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(Left) Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling who founded the SAS - special forces). (Right) Stirling's cousin Gavin Maxwell. The Stirlings, the Frasers (Lovat) and the Maxwells are all relatedWebsite for this image

What links Jimmy Savile, Gavin Maxwell and Terry Nutkins?

"The abuse at Loch Ness based Catholic boarding school, Fort Augustus Abbey... ties in with occultist Aleister Crowley, Boleskin House, disgraced Cardinal O'Brien, and ubiquitous deviant, Jimmy Savile OBE."

Animal magick


Maddow: Something's Very Rotten w/ FBI Tsarnaev-Todashev Boston Bombing-Linked "Investigation"


Government agencies take children away from their parents and hand the children over to child abusers.

Toddler dies in 'child protection services' captivity after being taken from parents

The Zionists do not like the ordinary 'Jews'.

Shocking and Horrific Footage: Zionist Crimes Against Jewish People

Kellogg’s Foods are Full of GMO Sugar Beets: Join the Boycott!

US/UK Backed Al-Nusra (CIA run) Mercenaries in Syria Slaughter Kurdish Women and Children

Two alleged Hezbollah operatives on trial for plotting terror attacks in Nigeria claimed on 5 August that they were subjected to days of rough interrogation at the hands of Mossad agents following their arrests in May, AFP reported. 

Are the terrorists working for Mossad?

Apparently, charities exist to provide cover for the spooks; and, charities also exist to make their bosses rich.

"Despite falling donations, 11 bosses at the 14 charities which make up the Disasters Emergency Committee are now paid more than the Prime Minister’s £142,500...

"Kevin Jenkins, the new head of World Vision International, is a board member of the Canadian-based global energy company Nexen, a corporation that is involved in the highly destructive mining of Canada's tar sands on the land of Canada's First Nations people." Swans Commentary: The Religious Right 

"The Disasters Emergency Committee was set up 50 years ago to coordinate work at times of tragedy around the world.

"The charities involved with DEC include Action Aid, Age International, British Red Cross, CAFOD, Care International, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide, Islamic Relief, Merlin, Oxfam, Plan UK, Save the Children, Tearfund and World Vision.

"The 14 charities have received more than £1.1billion of public money over the past three years - the bulk of it from the Government, the European Union and the United Nations."

Charities accused of handing spooky chief executives excessive pay rises - 30 bosses earn more than£100000

Americares, pedophile rings


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SYRIA Gruesome Video: Jihadist Rebels Throw Three Kurds Into Fire (Handcuffed & Blindfolded)


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Weird deaths of poor children. Someone tries to blame a python


Here are two very pertinent comments:

"I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist in the face of such horrific tragedy, but something really isn't right here. Snakes don't 'strangle' around the neck, they crush the body to constrict air so the movement surely would have woken up one of the boys. After it's killed, it would have tried to eat it's prey and then digest, so ONE of the boys would have been able to get away. It wouldn't have crushed one, left him, then moved on to the other one, and then left both without trying to eat them. Also...smashed through the ceiling? I don't know a huge amount about snakes but they can't smash through things surely? And the sound of a thing that size apparently smashing a hole through the ceiling and then dropping to the floor...it didn't wake anyone up? The boys didn't feel a thing that size FALLING ON TOP OF THEM, wake up and start screaming? Whatever happened to those poor souls, this needs investigated."

"Something not right. Kept the snake for ten years in a locked cage. Someone opened it then. Why were the boys sleeping over in the first place. All is not what it seems."

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CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!


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There is some really good information on World Vision (though it does require much reading-between-the-lines)in this documentary:


If watch specifically from 21:30 onwards for about 2 or 3 minutes, you can identify the point in Mark Chapman's biography when he began an MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Murder Doll;

One of his former colleague Jesus Freaks at the camp recieves him as as visitor and notes both "That's not the same person" and "He had Shark Eyes".

"Shark Eyes", or blank, cold, unemotive starring, and in the case of the archetypal Cold Dead Eyes of a Killer are characteristic of someone having received ECT (Electro-Convulsion Therapy), which literally boils the grey matter of parts of the brain trying to "blank out" or "depattern" certain traits or behaviour, as in the case of the notorious victims of Dr. Ewen Campbell working under MK-Ultra at the Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal, Canada.

Cameron also pionnered the concept of "Psychic Driving" to implant (by brute force) new ideas and new behaviours in the newly depatterned mind as the tissue attempted to heal itself around the damage inflicted under ECT.

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Both Mark Chapman and John Hinkley Jr. did missionary work with World Vision in the 1970s, when it concerned itself largely with the plight of Vietnamese orphans and refugees, presenting itself as more of a faith-based private alternative to the Peace Corps.

Chapman was at Fort Chaffey in Arkanas doing this, but was also sent briefly to Lebanon around 1972-1974.

Given the dates are right and match up and given Chapman (and to a lesser extent Hinkley's) association with Jesus Freakdom ( that is to say, explictly Christian Hippies, it appears likely there are tie-ins to the shooting of George Wallace (Arthur Bremmer was a Jesus Freak, as were all the handlers seen moving him around the country), the RFK Assassination (Sirhan Sirhan argueably could be called a Jesus Freak and a Rosecussian, and also worked as a stable-hand on a ranch owned by a California Minister, who's personal secretary was Arthur Bremmer's sister) and David Duke.

Former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke had his little White Pride epiphany whilst doing missionary work teaching English to small children in Laos in 1972, the height of the CIA/Kissinger/Secret Team Narcotrafficking looting of Indochina towards the end of the war, when everything financial was transferred to the CIA's Nugan-Hand Bank in Australia and everything operational was transferred to Tehran under "Ambassador" Richard Helms, and later Sullivan (who Carter fired for "serial insubordination" some months prior to the second (and successful) attempt to seize the American Embassy in 1979.

Most genuine racists and white pride fools do not trust Duke and they are right not to - Duke is a Spook, and transparently so. But his stated views align closely with the Al Haig/Kissinger/Rockerfeller Cabal operative behind the scenes during the above era.

A lot of poeple look at the March 20th 1981 shooting of Ronald Reagan and quickly conclude "Bush did ir".

Not only is this an unsophistcated analysis, it's both ludicrous and wrong.

There was an ENOURMOUS behind the scenes power struggle in the early Reagan White House, largely characterised by the efforts of the cold but pragmatic Shadow President George Bush to marginalise the bellicose and confrontational Secertary of State Al Haig - who had essentially run the United States via a sockpuppeted Richard Nixon for slightly under a year lasting from the Yom Kippur War of October 1973 until the arrival of the unelected Vice-President Nelson Rockerfeller in the White House late in the following year.

John Hinkley Sr. was one of Bush's regional campaign managers, most loyal supporters and biggest campaign contributors - Neal Bush had been scheduled to have dinner to discuss a business deal with Hinkley's other son in the oil busnienss the day following the shooting.

The mainstream media had all those facts and that story within a day, but completely glossed over the significance that Haig was actively attempting to frame Bush in a Palace Coup by activating and deploying Hinkley Jr. as the patsy assassin.

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Just a couple of other tidbits about Haig, Hinkley, World Vision and the Reagan Shooting that never get mentioned.

1) Bush was out of town that morning; it's unclear why or what he was doing, but believe it or not, he spent the morning in Dallas, Texas.

The mainstream media didn't appear to find that particularly interesting.

2) Despite living in Denver, Colorado, Hinkley travelled to Dallas to buy his gun and his illegal Devestator bullets from a gun shop on Elm street less than 400 yards from Dealey Plaza.

The mainstream media didn't appear to find that very interesting.

3) On the same weekend in October 1980 that Bush flew to Paris to finalise the arms for hostages deal with the Iranian agents as the core of the October Surprise, Hinkley was arrested in Indianapolis International Airport, a few hours prior to President Carter passing through there on a scheduled campaign stop.

Hinkley was arrested trying to go through an airport gate carrying two guns, 200 rounds of ammunition and a pair of police handcuffs.

The Airport police didn't think this was particularly importnat, confistcated the guns and ammo and released him with a caution.

Nevertheless, the Secret Service the following March were found to be astonished to learn his name and description appeared no-where in any of the watch lists or register of known Presidential stalkers.

So someone was messing with the lists.

4) There was a Presidential Succession drill going on in Washington during the week of the Reagan Shooting.

5) In violation of all basic protetction protocols and standard operating proceedure, Bush REFUSED, point blank to set foot back on his plane and fly back to Washington to take control of the Situation, in spite of early reports that Reagan had been hurt far more seriously than he actually was (which was still within minutes of death anyway).

The VP gets no say in this - the Secret Service are supposed to bundle him onto a plane, takeoff at breakneck speed and don't stop until they have physically dropped him down inside the White House Situation Room bunker and secured the perimeter.

None of that was done - Bush just OVERRULED them.... He clearly recognised someone had done something to Air Force Two.

5) The Secure Comms network of the Secret Service was seriously disrupted for hours on either side of the event.

6) The Nuclear Football was fumbled and out of play for anywhere close to 4-6 hrs, rendering the entire NORAD Nuclear grid inoperable and defenceless in the absence of the Authentication mechanism.

For a while, it's known that it was Lt.Col Ollie North's job to follow Reagan around with the Football most days, but I've not been able to determine if he was on that day.

7) Hinkley didn't shoot Reagan - there was a sniper team and one of them appears clearly on the balcony in a photo (see below)

8) Gerry Parr, head of Reagan's protection detail and the man who got him into the car was never meant to be there that day - he only decided that morning to come along to the event and form part of the detail himself becauhe had not yet done so and felt he needed to get to known Reagan better in order to plan for his future protection requirements - everyone else on the detail (like Ford's detail on two occasions in 1975).... Underperformed.



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@Paul Coker
I was reading this the other day and came across the odd fact that Vicki Morgan was George Bush Sr.'s chauffeur during Reagan's presidency. She used to pimp for Bloomingdale's S&M parties by going out and getting young girls, among other things.

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@anon 12.11

Gosh, I thought exactly the same thing when I read the story. What really made me suspicious was this:
Snake expert Bry Loyst, curator of Ontario’s Indian River Reptile Zoo, told The National Post: “I can only assume the snake constricted the one child, the other child I can only assume tried to help that child and got constricted into the whole mess.


Ah I see some others have also had their suspicious raised:

et seq

No More Myths said...

For more information about crimes against Jews by Jews, read Jews Must Live by Jewish author Samuel Roth:


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