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British citizen, and possible MI6 agent, Sharif Ahmed Abdirizak, who arrested as he tried to flee from Kenya to Britain. http://www.dailymail.

Sharif Ahmed Abdirizak, who was suspected of being involved in the mall attack in Kenya, has been released without charge.

British citizen Sharif Ahmed Abdirizak was arrested by the Kenyan authorities as he tried to fly out of Kenya after the Westgate attack.

According to the Kenyan authorities, he was carrying maps of the mall on his laptop.


"The arrest has been downplayed by Britain, with High Commissioner in Nairobi Christian Turner describing it as ‘not of significant interest’ to the inquiry."

This means that Sharif Ahmed Abdirizak could well be working for MI6.

Abdirizak, who was trying to fly to Manchester via Turkey.

In Manchester, Abdirizak's aunt claims he was visiting his dying mother, Fatuma Abdirahman, in the Salama Hospital in Nairobi.

"Enquiries by The Mail on Sunday revealed no one of his mother’s name had ever been admitted.

"In fact, sources said yesterday that, along with other family members, she had been ‘picked up’ by police at an address in Eastleigh (in Kenya) and was being questioned by detectives."


The men who filmed the fall of the Twin Towers and who cheered this disaster.

These Israeli men 'working for Mossad' were arrested for 'suspicious behavior' at the time of the 9/11 attacks. 

They were all released without charge.

Aswat, on the right.

According to The Sunday Herald, by 1999, Haroon Rashid Aswat was calling himself a "hit man" for bin Laden.

"Brains behind terror plot " / In the late 1990s, British Intelligence did not stop Aswat from recruiting for Al-Qaeda in London

In the first two weeks after the 7 July 2005 London bombings, the UK Police told newspapers that Aswat made some 20 mobile phone calls to two of the suspected bombers,Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, one just hours before the blasts.

("Top al-Qaeda Briton called Tube bombers before attack".)

On 20 July 2005, Aswat was arrested in Zambia.

Aswat arrived in the UK but the UK police said they were not interested in interviewing Aswat in connection with the London Bombings.

On July 29, 2005, during an interview on Fox News, a former US prosecutor named John Loftus, stated that Aswat was working for MI6.


Baby P - Peter Connelly

In 2007, in London, a toddler called Peter Connelly was tortured to death.

Baby Peter reportedly has links to a very powerful pedophile ring, and to Satanism.

The police, social services and medical profession appeared to be protecting the child torturers. Baby P

Peter Connelly's mother Tracey Connelly (Tracey Cox), who was 'jailed indefinitely', but who may soon be released from prison. dailymail.

Peter was tortured to death by his mother's boyfriend Steven Barker and by Barker's paedophile brother Jason Owen (born Jason Barker).

Jason Owen told friends: "Me and a friend tortured someone... but we went a bit too far." (Sadist lodger Jason Owen.)

When Baby Peter died, Jason Owen and Steven Barker went to a campsite in the notorious Epping Forest, east of London.  (Baby P: Jason Owen)

Peter's bloodied clothes were hidden in a cemetery. (Baby P cops dig for clues )

Girl tells court of satanic sacrifices in Epping Forest | Herald Scotland

Steven Barker - Tracey's boyfriend.

In 2009, Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, was jailed indefinitely.

In September 2013, we learn that Tracey could walk free from prison within days after serving just six years.

Jason Owen.

In 2011, Jason Owen was freed, after serving half his six-year sentence.

14 year-old Jason Swift who, in 1985, was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London)

A 'close male relative' of Tracey Connolly (thought to be her brother) was investigated over his alleged involvement in a pedophile ring that operated in children's homes in London's Islington.

The pedophile ring has links to 'the child abuse and murder island of Jersey'.

In the 1990's, "Child A was targeted by the paedophile ring as a victim and then groomed into becoming a kind of pied piper, luring other children from Islington homes into the grips of the group of abusers." 

Channel 4 News revealed that Tracey was abused by a male relative in the 1990's.

"This male relative was known to the authorities as Child A - a teenage pimp helping to run a care home paedophile ring in the London borough of Islington.

"Child A had also been abused at the hands of a paedophile ring."

Channel 4 News also revealed that Baby Peter’s grandfather and Tracey Connelly’s biological father, is a convicted sex offender. "He raped a minor in the Midlands in the 1970s and was convicted of another sex offence in the 80s."

Tracey Connelly (Tracy Cox)

Aged 12, Tracey was placed in Farney Close boarding school in West Sussex, catering for children with special education needs and behavioural and social problems.


Aged 16, in London, she met a railway worker, 17 years her senior, and they married.

Tracey produced three daughters before Baby Peter arrived.

Peter was three months old when Tracey split from her husband.

Steven Barker, a neo-Nazi Satanist, became Tracey's boyfriend.

And what about Satanic Nazis in the USA?

"In 2008, Hana Williams was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia and brought to the United States where she died at the hands of her Bible-believing American parents. 

"Their notion of Christian discipline required breaking her will, a remarkably common belief among conservative Evangelicals. 

"To that end, they frequently beat her, shut her in a closet, and denied her meals.

"Ultimately, she was left outside where she died of hypothermia exacerbated by malnutrition."

Breaking Their Will: The Sick Biblical Literalism

Sean Paddock suffocated when he was wrapped too tightly in blankets.

Lydia Schatz died after being spanked for several hours.

And Hana Grace-Rose Williams, of Sedro-Woolley, was left out in the cold, where she died naked, face down in the mud.

Local News |  parents

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'Samantha' - alleged mastermind of the mall attack in Kenya. 

Samantha Lewthwaite, who is believed to be an agent of MI6, reportedly married a former officer in the Kenyan navy.

This is according to a UK police file

The former naval officer is Abdi Wahid.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

This may be Wahid. 

In 2011, Wahid was arrested when police entered his house in Mombasa in Kenya.

Wahid was never charged with any offence, which suggests that he could be working for MI6 and its friends.

Abdi Wahid is currently in continental Europe.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

A newspaper reported that Samantha Lewthwaite had made 42 telephone calls to an address in Solihull in Birmingham in the UK.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

Anorak | Samantha Lewthwaite: the Atomic bomb, the shop in the ...

MI5 and MI6 knew of the plan to attack the Westgate shopping centre.

They knew of the plan 4 years ago.

Reportedly, in 2006, Bilal Berjawi (Abu Omar) was allowed to travel from the UK to Somalia where he joined Al Shabaab, which is believed to be run by MI5/MI6.

Four years ago, Bilal Berjawi (Abu Omar), then a British citizen, was arrested in Kenya by Kenyan counter-terrorism officers.

Berjawi was accused by the Kenyans of plotting to blow up the Kenyan mall.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Confirms Mall Attack Was By Al-Qaeda ...

Berwaji of MI5/MI6?

Unfortunately, these Kenyan officers who were dealing with Berwaji "were working on instructions from MI5."

Berjawi was allowed to return to Britain.

Reportedly Berjawi returned to Somalia in 2009 and "he was suspected of crossing into Uganda in 2010 where he took part in the Al Shabaab attacks at two bars as fans watched the World Cup final. The blasts killed 74."

According to Al Shabaab, Berjawi was killed in January 2012 by a US drone missile.

Berjawi is believed to have been one of the people who attacked the mall in Kenya in September 2013.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Confirms Mall Attack Was By Al-Qaeda ...

Kenya’s interior cabinet secretary Joseph Ole Lenku said eight people suspected of involvement in the Westgate attacks are being held. Three others have been released.


Anonymous comments:

More elite soldiers who just happened to be around and randomly given weapons by two anonymous Asian men.
Another special forces soldier who just happened to be in the Kenyan mall to rescue the elite!

Aangirfan - Alexa Rank in United Kingdom 

United Kingdom Flag25,226  


MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories

The executioner: Caught on CCTV, the horrific moment Al Shabaab gunman took deadly aim at hostages in Nairobi mall massacre

This is the horrifying moment one of the terrorists in the Kenyan shopping centre attack levelled his gun at cowering hostages, ready to execute them.
The attacker, wearing a camouflage jacket and facemask, points a handgun at customers in a bank as they lie under a counter with their hands around their heads. 
The CCTV pictures were taken inside the Diamond Trust Bank on the ground floor of the Westgate shopping mall in the early stages of the hostage crisis.

Terror at the mall: A gunman takes aim at the hostages as they lie face down inside a bank at the Westgate shopping centre during the terrorist attack
Terror at the mall: A gunman takes aim at the hostages as they lie face down inside a bank at the Westgate shopping centre during the terrorist attack. Read more:

John comments:

The following is an 'unmoderated' comment on the Daily Mail story entitled: 'The executioner: Caught on CCTV, the horrific moment Al Shabaab gunman took deadly aim at hostages in Nairobi mall massacre'.

This is a bank robbery that took place years ago. Stop printing lies!

That first picture is over 3 years old and has been used countless times. 

It has been traced back to the FBI website dated April 16 2010. 

FBI Releases Photographs in Latest Hoax Bomb Bank Robbery

FBI MiamiApril 16, 2010
  • Special Agent Michael D. Leverock(305) 944-9101
The FBI is releasing photographs from a bank robbery that took place on Monday, April 12, 2010, at Eastern Financial Federal Credit Union, 2500 S. University Drive, Miramar, Florida at around 10:30 a.m. 
If anyone has information as to the identity of these bank robbers, they are urged to call the FBI at (305) 944-9101.

Hei Hu Quan comments:

Alex Traitenberg owns a business at the Kenyan mall.

They're playing games with this Alex Traitenberg's name.

Yesterday it was reported his name is Alex Tachenberg, then today I discovered it is Alex Trajtenberg.

"Sony Holding Limited, a real estate company led by Israeli Alex Trajtenberg, insured Westgate Shopping Mall through UK’s Lloyd’s market for about Sh6.6 billion."

More on this and a blockbuster revelation here: Kenya's Westgate Mall False Flag 

"Officials in the Israeli foreign ministry said that three Israeli citizens that were in the mall at the time of the attack were able to escape unharmed and were collected by the Deputy Israeli Ambassador to Kenya Yaki Lopez and the embassy security officer that were present on the scene."


Dominic Lawson, a Jewish gentleman who is alleged to be one of MI6's top agents, has recently moved to the Daily Mail.

aangirfan: Dominic Lawson, Con Coughlin and MI6

Hersh, who exposed the Mail Lai massacre, which was one of many massacres of civilians carried out by the US military.

Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, says that the official account of the raid which supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is ‘one big lie’.

Seymour Hersh, 76, said that ‘not one word’ of the Obama administration’s story on what happened is true.

In an interview with The Guardian published today, Hersh attacks the US media for its lies.

Hersh first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War.

The White House has changed its Osama story many times, according to

Hersh writes that the solution would be to shut down news networks like NBC and ABC and fire 90 per cent of mainstream editors and replace them with ‘real’ journalists who are not afraid to speak truth to power.

‘The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple,’ he said.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Nairobi attack VIDEO: The escape route tunnel used by terrorists

Apparently, some of the Kenyan security forces were on the side of the attackers in the Mall.

"A team from the Recce General Service Unit of the Kenya Police, early in the rescue operation, made its way into the mall and secured most of it, pinning down the terrorists at one end around Nakumatt Supermarket and Barclays Bank.

"However, the team pulled out after its commander was fatally shot in ‘friendly fire’ following the arrival of a KDF (army) unit.

"Also pulling out at the same time was a small group of policemen from various units and armed civilians, who were the first to enter the mall from the rooftop parking and the front entrance and led hundreds of shoppers to safety."

Strategy of Terror.

"One officer involved said that some units had a priority to locate and rescue a specific group of VIPs..."

NEWS Blame game over Westgate attack

"It also emerged on Wednesday that the police had been given advance intelligence on the planned terrorist attack, but failed to act."

NEWS Blame game over Westgate attack

"Many businesses in the mall are operated by Israeli’s like the ArtCaffe owned by Alex Traitenberg."

Israeli connection in Westgate Mall terror attack

Those reportedly killed:

From ISRAEL and the USA



1. Peter Ldhituachi Simani, chairman of the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal. 2. Anuj Shah of Sona Shoppe, a photography studio. 3. Harun Oyieke, a lecturer at Co-operative University College of Kenya.

4. Ruhila Adatia-Sood, a local TV and radio personality, who was married to Ketan Sood, who worked for USAid in Nairobi.

5 and 6. President Uhuru Kenyatta's nephew Mbugua Mwangi and his fiancee Rosemary Wahito.

7. Mitul Shah: A sales and marketing director. 8. Nehal Vekaria. 9. Martin Munene Kithinji: A police officer attached to GSU Recce company. 10. Wilkista Vizengwa Angoro 11. Crispal Gaitung'u Ng'ang'a: of Genesis Office Solutions 12 - 14. Kennedy Mogaka Mochere, Veronicah Wairimu Kamau, and John Mutando Musango : employees of Nakumatt.

Mitul Shah

CANADA 15. Annemarie Desloges: A 29-year-old Canadian diplomat. 16. Vancouver hotelier Naguib Damji, 59

GHANA 17.Kofi Awoonor: a renowned poet.

INDIA 18. Sridhar Natarajan: working for a pharmaceutical firm. 19. Paramshu Jain: The eight-year-old son of a branch manager for the Bank of Baroda.

PERU 20. Juan Jesus Ortiz: A doctor.

SOUTH KOREA 21. Kang Moon-hee

Simon Belcher, from Scotland, survived.

AUSTRALIA AND HOLLAND 22 and 23. A 33-year-old Dutch woman and her Australian husband. 24 and 25. Australian Ross Langdon, of Regional Associates Ltd, and his wife from Holland, Elif Yavuz, a malaria specialist.

CHINA 26. A 38-year-old Chinese woman.

FRANCE 27. A mother and daughter.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 28. Ravindra Ramrattan

SOUTH AFRICA 29. One national

30 and 31. Other victims identified by Daily Telegragh are Zahara Bawa and her eight-year-old daughter Jenah.


Kenya mall victim

According to whistleblowers within the Kenyan intelligence service:

1. The mall terrorists are suspected of having escaped through a tunnel.

2. The Kenyan security forces apparently did not kill any terrorists.

DAILY POST: SHOCKING: AL SHABAAB may have escaped ...

Protecting the terrorists.

According to documents leaked from the Kenyan intelligence service, the Kenyan authorities were expecting an attack.
"An unprecedented leak of Intelligence briefings covering the past year paint the picture of a government fully informed of an impending Al Shabaab attack ahead of the Westgate massacre."

Standard Digital News - Kenya : Leaked NIS document details ...

Operation Gladio in the Kenyan mall.

It has been reported that the UK military may have trained the mall terrorists.

Did the British military train the gunmen who led Nairobi mall massacre? Muslim convert shot dead by Kenyan troops... - Daily Mail

Reportedly, al Shabaab is run by MI6

The MI6-Al-Shabaab Connection | Critical Analysis |

MI6 in training 

Friday, September 27, 2013


'Gaddafi' has many mansions in Harare.

On 27 September 2013, The Daily Telegraph reveals the MI6 plot to help Gaddafi escape from Libya

According to The Telegraph:

1. The plan was drawn up at the highest levels of the British Government.

2. Andrew Mitchell, a UK government minister, was sent to make certain contacts with the government of Equatorial Guinea.

3. There has always been speculation that Gaddafi left Libya around October 2011, the time when Gaddafi was allegedly killed.

4. Matthew d'Ancona, a top journalist at The Telegraph, interviewed key UK government figures.

"CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson recruited Gadaffi in 1977, and the CIA shipped Libya over 2000 pounds of explosives," says former CIA agent Lester Coleman. (DIA Agent's Book, Trail of the Octopus - From Beirut To Lockerbie.)

According to The Telegraph:

5. In 2011, MI6 prepared to move Gaddafi to Equatorial Guinea, which does not recognise the International Criminal Court.

6. The Cabinet Office and MI6 "prepared an exit strategy for Gaddafi in case it was necessary to strike a deal and to end the conflict."

7. UK cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell "was able to assist the officials tasked with these delicate contingency plans, helping make the necessary contacts in the capital, Malabo, and elsewhere".

Equatorial Guinea "was chosen as a prospective retirement home".


According to The Telegraph:

8. In 2004, Old Etonian Simon Mann made an unsuccessful coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. 

The 'Wonga Coup' failed after the mercenaries were arrested in Zimbabwe.

9. It is believed that some of the mercenaries involved in the Equatorial Guinea coup were also involved in the attempt to help Gaddafi escape.

MI6 plot to help Gaddafi escape from Libya

A Mansion in Harare.

"Sibanengi Dube ... is ... adamant that Zimbabwe’s airforce, in August 2011, flew Muammar Gaddafi into Zimbabwe and that Gaddafi was seen in a Harare Gunhill suburb house." 

(MDC journalist still claims Gaddafi went to Zimbabwe)

"Gaddafi staged a nocturnal entry into Zimbabwe aboard a Zimbabwe Air force jet that landed at Suri-Suri Airbase in Chegutu....

Gaddafi with David Berg whose name has been linked to pedophilia and the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing. (RELIGIOUS MIND-CONTROL CULTS)

"Gaddafi was quickly whisked to a sprawling mansion in Harare’s Gunhill suburb under the cover of darkness with members of MDC VAA in a secret pursuit.

"We kept a hawk’s eye on the house ... and we don’t doubt even for a second that the fallen despot is now a ‘unique guest’ to Robert Mugabe.

"The house is encircled by uniformed army personnel of the Zimbabwe National Army and is swarming with plain clothes policemen and dreaded CIO operatives.

"They said all indications were confirming what they saw, including heavily armed female blonde body guards of Libyan origin patrolling around the house where the former despot is holed up... 

Gaddafi Double

The SteveLendmanBlog points out the Mixed Messages on Gaddafi:

1. Leaders at times have doubles. 

Saddam reportedly had 12. To this day, it's not clear if he or a double was executed. 

Gaddafi also had them. Was one of them killed, not him?

Above - a body from the so called 'bin Laden' house in Abbottabad.

Same body used by the CIA to represent Gaddafi.

2. On October 21, headlined, "Qaddafi Not Dead,"saying:

Washington, Britain and France desperately needed something resembling victory, even if fake, not real.

The real Gaddafi

The man seen in the 'Gaddafi capture videos' is not Gaddafi.

The man in the videos is Ali Majid Al Andalus.

The person you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi  /Originally published here

Gaddafi Double 

"According to reports reaching us, the person presented as Gaddafi, in the recent 'capture' videos, has been identified as Ali Majid Al Andalus.

"Ali Majid Al Andalus was an inhabitant of Sirte and was famous for his resemblance to Gaddafi.

"The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not Muammar al Gaddafi, but his double.

"The psychopathic criminals ... used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras."

Mystery man Gaddafi - Website for this image.

Gaddafi was apparently put into power by MI6 and the CIA.

The CIA and its friends controlled many people in Gaddafi's Libya.

From The Africa Report (Libya: Who owns the revolution? - The Africa Report):

The CIA's clandestine supporters made it easy for NATO to take over Tripoli.

"According to Brigadier General Abdulsalam Alhasi, who commanded the rebel's headquarters in Benghazi, the role of the clandestine supporters - soldiers, policemen, intelligence officers and even ministers who had been working for Gaddafi - was critical in taking Tripoli."

In other words, it wasn't just Gaddafi, or his double, who had worked for the CIA and MI6. 

The CIA's Marty Martin, who had a plan for Gaddafi to leave Libya, reportedly.

The CIA's Marty Martin led the CIA's Qaeda department from 2002 to 2004

The CIA's Marty Martin was part of a US group that offered Gaddafi a $10m deal to flee Libya

The group included a Belgian named Dirk Borgers, Neil C Livingstone a terrorism specialist who wants to be governor of Montana, Neil S. Alpert who has worked for the Republican National Committee and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and Randell K. Wood, a Kansas City lawyer.



The CIA put Nasser into power in Egypt and put Saddam into power in Iraq and put the Ayatollahs into power in Iran.


There is a belief that it was the CIA and Britain's MI6 who put Gaddafi into power in 1969.

According to the article entitled: Was Britain Behind Gadaffi's Coup in 1969?:

A secret 1960 US National Security Council Report explained: "There is little loyalty to him (British puppet King Idris) among the younger urban elements who do not have significant political power now, but who will have such power in the future."

The US and UK needed a replacement for King Idris and apparently chose Gaddafi.

Reportedly, this is a Gaddafi mansion in New Jersey in the USA

In 1965, Britain's Colonel Ted Lough reportedly made a series of reports on Gadaffi for British intelligence.

In 1966, Gaddafi spent four months in Britain, training with the British military.

In 1969, Gaddafi carried out a peaceful coup, apparently with the blessing of the USA and UK.

Gaddafi turned Libya from being the poorest country in the world into being the most prosperous country in Africa.

But, he did not always cooperate with his CIA backers.

Preziosi and Gaddafi

Does Gaddafi have Corsican roots?: Voice of Russia

Muammar Gaddafi may be the son of French Air Force officer Albert Preziosi.

There is a close likeness between Albert Preziosi and a young Muammar Gaddafi.

In 1941, pilot Albert Preziosi made an emergency landing in a Libyan desert.

He came across a tribe of Bedouins.

Reportedly, after Preziosi had a relationship with a women of the tribe, Muammar Gaddafi was born on 19 June 1942.

The French airbase used for recent operations against Libya is officially called BA-126 Captain Preziosi. Located in Upper Corsica, it is named after Captain Albert Preziosi.

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