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"The letter says Soldier N told his wife there is a 'box which members of his unit use for private jobs... They put in the box the name, address and details of what they want done and then one of them who wants to earn extra money does that job.'

"When Soldier N was challenged by his mother-in-law, he is accused of saying: 'Let me stop you right there – I kill women and I kill children.'

Soldier N's wife last night told the Daily Mail that she had not spoken to detectives about the allegations.

Princess Diana Murder....

The Sunday People reports that UK police are investigating the claim that Princess Diana was murdered by the SAS, the UK military's special forces regiment.

"The allegation emerged at the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition."

Princess Diana: Police probe sensational claim she was killed by SAS

The allegation came in a letter to the SAS's commanding officer.

The letter is from the parents-in-law of a special forces sniper, Soldier N.

Soldier N. was Sgt Nightingale's former housemate and a key witness for the prosecution.

The letter says Solider N boasted the SAS 'was behind Princess Diana’s death'.

The UK authorities have known about the allegation since the letter was sent in September 2011.

The SAS passed the letter to the Service Prosecuting Authority prior to the start of the Sgt Nightingale trial.

The Service Prosecuting Authority removed all references to the SAS before it released the letter to the court.

The letter says: 

"He (Soldier N) also told her (his wife) that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up."

It was a tip-off from Soldier N's estranged wife that led to a Glock 17 pistol being found in Nightingale's room at a Hereford house the SAS colleagues shared.

Soldier N.

"The sergeant is the subject of a new inquiry into “historic” claims of abuses by British soldiers. 

"The case is the first murder inquiry involving a member of the special forces to form part of the wider Iraq Historical Allegations Team (Ihat) inquiry.

"The sergeant, a trained sniper known only as Soldier N, was the key prosecution witness in the court martial of Sgt Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper found guilty last week of illegally possessing a Glock pistol and ammunition in his civilian quarters."

SAS sniper in inquiry over Iraq 'murder' - Telegraph

Britain's SAS (Special Air Services) trained the Khmer Rouge.

The British Special Air Services (SAS) firm Keenie Meenie Services reportedly trained the Tamil Tigers.

In the early 1970s Rafael Eitan, head of the Mossad hit-squad known as the 'Kidon', toured Northern Ireland and the Special Air Services (SAS) base in Hereford, England.

Shortly after his visit there were big changes in UK security policy, including the setting up of what was to become the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU) .

The FRU may have been involved in the de Menezes killing.



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Budget Blunder: UK taxpayer cash ends in hands of Al-Qaeda

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US arms industry would lose big from Egypt aid cut-off

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Sgt N also involved in IHAT Inquiry.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who gave the order, these guys are soldiers and operate strictly under command authority.

Anonymous said...

According to John Morgan, the order came from the Way Ahead Group.

Jon King (Hidden Evidence)was told by a source in military intelligence a week beforehand. The issue had been discussed for a number of years within upper ranks of MI6/CIA, hence the warnings. She was a 'loose cannon'; criticising Charles; Windsors had interest in Angolan mines she might expose; , but the main problem was constitutional, difficulties with Charles remarrying. King alleges MI5 thought Camilla should be gotten rid of, car crash 6 weeks prior. Hooking up with Arab arms dealers was the final straw.

yeah said...

Two pieces of information you may find interesting:

1) The address in Hereford at which "Soldier N" and Danny Nightingale were both convicted of unlawfully keeping weapons, namely "7 Claypond Road, Hereford" (click here for the court judgement referring to this address), is fake. There is no such street as "Claypond Road" (or "Clay Pond Road") anywhere in Britain. To confirm this for yourself, go here.

I could understand the court agreeing to keep the address secret for some reason. First, it may still be used as army accommodation (Substitute Service Single Accommodation, SSSA), and in Hereford, you can guess what regiment we might be talking about. Second, someone who might not accept being gagged might find out the names of other people who have lived there, e.g. using the electoral roll, work out the identity of "Soldier N", his wife, and her parents, and plaster it all over the internet.

("Stephen Locke"? Maybe. Maybe not.)

What's peculiar, though, would be the judge allowing a fake address to be recorded.

So whats going on here?

2) The queen visited "the Fort", i.e. Fort Monckton, where SIS guys get trained by the SAS and SBS, before flying up to Balmoral in 1997, where she stayed until the Princess Diana assassination, which was ordered by the family's Way Ahead Group.

Anonymous said...

From what I can garner from King without reading the book, Diana feared she might be pregnant, her nutritionist's computer was subsequently stolen, but there's no evidence of such. Presumably, phone calls were monitored and merest mention of pregnancy may have warranted the op, the embalming.

Anonymous said...

makes ya proud init
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real here ho's dontes ya nose.
andy mcnub,lewis collins and the chris ryan bloke not forgettin john mac who liked um young A.

sir ran ulf finds wrote der book the feather men.
nice term boston brakes it called tried and failed on camilla worked on lady die.
queen and cuntry makes ya proud the elite as whores for hire.
snuffed out humanity

Anonymous said...

Interesting article mentions officers in Paris in July/Aug Spearman, Spedding, Langman, Dearlove, Riddle, Whiteside, Venning, Thompson, Times journalist and SAS Major Glynn Evans, SAS liaison to MI6.

I think this info comes from Tomlinson who accused The Increment.

giovanni di stefano considers the target was Dodi, not Diana.

Article also mentions female Mossad tranvestite agent relationship with Paul, who applied VX pin.

Anonymous said...

Note the phraseology: 'the XXX'. This, to my limited knowledge of 'like wot inglish is rote', indicates a Title, not a name: The Something, or The Something of Something.

Perhaps should have used Greek there, but mine's limited to ordering food, not killings.

I believe this. N comes across as a typical lifelong soldier who didn't even make the grade as a brickies-mate but was accepted by an army who love brain-dead head-bangers who get it off on 'mateship' and violence, and found his talents were perfect for the SAS, who are only interested in killing-machines so stupid they can yomp for miles beyond any normal squadie's endurance and still be up for killing to order, not caring who or why.

Such people don't make loving and doting husbands and fathers (personal experience, my dad was a bit like that, but didn't get around to fighting in WWII, so stopped at blustering and ordering us around all the time. He never hugged us, played with us. But he put a roof over our heads, food on table etc, we did ok in that regard).

Don't think all squadies are heroes, there are psychopaths in the army, too, men who will kill on order, or for the right price. And many officers started their own security companies using such men.

I do recommend Fiennes The Feathermen, brill reading.

And very disturbing.

Brave man to write it, but then he was one of them and has enough dirt hidden away to keep them warily at bay. They must be nervous of the day he dies - and with his lifestyle that can be anytime!

These people, if smart enough, and some are, despite everything else, keep records, evidence, against the day they might have use for it.

Too many squadies are being sacked after years of stirling service for them to be happy about it. We live in hope someone's being pushed to the degree they crack.

Or get paid off, let out of jail, etc.

Unknown said...

Let us not forget that they were present on Day 51 at Waco 20 yrs ago

Unknown said...

Forget all the bullshit about the landmines - that's just smoke and mirrors.

Even if they banned landmines tomorrow, there would be money to be made hand over first for half a century safely clearing the millions out there currently deployed all over the globe.


The following week, after gaining verbal agreement from Clinton to support the UN vote on the landmine ban...

The following week, she was going to come out HARD in support of the Palestinian cause....

And by the way, she was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter of a wealthy Jew, who was dating, possibly carrying the child of the richest living Egyptian Muslim alive at that time....

Unknown said...

Both Paul Finney and Steve Cokely's research by 1993 had identified Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago as the leader of ADL attacks to remove and neutralise SPECIFICALLY BLACK elected officials representing Chicago and Illinois, as an existential threat to the State of Israel.

By 1993, Rahm Emmanuel was the Chief Mossad Agent operating under plain cover in the United States.

The same year he became Clinton's chief political advisor.

Rahm Emmanuel RAN the 2000 strong pre- 9/11 Mossad spy ring which compromised every facet of US Defence and Intelligence.

The 5 Dancing Israelis reported into, and ultimately, were sent by him, to film the event, flicking lighters in front of the burning towers for the camera.

Numerous White House correspondents, from Richard Woolfe to Bob Woodward confirm: at the height of the CIA Drone campaign in Yemen during late 2009, Emmanuel would religiously and gleefully telephone then-Director of Central Intelligence Panetta each morning at 9am sharp and ask, With a beaming smile each morning: "So, who've we killed today ?"

Anonymous said...

Author Alan Power accuses The Increment, using Andason's car, motive Diana exposing her husbands sexual peccadillos.

Anonymous said...

My view is that she was a lifelong Catholic who threatened to go public thus invalidating her childrens claim to the throne.

Unknown said...

"Thirty year later at a Press Conference, he slipped...

Because God do baffle your mind, sometimes...."

Bill Pepper's a great lawyer - but in all the 18 years he worked non-stop on James Earl Ray's post-Conviction Defence, he was NEVER given access to the "Ray" Rifle or the bullet fragments - a ballistics analysis never became a realistic topic for discussion and was in any case irrelevant to establishing Ray's guilt - since he was a mile down the street, gassing up his White Mustang at 3 mins to Six, and in any case, the rifle seemed never to have been fired, and only once taken out if its carton.

But nonetheless - the Bushes behind Jims grill are below the 90* angle going towards the Lorraine Motel balcony.

And there were two holes in Martin King's face...

And one bullet lodged next to his spine

Greg Burton said...

Killed for dating a Muslim? For planning to marry him? Perhaps. Perhaps even more sinister is the possibility Diana was murdered as she possessed knowledge of coming events in our post-9/11 world. If the Satanic elite can kill a Princess, they could also kill her children (Harry, William).

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