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Left - Michael Le Vell, who was accused of child sexual abuse. Right - his brother Phil.

Michael Le Vell was a child actor.

"He has come a long way from the nine-year-old boy who appeared on TV in Wotsits' adverts."

As a child, Michael Portillo appeared in adverts.

Sir Jimmy Savile's nephew, who was taken by Savile to child abuse parties. CHILD ACTORS; CHILD ABUSERS / SAVILE AND CHILD ABUSE RINGS

Actor Michael Le Vell's return to the UK's TV-soap Coronation Street is going to be delayed.

Le Vell is escaping to Australia, for a month.

Le Vell's plans ... / Child abuse inquiry opens in Australia

"Incredibly" Susan and Glenis, Michael's sisters, never asked Michael if he was guilty.

In 2008, two Coronation Street stars were reportedly caught in bed with two underage girls in a hotel room.

Police have spoken to a witness, who says he saw two actors from Coronation Street in a bed at 7am with two girls aged between ten and 12.


Michael Le Vell, his wife Janette, and their children Finlay Turner and Amelia Turner. Amelia Turner was born in 1996.

Michael Le Vell's wife Janette Beverly "has stayed very quiet throughout the proceedings leading to speculation that the child (allegedly raped by Le Vell) is Le Vell's daughter.

"Certainly, Beverly left him when he was questioned over the rape in 2011.

"And, it is clear that the girl in question isn't very old, probably around 15 at the most."

Chris Spivey - “Poor me, poor me, pour me another”

Le Vell, whose real name is Michael Turner.

In the UK, TV star Michael Le Vell (real name Michael Turner) has been on trial charged with a series of sex offences involving a young girl.

On 10 September 2013, Le Vell was found not guilty of five charges of rape, three charges of indecently assaulting a child under 13, two charges of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and two charges of sexual activity with a child.

Aged six, in 2002.

The offences were said to have taken place between September 2002 and September 2010.

The girl told her mother about the alleged abuse in 2011.

Le Vel lives in Hale in Cheshire and has starred in the TV soap called Coronation Street.

A government inquiry concluded that "a paedophile ring around Cheshire ... had caused ‘appalling suffering’ to children." www.dailymail.

A surprising number of Coronation Street actors have faced child sex accusations - Bill Roache, Andrew Lancel, Peter Adamson (Len Fairclough), Michael Le Vell and an unnamed individual.

There is a belief that certain TV programmes are used by the security services to influence public opinion.

First day of Le Vell trial here. Le Vell trial - day two

The alleged victim in the trial of Michael Le Vell told the court 'he made me think I was a bad person.'

She described her 'relief' when she first revealed what had allegedly happened to her.

She told the court she had always feared she would be blamed for what happened.

She said: "I felt I had done something wrong and I didn't understand why he would do it to me if I hadn't done anything wrong and the fact he said there was evil in me made me think I was a bad person and I wasn't."

She said Le Vel told her 'bad things would happen' if she told anyone.

Aged six

Le Vell's alleged victim reported that three years after he first raped her, Le Vell did it again.

She said that as he attacked her he was telling me "it's all going to be OK, all the evil is nearly gone. It's our little secret, you can't tell anyone otherwise bad things will happen."

She stated that Le Vell also made her perform a sex act which "made me feel more ashamed". 

She wailed as she said: "It made me feel very...sort of more disgusting and dirty."

Cherie Blair's father was married to Pat Phoenix of the soap opera Coronation Street.

Le Vell's alleged victim told the court the abuse stopped when she was a teenager.

She explained that memories of it 'all came back to me in one big flush' after she attended a self-help conference, which led to her telling her mother Le Vell had 'raped' her.

Le Vell allegedly told the girl that she would 'die' if she spoke of the alleged abuse.

Le Vell has admitted seeking help from Alcoholics Anonymous.

TV actor Wilfrid Brambell (left) who allegedly abused two boys in a theatre in Jersey in the 1970s. One of the alleged victims was a resident at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home, where children were reportedly tortured and murdered.

Le Vell's alleged victim told the court that as a very young girl she was molested for months and then the abuse escalated.

Sobbing, she said: "I thought it was just going to be the touching again - it wasn't.

"He pulled my pants down and my knickers and he got on top of me and told me it was fine and he was getting rid of all the evil and I was safe and he'd never do anything to harm me. 

"It felt uncomfortable and painful."

The girl said that Le Vell put a teddy bear 'over my mouth so that I could breathe but I couldn't say anything. 

He was saying I've nothing to worry about and he was getting rid of all the evil and the bad that was inside me.'

"I was so in shock, I felt like I wasn't even in my body, that I was watching it happen, I was motionless", she said.

Sir Cyril Smith from Rochdale WAS PROTECTED BY MI5

Le Vell's alleged victim said that she became a 'different child' as a result of the alleged abuse, and felt 'very confused'. 

She said: "He smelt really, really bad. I now know what that smell was - it was alcohol...he always stank of alcohol and cigarettes."

She described the offences said to have occurred at a number of addresses in the Greater Manchester area.

Manchester reports child abuse increase | The Jewish Chronicle

Asked if she told anyone, she said: "He told me not to....he said it was just our secret." 

She appeared to break down as she described Le Vell making her touch him.

She said that on one occasion she was 'too frightened to move' as she was allegedly molested. 

She is said to have suffered nightmares as a result of the abuse.


The mother of Le Vell's alleged victim told the court that when her daughter's abuse is alleged to have begun, her daughter had altered. 

"She completely changed. 

"She got a very big cold sore, the doctor said that was stress. 

"She started to wet the bed."

She tearfully described how her daughter told her 'I just remember all the times (Le Vell) raped me' when they attended a self-help conference together two years ago.

The mother related the reaction of her daughter: "She kept saying,'I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have told you, I've ruined your weekend.' She said 'it's like evil comes over him, he doesn't know he's doing it.'"

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache, left, who has been accused of raping underage girls, and top Jewish politician Michael Howard (Michael Howard's cousin and gangsters. Heroin; An Alleged Bribe) Manchester (former base of Jimmy Savile and current base of Coronation Street) is a major centre for the Kosher Nostra.

The mother of Le Vell's alleged victim said she and her daughter later 'started crying and couldn't stop'.

"I couldn't get my head round whether she knew what rape actually that moment I was still clinging onto the hope that it wasn't what she was telling me it was", she said.

The girl told told the court: "What he did to me was so wrong and I was so young and I didn't know at the time."

The girl told the court she had a better recollection of the alleged abuse now than she had previously. "I have had so many flashbacks in the last few weeks I have remembered a lot more", she said.

Le Vell

In court it was claimed that le Vell was on 28 pints of beer a day.

Le Vell "is 48 years old, yet his stomach is as flat as an ironing board. How does he manage that on 28 pints a day at his age?

"Twenty eight pints is a hell of a lot even for an alcoholic.

"I have known plenty in my time but they didn’t drink 28 pints a day.

"He certainly never slurs his words or appears drunk on Corrie, an amazing feat for an alcoholic.

"Yet he is walking straight back into his £250 Grand a year job?

"Are the Corrie producers that hard up for actors that they need an Alcoholic womaniser whose wife of 25 years – the mother of his children – developed cancer which he dealt with by shagging about?

"A great roll model he isn’t, that’s for sure."

Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » “Poor me, poor me, pour me another”

Davd Mortimer has left a new comment:

Britain's top prosecutor announced a shake-up on Wednesday of the way sexual abuse of children is dealt with in the criminal justice system to prevent a repeat of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Keir Starmer said police and prosecutors needed to change the way they assessed the credibility of victims and should examine potential suspects more closely for patterns of behaviour and links to other cases in deciding whether to pursue an allegation. Abuse -

Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects.

Child sex abuse claims against a top Tory were “credible” but not investigated properly, a former government lawyer revealed yesterday.

Christopher Allen said the judge who headed an inquiry into the North Wales children’s homes scandal thought the shock accusations were “too sensitive” to be made public and “best forgotten”.


The Queen’s Lord-Lieutenants, Elm Guest House, child-rapist Cyril Smith, BBC Paedophiles, Mark Speight, MI5, Childline, Paul Knapman, William Hague and the Dolphin Square Connection

US media mute on Israeli chemical attack

Russia breaks into world's top five economies, eclipsing Germany

WND - NUN REVEALS REBEL ATROCITIES IN SYRIA - a video shows a girl being dismembered alive!


Anonymous said...

Two Coronation Street stars investigated after claims they were 'caught in bed with two young girls in hotel room'

Zoompad said...

There's so much missing information about this case, for example, how did this girl meet Michael Le Vell?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Private Eye’s 1979 Cyril Smith Story

felix said...

we all know how the CPS works. They brought charges against Barry George twice when there was the merest shred of circumstantial evidence against him.

CPS defends child sex trial of Michael Le Vell despite claims of ‘basic lack of evidence’

"But one legal source close to the case said: “There was not a shred of evidence to support the girl’s claims. There was a basic lack of evidence. I have never known a case such as this to go to court with no evidence he had any interest in child pornography or other telling indicators."

Do we see a pattern?

Unknown said...



Vell\, n. [Cf. L. vellus the skin of a sheep with the wool on it, a fleece, a hide or pelt, or E. fell a hide.][Prov. Eng.]...

Michael Le Vell - A wolf in sheep's clothing ?

Anonymous said...

on related themes coleman has some fascinating things to say on cyril smith,on mark speight and a possible paedo network at the beeb and on a certain coroner named paul worth checking out

andy said...

One of the reasons i do not watch TV anymore, just like the politicians who seem to get more promotion the more deviant they are and if they are really bad they will get an honour from the monster herself, being a pedo in this country seems to be an advantage if you want to be a celebrity or MP.

Zoompad said...

The BFMS are always very busy.

I keep having to correct typos, when spelling Le Vell's name, I keep starting it with a D.

Anon said...

"There's so much missing information about this case, for example, how did this girl meet Michael Le Vell?"

I agree with Zoompad.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

Zoompad said...

Keir Starmar insists 'the decision to proceed was the right decision'
He appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday
Keith Vaz MP said accused celebrities had to suffer huge publicity
But the Ministry of Justice has no current plans to change anonymity laws

Note that creepy stinker Keith Vaz has got in there like Speedy Gonzalas.

I am not at all surprised the MOJ is keeping the status quo, they would never want the identity of the mother revealed in this case.

I have no doubt the child and her family are right now going through hell on earth (as all victims of the Secret Family Courts do) and would urge people to pray for them. If they're reading this, keep strong xx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A comment from here

"Lots of questions left unanswered, like could it be a case of mistaken identity? Did something has happened to the child at some point or was she taught to lie? when and why would the mother leave the child alone with a man who did or didn't do this to her? Where are social services when you need them, this mother put this child through all of this, someone needs to be looking into all of this because there are children being removed from innocent parents right now who haven't put their children through half of this, yet lost their children to the family courts and failing services picking upon easy targets."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"One of six children born into an Oldham two-up-two down, Le Vell lost both parents in his teenage years to cancer."


"His mother died from a brain tumour when he was 15 and his father from lung cancer when he was 22.

Le Vell said he became involved in acting aged 12 after playing a part in a school production of Kes - earlier made famous by Ken Loach's film portrayal.

It led to a stint at Oldham Theatre Workshop, which has also produced star actresses Anna Friel and Suranne Jones, and performances at the town's Coliseum Theatre.

In the early days of his career he also worked in a men's boutique and as a plasterer's labourer."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the name, I can't help but be reminded of Anton La Vey. Mind you his original name was Levey, but whatever. Also, given that 'Le Vell' isn't a real name but just a concocted French pseudo-name I'd say that Zoompad is on the money.

In all probability the original thought was 'De Vell' but that that was considered a bit too obvious so they changed the first letter to ever-so-slightly mask the in-joke. And pronunciation wise, D to L isn't much of a shift. See what your tongue does when you say 'De' and 'Le' and you'll see that there's almost no difference at all.

That aside, given that this girl seems to have had her memories suppressed I wonder that there isn't more to this than has been revealed here. Questions I'd have would be: What repressed her memories? Was any satanic ritual abuse involved? Any sign of DID/MPD? And any memories of being lent out to others? Cloaks, altars, sacrifices?

Given what went on, the way in which it was done and, and more specifically, what resulted, I'd say that all of the above were only too likely.

And keeping in mind that as always the arch imperative in cases such as this is containment. Think of the American McMartin scandal - in that case the truly dangerous aspect of it all was the network of tunnels that led from the school to other properties. That aspect of the story had to be squelched. The bulk of the case was bad enough but the tunnels were proof of a wider network.

Whilst it's possible that this case consists solely of just Michael Le Vell and just his daughter, given that it took place in the heartland of a Savile-esque satanistic child-trafficking network I'd say it's unlikely in the extreme.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

"ONE of the oddities in the bizarre trial of Michael Le Vell is why the judge didn’t rule there was no case to answer the moment the prosecution rested its apology for a case."

Zoompad said...

Ah yes, Anna Friel and the first television lesbian kiss that the junk press worked their readers into a frenzy about:

Note the program makers emphasis on the fact that these are kids - the Thomas the Tank Engine pillowcase.

Zoompad said...

" "

If Richard and Judy tell us that manure smells of roses it must be true then.

Incidentally I have just read one of R and J's book reccomendations, and I don't want to embarress the author, but I think I can say it was the worst load of drivel I have read for a long time. Their book list is very useful though as it tells me what not to waste my money and time on.

Zoompad said...

I sent R and J a copy of my book Tip which is about Staffordshire Pindown, but they weren't interested in promoting that one!

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that people of a highly dodgy moral disposition tend to have eyes that don't match? Check it out!

Anonymous said...

"felix said...

we all know how the CPS works. They brought charges against Barry George twice when there was the merest shred of circumstantial evidence against him.

"CPS defends child sex trial of Michael Le Vell despite claims of ‘basic lack of evidence’

"But one legal source close to the case said: “There was not a shred of evidence to support the girl’s claims. There was a basic lack of evidence. I have never known a case such as this to go to court with no evidence he had any interest in child pornography or other telling indicators."

Do we see a pattern? "

You are trusting an anonymous 'source' in a pro LeVell story. There ave been many pro LeVell stories after the trial. Due to the nature of sexual abuse and the fact that most victims are not old enough or strong enough to report it straight away, there is often no forensic evidence. Even in cases where girls have become pregnant from abuse, only around 5 per cent show signs of having sex!
Because of this abuse cases have to rely on witness testimony and circumstantial evidence.
The most usual type of child abusers also appear 'normal' not having child porn and seeming 'normal' to other adults. I have been saddened that this ignorance on child abuse and abusers has been used to make out LeVell could not possibly have been guilty and the girl must have made it all up!

andy said...

I wonder if the victim will get some compo from the cica, as they will feel she has still been raped. As with Hollie Grieg, no conviction but she was still entitled to cica.

Unknown said...

Zoomie, Felix, Aang, Others following this comment thread,

I am guessing the key bit of info to deciphering the Le Vell debacle is

the Alison Levitt QC / Lord Carlille connection

Alison Levitt QC under direction gives the green light for the CPS to proceed with a weak hand against Le Vell because of a complete lack of evidence to corroborate the poor victim.

This decision overrided the previous decision by specialist and senior prosecutor Nazir Afzal.

[Historic abuse cases should be brought where there are multiple complainants, wherever possible]

This raises the question whether it was a convenient set piece with a likely final outcome to start to wind down the spate of celeb trials.

That's it folks don't worry about elite paedos, SRA, etc etc. Go back to the footie and beer...

As Carlille is shacked up with Levitt it becomes clear the conduit through which the hidden hand is operating on this occasion

Look this zionist creep right in the eyes.

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