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Iqbal Mirchi, aka Muhammed Iqbal Memon, and wife

On 14 august 2013, the 'untouchable top terrorist' Iqbal Mirchi 'died in London'.

Dawood Ibrahim's close aide Iqbal Mirchi dies in London

Mirchi was allegedly among the top global drug barons.

He was the right hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, 'the CIA asset and protector of Osama bin Laden'.

Dawood Ibrahim, 'CIA asset'.

According to the US authorities and to a United Nations report, Iqbal Mirchi was the right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, head of the 'D' company, a worldwide mafia.

Dawood is said to be an asset of the CIA and is known to have met Osama Bin Laden.

Protector of Osama bin Laden.

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim has joint casino interests with the CIA in Kathmandu.

Reportedly, this involves money laundering for top Indian politicians.

 Wayne Madsen sees Dawood Ibrahim link to Mumbai Attacks

"A poll published in Pakistan shows that 66% of people believe the man killed (at Abbottabad) was not Osama bin Laden" (Al-CIAda statement should kill off Bin Laden conspiracy theories)The CIA did have a safe house in Abbottabad. (CIA Occupied Safe House in Abbottabad)

The 'Osama house' in Abbotabad was built by 'cia friend' Dawood Ibrahim for the US military

 Mumbai bombs 1993

Iqbal Mirchi was wanted by police in India for murder and for his part in the terrorist bombing campaign in 1993 in Mumbai.

The bombs in Mumbai in 1993 killed over 300 people.

According to Mirchi: "a senior police officer told me that my name would be attached to false charges unless I paid millions of rupees in bribes."

Mirchi was under investigation over the Indian Premier League match-fixing and betting scandal.,6903,1411796,00.html

One of Mirchi's homes in India.

Mirchi was apparently untouchable.

In April 1995, officers from Scotland Yard arrested Mirchi on drugs and terrorism charges in connection with the blasts in Mumbai.

However, an extradition request by India was turned down by magistrates in the UK.

Scotland Yard's investigation of Mirchi, which ended in 1999, found no evidence of criminal activity and in 2001 the UK Home Office granted him indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

In 2011, the London police arrested Iqbal Mirchi, but he was soon out on bail.

Iqbal Mirchi (Memon), 63, "had been living in a six-bedroom home set behind gold gilded gates in an exclusive part of Hornchurch, a town in Essex, north-east of London..."

Mirchi is believed to have managed Dawood Ibrahim's drug syndicates in European countries.

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