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This Moslem boy's Moslem mother was killed at the Westgate mall, in Nairobi in Kenya.

The Kenyan mall attackers targeted Moslems and Non-Whites, not Jews.

The attack on the mall was an 'inside job', involving various intelligence services.

The NIS is the National Intelligence Service of Kenya.

"A policewoman has recorded a statement after her brother who works for the NIS warned her not to visit Westgate on Saturday because of an impending attack... 

"The pregnant policewoman regularly went window shopping in Westgate on Saturdays.

"She has told police that her brother who is a NIS officer warned her not to visit Westgate that Saturday because she would not be able to run with her bulging tummy," a senior officer involved in the investigation said yesterday."


Certain important people were missing from the mall.

Nyachae cheated death in the Westgate Mall terror attack


John Harun Mwau is reported to be one of the three shareholders in the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

The other two shareholders are Israeli, who presumably are well insured.

DAILY POST: Why did the AL QAEDA (CIA) attack Westgate mall?

Kenyan multi-millionaire businessman and politician, John Harun Mwau, has been labeled a ‘Narcotic Kingpin’

Mwau has said that the decision to label him a drug lord was part of a scheme by the American government to eliminate him and take control of his American assets.

Mwau, a former police officer, is reputed to be one of Kenya’s richest men and is to reputed be the leading shareholder in East Africa’s largest supermarket retail chain, Nakumatt. 

 Mwau was the first director of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.


Anonymous said...

Bad Government Policy Has Created the Worst Inequality On Record … And It’s Destroying Our Economy

Anonymous said...


shirlz007 said...

well... regarding 'Mr Nobody'... he seems to have been someone who foresaw 'The Arab Spring' (although he may have been slightly confused as to who actually benefited), The Rupert Murdoch Phonehacking Scandal (pinning it Mossad and Israel, $16 Trillion fraud attempted to be exosed in The House of Lords, Israeli Dophin Subs launching ballistic missiles, numerous attempted false flags in the middle east... something else regarding NSA/GCHQ and underground Fibre Optic cables ETC. EFUCKINGCT!!!... stuff some people already knew about but was EXPOSED in the mainstream media and got a hell of alot of people talking!!! :D some people are still waiting for Anonymous to do ever do anything credible and relevant... here have Chase and Status! ;)

'exposed as disinfo'... when he doesn't even know what is truth and disinfo himself...

Anonymous said...

Standard: MPs decide to investigate Westgate after meeting Kenya's Spy Chief
The MPs who had planned to have the meeting open to the public, suddenly
decided to have behind closed doors. They even tied a chain around the door
to ensure that only committee members were allowed into the meeting venue
which was the Small Dining room at the Main Parliament building in Nairobi.
The spy chief was shielded from the media and smuggled into the meeting room
through the restaurant. He had arrived at Parliament buildings with a full
team of top bosses at the NIS, but when the Senior Deputy Clerk Michael
Sialai came to pick him for the meeting with MPs, the spy chief went in with
just two people. The other bigshots were kept outside.
The MPs said the NIS boss had asked to be excused to go back and keep an eye
on the on-going forensic investigations at the Westgate mall...

Anonymous said...

MSM all still suggesting White Widow involved, tho Interpol did not make that connection at all:

Standard: From BBC: Interpol issues Red Notice for arrest of Samantha Lewthwaite at Kenya’s request
An Interpol statement said the 29-year-old was "wanted by Kenya on charges of being in possession of explosives and conspiracy to commit a felony dating back to December 2011"...
Interpol did not link the warrant to the Nairobi attack, but it comes after much speculation linking Ms Lewthwaite to events at the Westgate complex...

the Brit, shown in vehicle around 18 secs is NOT Somali. Lewthwaite's name came up around same time as pale-skinned Brit Abdulrazak Sharif Ahmed was detained:

Youtube: Ten Suspects Arrested For Questioning Over Westgate Attack

Unknown said...

Can someone source a full length copy of a Q & A session by Kenyatta on 21st / 22nd September where he was asked,

a question on whether the terrorists had planted a time bomb in the basement of the building.

Kenyatta replied:

“The security agencies are handling that and I don’t want to speculate on that as it might jeopardize their operations,” he said."

This exchange suggests that there was foreknowledge of the major bomb that finally destroyed the shopping mall.

Anonymous said...

The CIA and its leaders at MOSSAD are being all world terror.
Most os us are fd up with our comments being blocked and only those who agree with your socialist agenda being posted,
we all now go to TAP

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Apropos the piece you posted a while back that stated that Hitler was a usurer in league with international banking, I found this reply interesting. It was on WRH. Perhaps you saw it?

Between the two propositions, ie. Hitler was pro-banking and Hitler was anti-banking, I'm still inclined to go with the latter. I've read quite a lot about the economic policies of the National Socialists and found it to be a pretty complete case, well laid out, and fully detailed. The opposition piece you posted I found to be quite skimpy and that comprised mostly of assertions.

Besides which Germany was destroyed wasn't it? If they were in league with international banking why did that happen? Why is the entire Islamic world being destroyed now? Smoke screen bullshit aside (oil anyone?) I remain convinced that the Islamic world is being destroyed because of their refusal to kowtow to international banking.

Given that privately owned usurous monetary control is utterly senseless and can only exist if those subject to it are incapable of imagining an alternative, of course this alternative (and its destruction) must be misrepresented. To that end any entity that proposes a system of debt-free money will be depicted as worse than satan. All the better to ensure that no one may ever emulate any aspect of their policies regardless of how sensible it might have been.

And here is Hitler's economics policy being misrepresented. To which I'd say, 'Sure, of course'.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Shirlz,

Well that was a proper headscratcher. Who are you talking about?

This has been an odd conversation and no mistake.

best etc. etc.

Unknown said...

The Pillar of Smoke and Fire over the mall was particularly interesting.

And the BBC local security expert was called Moses.

I was watching live around 11am on Monday, watching News 24 when the feed was cut as soon as Emily Maitless began asking about Mossad involvement.

Did anyone get that on tape?

Unknown said...

Kenya: Not Even a Drill-Gone-Live, This is Just a Drill

Seriously, there were more cameramen who responded to this event it seems at times that police or soldiers...

My favourite lie was the Kenyan woman who claimed she hid for two days under some supermarket shopping trollies;

1) You can't lie underneath a supermarket shopping trolly

2) Even if you could, everyone could see you - it's made of wire.

Actually, even better than that we're the Kenyan reported and officials who insisted they were unsure after two whether the remaining hostages and attackers had any supplies and expressed concern for an imaginary two year old who they claimed was trapped inside a fully stoked supermarket without access to food or water.

Plus we had all the mass shooting tropes, there's always one little girl who miraculously survives by pretending to be dead

This whole event is pretty damn pathetic - harsh to say, but this is the kind of False Flag you would expect to see in a Banana Republic.

Of course, Kenya isn't a Banana Republic - it's one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in Africa, but one both the British and the Isrealis both consider within their sphere of influence.

False Flag Terror provocations were first attempted as a counterinsurgency strategy on a large scale in Kenya by the British in the 1940s and 50s, frustrated that the Mau Mau independence movement was not violent, they started their OWN Mau Mau which was EXTREMELY violent and initiated a brutal crackdown - these synthetic Mau Mau were known as "pseudogangs" by the man responsible for them.

Al-Shabab is a pseudogangs - their name doesn't mean anything, it just means "the lads", but I have not yet seen any evidence of any real violence or bloodshed in this event at all.

Unknown said...

Sam Lewthwaite is MI6.

Probably started out in 5 in the same unit as Michael Adebolajo.

As you can tell, we've been expecting her to resurface again for some time, they've been carefully preparing her legend for well over 8 years now - it's more than likely that she was originally an MI5 honey trap for Jermaine Lindsay (shot dead at Canary Wharf, 11am 7/7/2005) to recruit him as a potential patsy.

He's the odd man out on 7/7, from Aylesbury rather than Beeston like the other three, and we know next to nothing about him by comparison with MSK, Tanwir (who were both assets of 5) and Habib Hussain (who was unlucky) - he may have been an 11th hour understudy.


"Afrika is Under Attack" :

Background on Martin McDaid :

The Back Door of Woolwich Arsenal Army Baracks:

Michael Adebolajo - The Invisible Jihadi:

White Qaeda :

Building the Case for a Zionist Reconquest of Africa :

The Hindu Housewife:


Hosni Mubarek and 2/26:

1998 Embassy Bombings - US Dead Repatriated from Kenya and Tanzania :

New World Order invasion of Somalia, 1992:

"The New World Order Failed in Somalia in 1993":

The Organisational Hierarchy of the New World Order

My essay on the media, the "alternative media" and Loyal Opposirion to the New World Order:

Unknown said...

Also, look who showed up to spin:

I'm also uploading the report from Somalia - the BBC Shill actually says "a New Order", with reference to international intervention.

The Kenyan and Somalian crisis actors they are interviewing all have the same message:

"Please come and recolonize and reconqour Africa, because we don't know what we're doing and clearly can't cope without the White Man".

Afrika is Under Attack.

Same message in '92-'93, for the same reasons after Mandela got out - I'm posting Bush's speeches from the last 12 weeks of his presidency, he went to West Point to talk about Somalia and the New World Order, 7 weeks before the World Trade Center bombing on 2/26.

(There were NO major acts of Terrorism against US assets for the entire 4 years of Bush's term, from 22/12/88 (Lockerbie), until around 30/1/93 (five days after Clinton's inauguration, a former Afghan Mujahadeen with an AK-47 penetrated two of the five layers of security at CIA headquarters and assassinated 5 CIA Analysts in their cars; all of the dead worked on the Afghan desk). 4 weeks later, the WTC blew up and 3 days later, the Waco Siege pushed that completely out of the headlines.)

Now is therefore a good point at which revisit Bush I's concept of what the New World Order actually entails...

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