Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Vladimir Putin meets me in the VIP room at the Shotlandskaya Kletka restaurant in Moscow.

Before we order our food, I ask Putin about Syria's offer to hand over its chemical weapons.

"In 2002," says Putin, "Saddam Hussein allowed the weapons inspectors to carry out a thorough inspection.

"The inspectors found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. But Bush went ahead with his invasion anyway.

"It may be the same this time with Syria," continues Putin,"but, on the other hand, more of the American public, politicians and military now know that the American government is run by mafia gangsters. That is an important change since 2002."

We order salmon served with a sauce of honey and heather.

Forrest Hills, home of the Mafiya.

"What about Russia's Mafiya?" I inquire.

"Most of them now life in New York and London," explains Putin.

The USA wants to control the Oil

As we sip our whiskies, I ask Putin if the Syria crisis is like the Czech Crisis of 1938.

"Shouldn't we stand up to the bully?" I say.

"Oh yes indeed," replies Putin. "In 1938, little Czechoslovakia was being bullied by big Germany.

"Today it is little Syria being invaded by the forces of the bullying USA."

The Munich Crisis.

Perhaps anticipating my next question, Putin says: "Czechoslovakia is no longer communist.

"It is the USA that now has military bases in the Czech Republic.

"The USA also has military bases in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, former Yugoslavia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan."

I suggest that the American Empire has some similarities with the Russian Empire.

"We have a free trade zone, not an empire," says Putin. "Our free trade zone consists of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia."

And what about the Russian apartment bombings of 1999, which Berezovsky blamed on the Russian secret service the FSB?

Putin explains: "Paul J. Murphy, a former US counterterrorism official, says that Ibn Al-Khattab was responsible for the apartment bombings.

"Khattab was born in Saudi Arabia and worked for the CIA's al Qaeda.

"He commanded the terrorists in Chechnya."

Putin sips his Bladnoch single malt and then continues: "Khattab's liberation army claimed responsibility for the apartment bombings.

"Professor Peter Reddaway and Dr Robert Bruce Ware say that the liberation army are the most likely culprits.

"There is information that Khattab and Shamil Basayev may have had the help of mercenaries."

Our salmon arrives.

I list some of Russia's problems, such as  corruption and poor social services.

Putin agrees that there are problems, as in the UK and USA.

"I am often having to intervene, whether it's in certain towns or certain factories," says Putin.

I mention the street protests in Russia.

"These have been the work of the CIA," relates Putin. "The CIA-front known as USAID stirred up the protests. We kicked USAID out of Russia."

(The above has no link to the Financial Times.)

Western-backed rebels bring death and destruction to historic Syrian town of Maaloula

Moscow makeover: Bank of Cyprus elects 6 Russians to board


Dublinmick said...

Christian philosophy states the Messiah will intervene when the forces of all nations are surrounding the middle east and he will stop it.

Are we giving Vlade too much credit here? !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

New advertising campaign - magazine one-pager:

A waist-up photo of Vladimir Putin from the rear as he knocks on a handsome front door. Alina Kabaeva peeks through the leadlight window next to it holding the product up. The headline reads:

When Vlad knocks - Bladnoch's

God that's fantastic. I should have been in advertising.

Oh wait, I was.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Putin did clear out the jew mafia, trouble is most were allowed in over here by tony blair, his handler lord levy said let them in so tony did
a bit like in W W 2 when churchill put russia before the UK, and we were shipping food arms and spitfires to russia while our own people did without.
a famine in india while india was fighting churchills war for him killed 5 million people, yet churchill sent our food to russia who were our enemies

Anonymous said...

Fortune tellers are being used by secret services
to guide the rich and powerful and the masses,
to tell them what to do,
to instil fear of invincible powers (faith, religion),
and for predictive programming.

See for example Hitler’s "Prophet", Erik Jan Hanussen,
"clairvoyant" and "seer".

The ruling historically mass suicidal death cult
would tell Vanga what they would do next (JFK etc)
so people would think she has magic insights.

"Specialists calculated that 68 percent of her prophecies had come true."

Bible prophecy works the same:
The Bible and KJV and Koran was written by them
to make people believe their manipulations
are an all-powerful god's will.
And of course that god says they should rule :-)

Additionally, they make people emotionally dependent
on their mind control myths from early childhood on.

New Age, their current doctrine,
tells people to only mind themselves,
to like mass murder as bringing a better world,
and reincarnation and a messiah to solve all problems.

Their aim while killing us is not a better world,
but more demented power and sadistic oppression.
Their next Messiahs will bring deception and misery too.
They have a strong sub-conscious death wish.
But can we stop them before they kill us all ?

The 95% TV-led day-to-day egoists don't mind,
and the 4% altruists are mostly infected
with a loveless suicidal death wish to make room
for the planet and others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

brian said...

Maaloula freed(again)

RT @RT_com 1 ч
BREAKING: Mostly Christian Maaloula village freed - @MFinoshina_RT reports via Syria military; Details to follow

what the islamic terrorists were doing

they are creating the image of islam as a very intolerant and brutal religion: which will live on for generations

Stephen Gash said...

Was it the real Putin though? Nod nod wink wink.

Anonymous said...

Syria's chemical weapon were not held for purposes of domestic repression; they were held as a deterrent for Israel's chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Once it has handed over its chemical weapons, Israel will have nothing to fear from a dying Assad regime and Syria will have been readied for the introduction of democracy a la Iraq and Libya. Does Putin realise this? If so, is he preparing to arm the Assad regime to repulse external aggression by other means?

Anonymous said...

Dublinmick @8.31
We Christians who follow in the footsteps of the Lord were given His mantle/sandals of peace;
"Greater works than I.." He said

It is up to each and every one of us to stand against evil and tyrants, to heal and comfort and console the wounded and sorrowing.

Christ was the model for us who Believe.

I have heard that Mr Putin is devoted to his Orthodox Church.

How did most of us in the West forget that Moscow was the third Roman city?

Remembering that Christian churches started to get built by Constantine and his mother, in remembrance of George of Palestine, who became Patron Saint of Britain.

Somewhere along the way, males and powerbrokers hi-jacked Christianity.

No human can possibly become saviour to the world, in the way frightened people like to believe.

There is only the collective energy of people working together: either for the Greater Good, or the other.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.59
Perhaps you might appreciate Morris West's books, or Frederick Forsyth. These individuals write very clearly on the dynamics of treason and treachery amongst politicians, Nazis and their victims, and who are the real sadists and perpetrators of evil. Their survivors and descendants live on.

Anonymous said...

Is it so hard to understand
that the Syrian military,
like all governments of the world,
are in the hands of NWO SS agents ?

Do you remember the professional assassinations
of Syrian generals ?
Brig. Gen. Issa al-Khouli, doctor and chief of a
military hospital in Damascus leaving his home 2012-11-01.
And air force General Abdullah Mahmud al-Khalidi
in Damascus on 2012-10-24 as he left a friend's house.
They both had no protection, in the middle of a war.

Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shawkat
and Syrian defence minister General Daoud Rajha
were killed in a "suicide bomb" attack by a guard
in a national security building in Damascus
2012-07-18 in a high level security meeting.

They were likely opposed to the NWO SS.
How much more obvious do they need to do these things ?

Wars are not won on the battlefield
but in the planning rooms of traitors.

Chemical weapons kill mostly innocents
and are devastating PR.
Like nukes they are illegal,
their use is a war crime and should be.

Constantine was a mass murderer.
Religion is corrupt from inception.
Mind control lies for slaves.
Putin is a super rich actor.

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