Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We received an e-mail from Saint Peter telling us that, some time ago, he encountered some dead Palestinian children at the gates of Heaven.

According to Saint Peter, photos of these dead Palestinian children are now being presented as dead Syrian children, and are being used in the videos which claim that there was a gas attack in Syria.

"The video makers are also using photos of dead children from Yemen," wrote Saint Peter.

Simon Peter was a fisherman who became one of the Twelve Apostles.

Peter is said to be the "keeper of the keys of the kingdom of heaven", according to Matthew 16:19

I wanted to ask Peter about some of the recent people that he may have encountered, including Osama bin Laden.

Peter has arranged to meet us at a restaurant called King's Kitchen, in Charlotte, in North Carolina.

We both order salads and mineral water.

I ask Peter how he will react when he eventually encounters the top generals in the Pentagon.

"I will feel no anger," says Peter. "I will simply tell them to go to Hell."

Our peach and pecan salad arrives and we tuck into walnut vinaigrette, greens and local honey.

The video above shows women and children kidnapped from Latakia by the US-supported rebels. Friends of Syria 

I ask Peter about the video from Syria showing children kidnapped by the rebels, the Free Syrian Army.

Peter tells me that the bodies of the kidnapped children are being used by the rebels in their videos allegedly showing victims of 'the gas attack'. 

The gas attack is said to have taken place in East Ghouta, which has been deserted for over a year now, when all the residents left the area, because of terrorist attacks.

Osama bin laden (far right)

And what about Saint Peter's encounter with Osama bin Laden?

Peter recounts what Osama said to him after Osama's death in 2001.

"My mother was a Jewess," said Osama. "And I worked hard for Mossad, MI6 and the CIA."

"I had to tell him," says Peter, "that very few rich men can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And Osama made a lot of money in the narcotics trade, working with the Jewish mafia."

Our House Salad arrives - greens, carrot, cucumber and tomato. 

"Do you allow many Americans into heaven?" I ask Peter.

"Virtually none," says Peter.

Many of them are too fat to get through the entrance.


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And there I was pissed off that the PIE mentioned in your last piece not only didn't have a picture but wasn't even actual pie at all. And now here we are with lunch and there's still no pie. But then it all came clear. The Americans et it all. Bastards.

BTW Aang, what do you think: this current push to war is such a desperate, pell-mell, hamfisted shitfight that I wonder if they haven't fucked themselves. You know how hubris eventually encounters nemesis? Well it would stand to reason that a people given to believing that they can convince the punters of anything and get away with it would eventually tell a lie so poorly concocted and so badly delivered that they'd give themselves away.

Think about 911, or better still the WMD's-in-Iraq bullshit. At the time not so many realised it was fake and the audience for those who wrote about it was very small. Besides which, the timeframe between WMD lies and WMD truth was very long. Time is very useful for confusion and forgetting.

But things are really different now. Now everything is in real time and the audience who know it's all bullshit is, what? ...thousands of times larger? And those umpty-umpt thousands all tell their friends and relatives that it's all bullshit. In real time. Before the shooting has even started. Not forgetting that their sheeple friends are no longer coming at this cold and can plug these real-time stories into what they know of Iraq and the WMD's that weren't.

And with this doubt in their head they see on the telly that the inspectors are tasked only with finding out if it was gas or not, and are not tasked with finding out who did it. How does that make any sense at all, even to mug punters? And add to this the insane rush to launch as soon as possible. No proof, no UN, no legal justification, no nothing. Even the most clueless would find this a head-shaker.

I think the death cult have overreached themselves here. And having done so have created a proper wake-up moment for the otherwise clueless masses.

I also think a lot of journos who were capable of looking the other way for Iraq, say, will find it hard to escape the obvious conclusion that this was a false-flag and that we were responsible for it.

We'll see what happens but it's possible they won't be getting away with this one.

best etc. etc.

PS. If pies ever get mentioned again would you be so kind as to include a picture? That would be lovely.

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Israel behind recent wave of bomb attacks in Lebanon: Grand Mufti


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A Persian Gulf state behind al-Qaeda agents jailbreaks: Report


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"Peter recounts what Osama said to him after Osama's death in 2001.

"My mother was a Jewess," said Obama. "And I worked hard for Mossad, MI6 and the CIA."

That is a good one.

"I had to tell him," says Peter, "that very few rich men can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And Osama made a lot of money in the narcotics trade, working with the Jewish mafia."

Our House Salad arrives - greens, carrot, cucumber and tomato.

"Do you allow many Americans into heaven?" I ask Peter.

"Virtually none," says Peter.

Many of them are too fat to get through the entrance."

That is another good one.C

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You wrote:
""My mother was a Jewess," said Obama."

I think that was meant to be Osama, not Obama. The OTHER terrorist with the similar name. ;)

Anonymous said...

A recent telphone poll in the USA said 90% said no more silly wars, and let israel take over the middle east on its own, without us.
British SAS are considering whether to stay out of conflict on
moral grounds, first time its ever happened these guys had a conscience

wiggins said...

Twelve Catholic Priests die in a mini-bus crash and arrive at the 'Pearly Gates'. St Peter arrives and seeing who they are inform them that paedophiles will not be allowed into Heaven ....eleven off the priests trek back down the road from Heaven, but one remains, St Peter shouts after the others, and take this deaf bastard with you.554

Anon said...

I've changed Obama to Osama. Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

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