Friday, September 06, 2013


Reportedly, Kenneth S. Babe of Lewistown Church of Christ is the former Corporate Controller of Penn State University.

Allegedly, Lewistown Church of Christ is involved with the CIA in child kidnapping.


"It seems that a deacon of our church was molesting his own daughter."

Ex-Church of Christ Support Group :: Sexual Abuse

Sandra MacKenzie

Sandra MacKenzie is the head teacher of the 400-pupil Kirktonholme Primary school in East Kilbride in Scotland.

She reportedly invited the US Church of Christ to brainwash her pupils.

"HORRIFIED parents fear an extremist religious sect has been trying to brainwash their kids after it was allowed to infiltrate a Scots primary school."

Extremist US religious controls Scottish school

Missionary Jared Blakeman

The 'missionaries' at the school include Jared Blakeman.

Many parents only realised their children were being brainwashed "when kids brought home alarming books they had been handed at assembly."

The books, "defended by head teacher Sandra MacKenzie... warn pupils that.... they risk being murdered in a harmful, disgusting world.

"Parents have called for emergency talks with education chiefs, where they will demand the sect’s removal from the school."

Extremist US religious controls Scottish school


According to The Daily Record:

"The Church of Christ have targeted Kirktonholme as a 'mission' and have several members helping with classes and giving lessons in religion."

Missionary Jared Blakeman

Church members like Blakeman "were allowed in to work as classroom assistants and help with homework and in other mainstream roles...

"Parents were also furious to learn that cash raised by children which they thought was intended for school funds had been given to the sect to build a church nearby."

The notorious Kyle Butt

A parent said of the books given to the children: "It didn’t take long to see they were spouting crazy, right-wing nonsense...

Both books were written by American Kyle Butt, printed by Alabama-based Apologetics Press, who are closely affiliated to the Church of Christ.

The school's head teacher Sandra MacKenzie invited the West Mains Church of Christ into Kirktonholme school eight years ago.

"After initial contact by church minister Alex Gear, church leaders in Rogersville, Alabama, were told East Kilbride could provide fertile ground for the church’s doctrine."

Extremist US religious controls Scottish school

Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy.

Apparently, the CIA and Mossad have worked out that most of the fundamentalist Christians are secretly pedophiles and are easy to brainwash and control.

Jim Jones - pedophile, fond of snuff movies?


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I doubt that there is any organisation anywhere that has not been infiltrated by wickedness. Its just as Jesus said, the wheat and the tares grow together, until the harvest time.

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90 hrs to 90 days and Americans are alright with Congress going along for the ride? YUP same do nothing Congress finding common ground during bombing runs? I do think if this were just what it looked like Americans still would demand Tv coverage to be sure everyone looks really really dead?

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