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Daniel, who died in March 2012.

Over a four year period, the authorities were alerted to the fact that 4-year-old Daniel Pelka was being badly mistreated - he had injuries to his body and was seriously thin and malnourished.

But, the authorities failed to stop Daniel being tortured and starved to death by his mother and stepfather.

There is a suspicion that Daniel's parents were being protected by 'the powers-that-be.'

Daniel Pelka's mother Magdalena Luczak was a prostitute.

The 'powers-that-be' may have links to a West Midlands Police brothel.

Colin Green

Colin Green was the director of children's services in Coventry, where Daniel lived.

On 19 September 2013, we learn that Colin Green is to become the new independent chairman of Tower Hamlets Safeguarding Children Board in London.

He will be in charge of protecting children!

The death of 'Baby P', in London in the UK, is said to have links to a paedophile ring involving top people. BABY PETER COVER-UP; TOP CHILD ABUSE RING

Are we to assume that Colin Green is a friend of Michael Gove, the government minister in charge of education?

Michael Gove played the school chaplain in the 1995 film A Feast at Midnight.[11]

The people who failed to protect Daniel were Coventry's children's services team, together with health professionals, school staff, police and other child protection agencies.

Member of Parliament Geoffrey Robinson says of Colin Green's appointment:

'This is a clear example of senior civil servants operating their own network for the benefit of themselves...

'These boards are not truly independent.'

Jason Swift has links to Baby P. In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse network. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse network. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse. BABY PETER COVER-UP; TOP CHILD ABUSE RING

Anonymous reports:

"Strange coincidence - at the time of the boy's strange death, the Lord Mayor of Coventry was Kieran Mulhall."

Coventry's new Lord Mayor

Kieran Mulhall

Daniel Pelka attended Little Heath Primary School.

The person who was head teacher at Little Heath when Daniel died has walked straight into a another headship.

And Little Heath's new head teacher is Gill Mulhall.

Government inspectors praise Coventry primary school - Coventry ...

Andrew Rennison

Anonymous comments: 

In October 1999, Mr Andrew Rennison, as a Detective Superintendent in West Yorkshire Police, was the 'Director of Intelligence responsible for the management and use of informants in West Yorkshire' (#73, case note of R v Maxwell [2010] UKSC 48, where a certain Mr. Karl Chapman was used as a supergrass to convict Daniel Mansell & Paul Maxwell for the murder of Joe Smales).

At that time, the West Yorkshire Police took Chapman, a murder trial witness to a brothel and allowed him to use heroin and cannabis to ensure he co-operated, [the Supreme Court found]. Chapman also had sex with a policewoman and socialised at police officers' homes.

The same Mr. Andrew Rennison is now the Forensic Science Regulator, CCTV Regulator and also sits on the National DNA Database Strategy Board.

A disgraced former Coventry city councillor has been given a six month suspended jail sentence for downloading hundreds of child porn images.

Peter Stidworthy 

29 Aug 2013 - Steven Lee Bartlett was a director of Coventry teaching agency.


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The head teacher at the time was Darren Clews

Darren Clews said he was told Daniel Pelka “was not mixing with the other children” in his reception class at Little Heath Primary School....he had also witnessed Daniel “searching for food” in school.....Mr Clews confirmed the details of the school’s register showing that between September 14, 2011, when Daniel started school, and his death in March 2012, he had missed 28-and-a-half days in class."

No, not settling in at all....his new school:v
The director of children, learning and young people at Coventry, Colin Green, is retiring at the end of this month, almost certainly before the review's findings are published. The council confirmed that he would have full pension rights.

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Former primary teacher Lisa Godfrey wept as she told a jury at Birmingham crown court how he used to steal food from other pupils and scavenge from bins.

Ms Godfrey, who reported her concerns to the head, said Daniel “looked like an old man” and winced with pain when she playfully ruffled his hair.

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Gone already.

Tower Hamlets cabinet member for children, schools and families Oliur Rahman was quoted by the East London Advertiser as saying he was abroad [B]when the appointment was made in June.[/B]

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable working with somebody who was involved in such a horrific case,” he told the newspaper.

“I think he has taken the right decision.[B]I wish him luck in the future.”[/B]

He doesn't need luck with that Coventry pension under his belt.

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