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There is a theory that the US and UK governments use part of their 'foreign aid' money to finance their militia groups such as al Qaeda.

Between November 2011 and February 2012, al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia managed to get control of £480,000 worth of British aid.

The 'theft' of the aid and equipment 'was hidden in a recent set of UK government accounts.'


You might wonder why the UK government has increased spending on foreign aid while reducing spending in other areas.

Is the aid money being used to bribe friendly dictators, finance terrorist groups and help destabilise successful countries?

Justin Forsyth who was Tony Blair's director of strategic communications. Forsyth then became chief executive of Save the Children UK .

According to the excellent Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph:

Britain's foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda, the Department for International Development admits

1. In Somalia, al Qaeda's "Al-Shabaab 'confiscated' the equipment from Department of International Development contractors in multiple incidents over at least three months before any action was taken."

2. "British aid money was spent subsidising hospitality at five star hotels during the Olympics last year."

3. "The proportion of British aid spent on the poorest countries has dropped from 80 per cent to just over 65 per cent..."

4. "Several British citizens have travelled to train with the (al Qaeda) group in Somalia."

Alan Duncan.

Alan Duncan is the UK's Minister of State for International Development.

From 1982 to 1988, he worked for the notorious Marc Rich.

Alan Duncan has been a member of the Pinay Circle.

In other words he appears to have links to certain Zionists and fascists?

Much of the government foreign aid is handed to charities, such as USAID.

"USAID is 'the humanitarian arm of the CIA' and Americares has been singled out as well.

"World Vision is also a CIA front."

Many Faces of the CIA

Many charities are fronts for the CIA and its friends.

In early September 2012, Pakistan ordered foreigners working for Save the Children to leave Pakistan.

Pakistan stated that Save the Children was being used by Western spies.

A doctor accused of assisting the CIA claimed that Save the Children had introduced him to US intelligence officers.

Pakistan orders Save the Children foreign workers to leave.

Oxfam, like several other charities, has been accused of being a front for the UK security service MI6.

"In the early 1970s, the Tamil Tigers began establishing training camps and secret arms caches under the cover of a chain of Refugee and Rehabilitation Farms of the Gandhian Society.

"Funds for the farms came from Oxfam, one of the most powerful and secretive British intelligence organizations acting under non-governmental organization cover...

"John Glover, a British feature writer, wrote to the Western Mail in Wales about the ongoing and future training programs for Tamil youth by British mercenaries.

"A band of mercenary soldiers recruited in South Wales is training a Tamil army to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka.

"'About 20 mercenaries were signed up after a meeting in Cardiff and have spent the last two months in southern India preparing a secret army to fight the majority Sinhalas, in the cause of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka,' he said..."


David Miliband, whose brother Ed is expected to be the next prime minister of the UK.

David Miliband was the UK government minister responsible for the UK spy service MI6.

Now he is to head the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a charity based in the USA, with operations in over 40 countries.

The IRC provides "emergency relief, post-conflict development and resettlement services."

The IRC is reported to be a CIA front organisation.

The IRC is "one link in the CIA’s covert network.”

"Over the past 60 years at least $1 trillion of development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa.

"Yet real per-capita income today is lower than it was in the 1970s, and more than 50% of the population - over 350 million people - live on less than a dollar a day...

"African countries still pay close to $20 billion in debt repayments per annum, a stark reminder that aid is not free...

"Jeffrey Winters, a professor at Northwestern University, argued that the World Bank had participated in the corruption of roughly $100 billion of its loan funds intended for development."

Why Foreign Aid Is Hurting Africa -

In other words, the foreign aid money goes to the rich puppet rulers and militia leaders employed by the USA and UK?


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Years ago I worked with a guy who fought in the Rhodesian bush war, he told me tha Mugabe and his men were financed by British charity money.


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