Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The US and UK are facing a fight to keep their Syria attack plan on track

The UN and the UK Labour party want to delay any possible action.

A growing number of 'honest' commentators have turned against Obama and Cameron.

Dr Tim Stanley, a historian of the United States, writes in the UK Telegraph: 

Syria: why would Assad invite a Western intervention by using WMDs

Dr Tim Stanley writes:

First, we've yet to ascertain that chemical weapons really were used by Assad – specifically we've not determined a) what kind of WMDs they were or b) who actually did it... 

Second, why would the Assad regime do something so stupid? 

It must know that by using chemical weapons it would isolate itself from any international support and invite a Western military response. 

More importantly, Assad was already winning the war – so why bother to use WMDs during the last lap to victory? 

Indeed, the only people who have anything to gain by Assad using chemicals are the rebels, because that would internationalise the conflict in a way that they have long lobbied for.

Girl raped and murdered by John Kerry's rebels.

Third, why is the West obliged to act even if Assad did use chemical weapons? 

We are not under any such treaty obligations and the subject sure doesn't feature as a trigger for war in the US constitution... 

John Kerry ... We've got one very good reason to doubt his accuracy: Iraq. 

Remember that back in 2003, the then US secretary of state, Colin Powell, told the UN in no uncertain terms that Iraq definitely had WMDs. 

Definitely, definitely, definitely. 


brian refers us to the article entitled: Sarin Gas : a new propaganda campaign against Syria


The YouTube the video evidence of the massacre of August 21st was posted by the "Majles Rif" account ... the day before, on August 20th .

On these videos, one quickly detects a setup:

1. The wounded children appear haggard or drugged, and do not have parents who accompany them.

2. Boys are often naked, while the girls are all dressed.

3. We see no hospital structure, not even a clandestine one, except screens and pockets of serum.


brian said...

guess who does use sarin

brian said...

Partisangirl ‏@Partisangirl 8m
They found 3 Syrian traitors Planting GPS devices in security headquarters. Spies and Traitors should be shot.

Anonymous said...

As the Connecticut Fakery, I witnessed another example of social engineering in action: UK in doubt if agree on unlawful aggression or not.
Late news full of blood: kids killed, Napalm and all that bloodthirst jewrnalists can create out of nothing.

But then the comments arrive and they are a plethora of critics and citation of common point and Hegelian Dialectics.

The Britam Mails could have really called out UK?

brian said...

#Syria Mother Agnes raises critical questions re death of children in 'rebel' held area Where did kids come from?

Anonymous said...

But there are WMDs in the middle east, honestly, just look in Israel, the place is packed to the shithole with them.
Go bomb the jews lads, go for it.

hirundine said...

War has never solved anything. Now we're being asked to believe that this is going to fix it? U.S. in economic doldrums? Have another war. It will make the rich, richer and the poor? Well who gives a rat's hairy about them?

Like Leonard Cohen sings. "The dice are loaded"! The fix is in. The Emperor has no clothes and the little boy has spotted that!

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