Thursday, September 12, 2013


 Al Qaeda supporters

Below is a statement by Jamal Ahmed al-Tahiri, the spokesman for Al-Qaeda in Damascus, slamming Putin's New York Times Op-Ed on September 11, 2013:

The halt to military action against the regime of Bashar the dog in Washington has deeply disappointed Al-Qaeda in Damascus. 

We were under the impression that America was possessed with a stronger will to act against Assad. 

Only an attack by America can ensure us victory in our holy war against this malicious tyrant.

If America fails to respond to Assad's crimes... then America will forever lose the trust and moral support of the international community.

The words of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin in the New York Times are meant to pour cold water on the heroic American initiative to bring democracy to Syria. 

This poisonous devil must be ignored, not given a platform in the Times. 

His country's support for Assad's crimes is a mark of shame. 

He is jealous of America's glory and noble conquests, that is why he chooses to not see America as an exceptional nation.

But it does not matter what this blind man fails to see in America. 

Al Qaeda supporters.

The fact is that America is indeed exceptional. 

In our eyes, and the eyes of all good Muslims, she is exceptionally evil, but exceptional nonetheless. 

Every good drama needs a villain, and America plays this role extremely well in the world.

America remains great even when she kills women and children by the hundreds of thousands. 

America is not just any nation, it is and will forever be the Great Satan. 

Assad is a lower grade of evil, he must be destroyed, yes, but the appetites of Al-Qaeda for world conquest goes beyond Assad's tiny little Iranian-backed satanic regime.

Even after the dimming light of Assad fades into the background of history, our eyes will still be set on America the perverse, America the cruel, America the God forsaken. 

With the might of Al-Qaeda, and by the grace of Allah, America's fall will come after Assad's fall, Insha'Allah.

Al-Qaeda Slams Putin's NYT Op-Ed, Says America Is Exceptionally Evil
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Anonymous said...

And as per usual al qaeda is completely uninterested in Israel. There is only America they say. In spite of US foreign policy being entirely in the hands of the all-powerful and all-foreign AIPAC; in spite of Jewish Hollywood acting as AIPAC's marketing division (with tons of sex, drugs, and debauchery thrown in for good measure); in spite of Israel being the recipient of more US foreign aid than all the other countries in the world put together; in spite of all of the above being done in the name of the people who are bringing about genocide in the very lands of an Islamic holy site, neither Israel nor Jews ever enter al qaeda's field of vision. "Who? What?" they say.

There is no organ grinder. There is only the monkey. Everyone must hate the monkey!

best etc. etc.

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