Saturday, August 03, 2013


 Rosario Dawson (left)


"Have you seen Danny Boyles' latest pic, Trance?

"...Within the MK-themed heist plot is a curious discussion of the role of pubic hair within art which culminates in Rosario Dawson catwalking her Brazilian wizzy...

"What if we were to declare sex, like drugs, to have been perverted in order to function as a corruption/control mechanism?

"Think 'war on drugs'.

"Without drugs were illegal how would criminals make billions of dollars?

"The Prohibition of the twenties and the current 'War on Drugs' were the best things that ever happened to criminals.

"And what with pretty much everyone wanting drugs once they try them, and those drugs being illegal and available only from people who are by definition criminals, there suddenly exists a reason for people, and crucially those of power and influence, to have a relationship with criminals, which is to say, 'to make a deal with the devil'.

"The devil of course is the anti-buddha, the person who panders to selfishness.

"Now, does that analogy need explaining?

"Of course, people are attracted to the young.

"There is nothing nicer than new bosoms and bottoms you can bounce twenty cent coins off (were one given to such things, ahem).

"And of course the imperative that drives the prohibition of drugs will be brought to other things.

"And whatever compulsion exists amongst people for drugs, that ain't nothing compared to sex. Sex is the ultimate compulsion...


"We're in some sticky territory here but if we were to say that neither the desire for such things nor 'the availing of oneself' to them were, in and of themselves, bad.

"We could also say that the only thing that renders such things as 'bad' or otherwise comes in the means by which one goes about it all.

"Which is to say, was this availing done selflessly or selfishly? Are we towards to the Buddha? Or the anti-Buddha?"


Anonymous said...

With "sticky territory" he means sex with an infant ?
So if we do it "towards to the Buddha" it's fine ?

Anonymous said...

DailyMail smear campaign against critics
of UK government internet censorship
dangerously invading the privacy of innocent critics
by mixing with violent threats from sadistic bullies.
Did they receive the identity of anonymous posters
through "friends" working for the GCHQ/NSA ?

"our investigation into this dark sub-culture.

The culprits come from all walks of life. One worked in a dodgy Soho shop, another is a married Army instructor. Not surprisingly, given the explicit sexual nature of the vitriol, all are male.

The psychology behind this disturbing — and, it seems, escalating — phenomenon can be found in the term ‘troll’ itself, which is thought to derive from a fishing technique of slowly dragging a baited hook from a moving boat.

‘Trolls’ post inflammatory remarks on the internet (the metaphorical ‘bait’) to illicit a response from those they have abused (the metaphorical ‘fish’). They do it for the ‘LULZ’, or laughs, a variation of LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

In other words, their sociopathic behaviour is as much about manipulation and control as causing offence and distress. Why else would Claire Perry, 49, the Conservative MP for Devizes in Wiltshire, who has been advising the Prime Minister on measures to tackle the spread of extreme pornography on the internet, have been sent the following tweet last weekend?

‘Dear Claire,’ it began, ‘Can you please direct me to some decent porn sites. I especially like MILFS [a repellant internet acronym meaning ‘Mothers I’d like to f***’] and you are a definite MILF.’

Miss Perry would be only too aware of what the acronym meant given her campaigning role in this field. And if she didn’t, a simple Google search would have told her.

The sender is identified only as Sylvester Puddy Tat@Groovy23. Who is he really? Answer: Londoner Carl Attard.

Attard, believed to be in his mid-30s and in a relationship, was not in when we called at his flat near Oxford Street this week.

But a relative said: ‘He worked in a video shop, one of those naughty ones on Soho. I haven’t spoken to him for a long time, but he worked there for at least ten years.

‘As far as I know, he isn’t married and he doesn’t have children.’
Embarrassment: Oliver Rawlings faced public embarrassment this week after sending sexist abuse to Mary Beard

Embarrassment: Oliver Rawlings faced public embarrassment this week after sending sexist abuse to Mary Beard

When Attard — aka Sylvester Puddy Tat — was challenged by a female Twitter user about his message to Miss Perry, he replied: ‘It was a joke for Christ’s sake. Get yourself a sense of humour. Oh, you’re a feminist,’ before adding later: ‘Did I threaten or call her names. I despise trolls as much as anyone. Do not judge. Surely MILF is a compliment.’

Doesn’t this tell us as much about Carl Attard as his original tweet?"

Anonymous said...

Looks like the DailyMail treats ridiculing and
exposing sex hating censorship loving feminists
as a thought crime.

Anonymous said...

Funny! Looks like she's greeting the Big Kahuna (OBAMA).

Tayelrand said...

Excellent point, well made.

This war on sex in the UK does bother me, especially now that it is being supported by both sides of the political spectrum. There is somebody else behind all this sudden activism.

As for the Daily Mail, the main reason that they are involved in this is so that they can sell more of their soft porn once the competition is taken out.

For example; now that the Lads' magazines are being neutered in the UK, there is no real difference between a sex mag cover and the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

The answer to the first comment is no on both counts. Only by the most perverse cavilling could sex with an infant be described as selfless. Clearly it's an entirely selfish act and condemnable whichever way you look at it.

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