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"So was the bombing of Pan Am 103 an elaborate plot to get rid of some CIA guys ... on board?

"Were people taken off the plane for some unknown reason? 

"If the plane was truly on a heading of 270 degrees then could it have landed at Prestwick? 

"Was it headed there? 

"Did the Americans or any other forces interfere in the forensic investigation after the crash?"

Edinburgh Festival Fringe REVIEW – Lockerbie: Lost Voices

Kathryn Samson went along to rehearsals - watch her full report below.

Lockerbie: Lost Voices on Vimeo


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Hullo Aang,

I just popped in to give my off-topic regards and ask if you saw a thing at WRH about Nigel Kennedy at The Proms? He played with the Palestine Strings and actually managed to get the word 'apartheid' on the air at the Beeb. The crowd gave voice to popular opinion by going suitably nuts with a tremendous amount of applause and cheering. Very heartening.

Anyway... what took me by surprise was the music - Vivaldi's Four Seasons of all things. In Kennedy's hands triteness falls away and a world of subtle intensity is revealed. And all interwoven with Arabic-scale breaks. I'm wondering if Kennedy isn't to classical music what John Coltrane is to My Favourite Things, if you can dig it. I now regret having dismissed him on account of his silly haircut.

So! Without having any idea if this is your kettle of fish here's a link:


best etc. etc.

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Missing: 78 children from Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody


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Gander: The Other Lockerbie


It Got Them Killed: Paul Foot


Mandela and the Lockerbie Connection


The Assassination of Allan Frankovitch


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Arrow Air Flight 1285 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63CF jetliner, registered N950JW, which operated as an international charter flight carrying U.S. troops from Cairo, Egypt, to their home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, via Cologne, Germany and Gander, Newfoundland.

On the morning of Thursday, 12 December 1985, shortly after takeoff from Gander en route to Fort Campbell, the aircraft stalled, crashed, and burned about half a mile from the runway, killing all 256 passengers and crew on board.

On December 12, hours after the crash, an anonymous caller telephoned a French international news agency in Beirut stating that the Islamic Jihad, the Shiite Moslem extremist group was claiming responsibility for the crash at Gander.

The caller asserted that the group had planted a bomb on board the aircraft to prove "our ability to strike at the Americans anywhere"

Dismissals came instantly, beginning with the Pentagon's chief spokesman Robert Sims:

"We have no indications of explosions prior to the crash or of hostile action".

Other rapid dismissals followed from the White House's spokesman Larry Speakes, the RCMP and Transport Minister Don Mazankowski -- all on the day of the crash only moments after the Islamic Jihad' s claim for responsibility.

Arrow Air was a CIA Proprietary Airline used by Ollie North to move drugs and untraceable Czech weapons to and from Europe and Nicaragua.

Islamic Jihad were able to place the bomb on board in either Cairo or Germany in exactly the same way the Lockerbie bomb case was placed aboard Pan Am-103 almost exactly 3 years later - by switching it for a drugs case.


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The Iran-Contra Scandal and The Secret Team

Lecture overview by Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute, 1987


The Secret Team


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