Kenya: Remains of Westgate
Meanwhile, police intensified the hunt for the terrorist links, arresting a Turkish national yesterday in connection with the tragedy, as the heat turned on the Director General of the National Intelligence Service Major General Michael Gichangi...
The Turkish man being held at an unknown location is under probe by US, British and Israeli agencies over his alleged link to the attack. Police sources told The People the man was arrested as he attempted to flee from his apartment located just 100 metres from the ill-fated mall...
“He came to the country three years ago, disguising himself as a businessman and is the one many suspects in police custody have been mentioning, as detectives try to piece together the puzzle of the terror attack,” said a police source. “He is the man police believe rented a shop at the Westgate mall suspected to have been used by the terror gang as armoury to launch the attacks,” said the source...

Anonymous said...

Aang I am doubtful about the credibility of the Kenyatta 'Nephew' story - see here:

"In one of the few case of true love, president Uhuru’s nephew Mbugua Mwangi, who died at Westgate Mall on Saturday, is said to have taken several bullets as he shielded his fiancĂ©e Rosemary Wahito.

Mbugua was a son to Catherine Mwangi, a sister to nominated Senator Beth Mugo and former politician Ngengi Muigai who are first cousins of the president. His mother is a former ambassador to Ireland, having been appointed by President Mwai Kibaki.

Mbugua and his soon to be wife were reportedly looking for wedding rings at the mall, having informed their families about their wedding plans less than a month ago.

Apparently, when the attackers stormed in, Mbugua was safely outside, but upon realizing Rosemary was not by her side, he rushed back inside. By the time the gunmen got to them, they were on each others side and in one singer’s words, Mbugua caught a grenade for her.

He reportedly shielded her with his own body, taking 8 bullets in the process.. (That part we cannot confirm). At the end of the day, God had other plans and am sure they’re fine in the other life. Mbugua and Wahito will surely be missed. -"

This version is literally unbelievable.


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