Monday, September 23, 2013


The Kenyan Daily Post has "identified different codes" used by the group that attacked the Kenyan Mall on 21 September 2013.


Reportedly, the codes relate to Masonic lodges in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Harvey Point, in North Carolina, is used for CIA paramilitary and 'counter-terrorism' courses that involve high explosives and ballistics. 

Harvey Point was used by Navy SEAL Team Six to train for the raid that pretended to kill Osama bin Laden, in a scale mockup of the secret compound.[3][4]

Reportedly, Somalia's al-Shabaab terror group has released the names and nationalities of 9 attackers at the Westgate mall in Nairobi.

Alleged Kenya Mall Attackers Named by Al Shabaab - All Africa

They released the names via a Twitter account which is now suspended.

Below are the names and nationalities of 'the attackers'.

1: Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22 years old from Minnesota, USA

2: Abdifatah Osman Keynadiid, 24 years old from Minnesota, Minneapolis

3: General Mustaf Nuradin, 27 years from Kansas City, America

4: Qasim Said, 22 year old from Garissa Kenya

5: Ahmed Nasir Shirdon, 24 years old from UK

6: Zaki Jma'a Arale, 20 years old from Hargeisa Somalia.

7: Ismail Guled, 23 years old from Finland

8: Siad Nuh, 25 years old from Kismayu, Somalia

9: Abdirazaq Mowlid, 24 years old from Canada

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the usual suspects have carried out an attack on a church (above).

Did Americans help


Anonymous said...

Legacy of the “Arab Spring”: Egypt for Sale. The Bitter Taste of IMF “Economic Medicine”

Anonymous said...

Fear factors: Staging Terrorism for the Cameras

Unknown said...

President Kenyatta:

"With the entire nation I stand with the families of those who have lost their lives and extend every Kenyans deepest condolences. I ask God to give you comfort as you CONFRONT THIS STRATEGY .. THIS TRAGEDY..."

Freudian slip ?

SJCP said...

Also this began on the eve of the autumnal equinox and continued through it.

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