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"William Sargant had a voracious sexual appetite that could not be satisfied by a normal relationship...

"He regularly disappeared for a weekend.

"His destinations were mansions in the depths of the English countryside where those recovering from the dull gray years of World War II had found a new way to satisfy themselves at 'swinger' parties. 

"Many were out-and-out orgies - often attended by doctors, lawyers and pillars of their churches."

EPISPASM : Message: Inside the Sl

Elizabeth Reed.

'Mind control activities' have taken place at hospitals in the UK and elsewhere.

As a girl, Elizabeth Reed was treated by psychiatrist William Sargant at London's Royal Waterloo Hospital.

Sargant, who reportedly liked sex orgies.

Reportedly, Sargant was financed by the CIA and British intelligence.

He had links to the military, working at Porton Down, the Ministry of Defence biological and chemical weapons research base.

"In 1953 Sargant associated with Frank Olson, Deputy Acting Head of Special Operations for the CIA."

Royal Waterloo Hospital, affiliated to London’s St Thomas’s Hospital

Elizabeth Reed was kept in a small, windowless room at the top of the building - the 'Narcosis Room'.

In this room girls were kept in a drug-induced sleep. 

The girls were teenagers and women in their early 20s.


Girl being brainwashed by the CIA.

Elizabeth Reed says: "It was like being buried alive. 

"I was lying there in the dark, hour after hour, and couldn’t move. 

"I wasn’t aware of my body, just my head in this darkness. You could hear people moving around and other people breathing and moaning."


Elizabeth Reed was admitted to the Royal Waterloo in 1973 when she was 22.

William Sargant operated his 'sleep room' for ten years until 1973. 

Sargant's aim was to repattern the brains of his patients.

Four patients are known to have died in the 'sleep room'..


Caged children about to be tortured. Monarch mind control involves torture with electric shock. (SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS: THE WORLD OF MIND CONTROL ...)

Sargant's 'sleep room' was modelled on the one Dr Ewen Cameron had created at Canada's Allan Memorial Institute for the CIA's MKULTRA brainwashing programme, used to produce sex slaves and assassins.


Celia Imrie.

Actress Celia Imrie was 14 when she was treated by Sargant.

Hilary Jameson was 17 when she arrived at the Royal Waterloo in 1970.

She says it was "like falling into the jaws of hell".

She says Sargant "was stern, a tall, cold man with very dark eyes. He didn’t speak to me. He just told my mother that if I wasn’t admitted then I’d die."


CIA mind control

Stephanie Simons visited Sargant in London’s Harley Street in 1967.

She says Sargant asked her to strip to the waist so he could examine her.

"He didn’t ask me to get dressed again," she says. "He told me to sit in a chair, naked to the waist, and talked to me for nearly an hour like that."


A copy of Sargant's Battle For The Mind is said to have been found at a CIA run Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan.

Sargant's methods were copied in Australia and Canada and as a result dozens of 'narcosis patients' died. 

We can now expect the usual trolls to send in comments. 

The CIA have always been fans of Mengele and the Nazis.





Anonymous said...

Some great comments there:

""Perhaps it is no coincidence that Ward 5 and Sargant's sleep room closed when he retired in 1973 - the same year the CIA officially ended its top-secret mind-control experiments, codenamed Project MKUltra." - Correction: That's the year they SAID they ended it. They are as truthful as any other pathological liar."

"I was a medical student at St Thomas's in the early 70s. I was appalled at the treatment given by Sargant to his patients and I reported him to the hospital chiefs and the General Medical Council. Sargant's Royal Waterloo Ward ( part of the St Thomas group ) was like a living mortuary and hell. I was ' taken aside ' and told that Dr Sargant had friends in high places and that I would lose my place at the medical school if I took it any further and that far worse could happen to me as Sargant had strange contacts in Harley Street and with military people as well as the St Thomas's hierarchy. Both St Thomas and the General Medical Council did nothing and his barbaric and insane practice on NHS and private patients continued. Dr Vincent Argent St Thomas's Medical Student 1971 - 1974"

Exactly like Savile.
JFK and 911.
Toxic food and cancer.
Total coverup ongoing.
The worst are ruling and killing us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

interesting timing:
interesting video:
2005 footage, uploaded 31 July 2013.

Acid attack a week later.

"They reportedly ran into the sea to wash the acid off their skin before it could do any permanent damage"

How far away was the sea?

Another weird story. A very weird video. Not all it seems?

Anonymous said...

I was a depressed teenager in the same era as the women in your blog. The doctor who was a kind man in every way, gave me Librium (equilibrium) and Serepax (serenity) amongst other sledge hammers to the nervous system. Needless to say, they did nothing for my depression, so the doctor wanted to refer me to a psychiatrist. At that time we lived near some pretty horrendous buildings which spooked me: public mental asylums that looked straight out of Dickensian England. A private hospital had an even worse reputation for its sleep therapies. So I told myself to stop being depressed etc. etc. and got on with life as best I could.

Many decades later, I learned that our bodies produce endogenous morphines=endorphins.

Morphine was named after Morpheus Greek god of dreams, sleep and forgetfulness.
Morphine was described by one British doctor as God's own medicine, while heroin was the heroic drug thought to cure morphine addiction.

Long story short, I lived to not only avoid Big Pharma/Sickness industries to a significant extent, but I have also learned that our own bodies produce all the healing 'chemicals' they need, and Big Pharma/reputable (?) registered 'experts' have been unconsionably conning the human race on a massive scale in the name of medicine.

The info on Morpheus etc came from my uni textbook on Biological Psychology- by Kimble.

I am Queen of Dreams, Sleep (serenity) and Forgetfulness, especially as I am in an Indian summer of my Life. xx

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