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This photo allegedly shows "snipers above Cairo university buildings killing peaceful protesters."

On 26 Jan 2011, aangirfan wrote: CIA TO TOPPLE MUBARAK AND SPLIT UP EGYPT?

The CIA and its friends reportedly want a civil war which will lead to Cairo losing the Suez Canal and Upper Egypt.

Mysterious snipers are shooting at both the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi, who worked at NASA on the development of space shuttle engines. Only American citizens can work at NASA. Morsi's children are American citizens. (The US /Egyptian Chronicles!)In the election in Egypt, turnout was less than 20%, and Morsi won, through fraud. 

The CIA reportedly controls (1) the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and (2) many of the generals, so they will go along with any CIA plan.

'Crypto-Jew' al Zawahiri (right) is one of the CIA's biggest assets in Egypt.

"At least 100 people" were killed in Cairo on 14 August 2014.

Snipers have been "spotted on rooftops close to the two protest camps and reports claim that machine-gun fire has been heard" 

Reported victim on 14 August 2013 in Cairo

"Video footage taken from a camera on board an army helicopter was released by officials this morning who say that it shows protestors firing on security forces first.

"Pictures were posted on Twitter of a security forces truck which was full of soldiers that had been pushed off a bridge by protestors in Cairo, killing or injuring those inside."

Watch the following video to understand what is going on:

Robert S. Ford is to be the US ambassador to Egypt.

Global Research has claimed that Ford ran 'death squads' in Iraq when he was political counselor at the embassy there from 2004-2006.

Robert S Ford (above) has just left his post as US ambassador to Syria.

"At the outbreak of the violence in Syria in 2011, many wondered how the situation on the ground escalated so quickly.

" It would seem, according to mainstream Western media reports, that the Syrian security forces had simply gone mad and began killing peaceful demonstrators at random. 

" However, what became clear within days was the fact that unknown snipers stationed on rooftops in cities such as Deraa and Hama were indeed the main culprits."

provocateurs | 2012thebigpicture

The West has a history of causing trouble in Egypt.

On 2 July 1954, a post office in Alexandria was firebombed.

On July 14, the U.S. Information Agency libraries in Alexandria and Cairo, and a British-owned theatre, were bombed.

Israeli intelligence officer Avram Dar had recruited several Egyptians to help carry out these attacks.

Dar used the name John Darling and posed as a British citizen.

The plot was uncovered.

Israeli agent Robert Dassa had a bomb in his pocket which ignited by accident. / / Lavon.

Someone is trying to start a civil war in Egypt.

"Rumours, fabricated images and fake accounts have emerged on Facebook and Twitter..."

Altered ImagesEgypt's disinformation war

Morsi supporters "used one image of a group carrying a cross to claim Christians had led protests against the Islamist president. 

"The photograph dated from 2012, it later emerged.

"It has been claimed that photographs of dead children were presented by pro-Morsi supporters as evidence of killings by the Egyptian Army, with the military saying the images had originated from the conflict in Syria."


On 27 July 2013 "a massacre took place ... at a sit-in at Rabaa al-Adawiya, east Cairo, where tens of thousands of pro-Morsi supporters have camped since Morsi was deposed on 3 July."

"Armed men dressed in civilian clothing started to fire on them from a flyover..."

Someone is trying to start a civil war in Egypt?

On 5 July 2013 it was reported that there had been shootings of protesters and soldiers outside the HQ of the Republican Guard in Cairo.

Mossad agents arrested by the PA for attempting to set up phony 'al Qaeda' cells in the Gaza Strip. MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WORKING FOR ISRAEL

A Cairo doctor, a Morsi supporter, related:

"I saw four to six motorcycles coming from the direction of theRabaa intersection to the Republican Guard barracks...

"The men on the motorcycles were all masked.

"And it was hard to see them through the dark and the tear-gas smoke, but they seemed to be shooting.

"They were coming from behind the protesters, so they were shooting toward the protesters and the Army. 

"Then the Army started firing. And the protestors were firing. I saw firing from both sides."

An Army officer, a policeman, and a soldier were reported killed.

After the Shooting In Cairo - New Yorker

The provocateurs are the same people who have tried to wreck so many other countries, from Vietnam to Yugoslavia to Indonesia to Tunisia.

The CIA, Mossad and NATO presumably own a number of the key people in Egypt.


The USA is most likely using Ayman al-Zawahiri, and his Gladio B forces, to destabilise Egypt - so that it can be broken up.

Cairo will lose control of the Suez Canal and Upper Egypt.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, who works for the US government, and who was granted US residence.

Ayman al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian, 'a crypto-Jew', and the leader of al Qaeda.

Al-Zawahiri has called for “victims and sacrifices" among the poor people in Egypt

Al-Zawahiri was born into an upper middle class family in a wealthy suburb of Cairo, called Maadi.

A house in Maadi

Jewish families, such as Suares and Naggar, owned many of the banks, bus companies, and department stores in Egypt.

In 1960, Al-Zawahiri's father, Rabi al-Zawahiri, moved from Heliopolis to Maadi.

There was a thriving synagogue in Maadi neighbourhood.

Nasser, former CIA asset.

Al-Zawahiri was still at school when Nasser was president of Egypt.

Nasser became a strong nationalist and therefore not popular with Israel, the US or UK.

Al-Zawahiri joined  the Muslim Brotherhood, a tool of the British and later of the CIA.

Israel and its friends always supports the Islamists against the nationalists.

Sadat, left, with Carter who has been linked to US naval intelligence.

Al-Zawahiri was accused of being part of the Jihad group which assassinated Sadat.

Al-Zawahiri got a short jail sentence, beginning in 1982.

Reagan and his CIA-run Islamist friends.

In 1986 al-Zawahiri moved to Pakistan.

There, he was helped by the CIA to get arms, training and money for the Mujahideen.

The CIA gave him and his accomplices new identities and new passports.

Al Zawahiri was once Osama bin Laden's doctor.

Al Zawahiri, 'the crypto-Jew', is now the head of al Qaeda.

Al-Zawahiri's brother Muhammad helped the CIA in Bosnia and Croatia.

The man from MI6, Ayatollah Khomeini.

Al-Zawahiri allegedly worked, temporarily, with the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of al-Qaeda.

Reportedly, Iran collaborated with America in its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a 2008 interview, al-Zawahiri attacked Shite Iran for blaming the 9/11 attacks on Israel.

Ayman al-Zawahiri.

'Crypto-Jews' like Al Zawahiri and the bin Ladens are great friends of the USA.

In 1993, al-Zawahiri traveled to the United States and met many people in California.

He has also had trips to Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 1996, he was helping the CIA in Chechnya.

According to January 2000 U.S. Congressional testimony, al-Zawahiri was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Ayman al Zawahiri - Star of David background.

The 1997 attack at Luxor in Egypt was blamed on al Zawahiri.

Six men dressed in police uniforms killed 58 foreign tourists.

The Luxor attacks helped the tourist trade - in Israel.

Mossad assets playing a trick on some small child.

In 1998 there were false-flag truck bomb explosions at the United States embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

These attacks brought Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to international attention.

In 2000, Zawahiri moved to Afghanistan.

In 2007, Al-Zawahiri directed the Lal Masjid siege in Pakistan.

Civil war in egypt 

Israel wants civil war in Egypt?

According to Israel's Yinon Plan, Egypt is to be broken up.

Civil wars require weapons.

Egyptian military officials fear that 10,000 of its weapons have gone missing since 2011.

Egypt Military Fears 10,000 Unaccounted for Weapons Since 2011 / Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper

Major General L. Hamid believes:

1. Arms can enter via porous borders with Libya, Sudan and Gaza.

2. Profiteers can descend on Egypt to capitalize on arms trading. 

Caches of large arms held by Egypt’s neighbors could end up within the country, the official was reported as saying.

According to Xymphora:

"It has been a busy few weeks for the Saudis, and Bandar Bush could probably use a vacation. They:

"supported the coup in Egypt by agreeing to financially backstop the moves of the Egyptian army;

"using their Salafis in Egypt, vetoed the appointment of Mohamed ElBaradei as interim Prime Minister..."

Chief of Staff of the US Army General George W. Casey Jr. with Egyptian Army officers in Egypt on Jan. 21, 2010. Casey met with senior military Egyptian leaders, visited different military facilities and visited American soldiers during his trip to Egypt.

There seem to have been a number of attempts, by unknown forces, to provoke trouble.

1. Two boys are thrown off the ledge and beaten as they lie motionless

2. "The armed forces cameramen caught one man firing a pistol at the army, another loading a shotgun and a third firing a weapon from behind shrubbery.

"The army videos show wounded soldiers being carried to safety.

"They do not prove the armed forces point that they fought to protect the entrance of the officers club - but rather that demonstrators used firearms."

Egypt: Conflicting Versions Of Army Killings

The plan by Israel and the USA may be to split Egypt up. Cairo would lose control of the Suez Canal and of Upper Egypt

 "As the protests began last weekend, shadowy figures firebombed Brotherhood offices across the country."

Egypt: The second revolution

4. "A Coptic Christian priest was shot dead in Egypt's North Sinai province on Saturday, raising concerns about the potential for further sectarian violence...

"Local media reported clashes between Christians and Muslims in Luxor."

Egypt counts its dead after day of violence


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dognamedblue said...

it's been a while since the first "arab spring" so hopefully people are now beginning to see their "divide & conquer" technique?

nearly all the muslim world is fighting amongst themselves, just ripe for cleaning up all the pieces

not to different to how the rich topple the markets to buy everything at a knock down price, except this time it's dead women children & men

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Anonymous said...

That photo of alZawahiri and bin Laden looks odd. It appears as if they photoshopped a picture of bin Laden's head onto the body of a much larger person.

Unknown said...

This may help explain a little better what's been going on in Egypt these last two years.

"...Omar Abdulrahman WAS and still IS a paid agent of the CIA..."

CNN's Nic Robertson Interviews Brother Ayman al-Zawhiri and the Son of the Blind Sheik

"...Omar Abdulrahman WAS and still IS a paid agent of the CIA..."

"There is no plan to release the Blind Sheikh"
- US State Dept Spokesman takes the bait.

In any staged coup or uprising, there are certain elements which, like clock weights, need to be discreetly set in motion weeks or months in advance in order to come to fruition or be surfaced by the pustchists at the precise time to inflict the maximum damage and implicit guilt by association on the part of the intended victim of your intruige.

Howver, if the main plan get scrubbed or aborted or goes wrong in any way (which October Surprise 2012 REALLY did...) these elements continue to run on their own volition.

Throughout August and Septmeber, the pustchists waged a relentless media war to "Carterise" President Obama in advance of an Islamist-US Hostage Crisis - here, we see attempts to "Kohmenise" Omar Abdulrahman.

Mukasay is the judge who jailed Adbulrahman and so certainly knows the charges were cooked to shut him up once a major security breech occurred.
He also adjudicated the WTC Insurance claim made by Larry Silverstein, who attends the same Synagogue in Lower Manhattan with Mukasey. Coincidentally.

Mukasay is judge who specialises in terror cases and Islamists from Egypt and he's a Jewish Lawyer with dual Isreali citizenship - he ABSOLUTELY will be aware of the nature and terms of any Bilateral US-Egyptian extradition treaties...

greencrow said...

Snipers on the rooftops shooting at both sides? I am not surprised at all. This is what I guessed. And, no doubt, I am right also about the cowardly perps...the Mossad.


Unknown said...

"That photo of alZawahiri and bin Laden looks odd. It appears as if they photoshopped a picture of bin Laden's head onto the body of a much larger person."

I *do* have raw footage of UBL and al-Zawahiri together in Khost.Afghanistan in 1998, which I can post;

This is the same tape used extensively by Adam Curtis in The Power of Nightmares - UBL and al-Zawahiri were filmed having a meal and an informal interview / news conference (you can't call it an interview) with a team of Pakistani journalists and a lone Chinese Journalists.

This was unseen by the the Western World prior to 2002 (and therefore prior to Bin Laden's death of Kidney Failure in December 2001 in Tora Bora), when it was discovered in Afghanistan - however, unlike the infamous "Fatty Bin Laden" forgery (which ASTONISHINGLY, the US Government officially claims TO THIS DAY is genuine), the clearly appears to be "the" Usama Bin Laden, or at least the original/main/genuine one, the one afflicted with Marfan's disease and requiring regular dialysis.

The timeframe is apparently spring 1998, shortly prior to UBL's Second Fatwa against the US troops on the Arabian peninsula and a matter of weeks prior to the African Embassy Bombings (which are utterly contrary to UBL's beliefs and philosphy of war) and most clearly point towards the involvement of Saudi Intelligrnce (possibly with Mossad assistance).

The Taliban actually arrested, held and indicted UBL for the Embassy Attacks and were prepared to conduct a trial under Sharia Law as soon as the US supplied the evidence that he was responsible for them - of course, they were completely unable to do any such thing, and so they released him after about 5 days.

Unknown said...

The footage is very informative, since UBL is clearly extremely sick and frail, even in early 1998, having degenerated significantly even since being interviewed by CNN in 1997, the previous year - he is barely able to speak much above a whisper and appears to be in great discomfort.

Al-Zwahiri remains right next to him like Jabba's little mate or Grima Wormtongue, doing all the talking and translating for him.

This is significant for a number of reasons : firstly, because Webster Tarpley has credibly alleged that Zawahiri was an MI6 agent going back prior to the Sadat assassination, while UBL was CIA - noting the irony that the MI6 guy is the Wiley puppet master manipulator, whilst the CIA guy is the rich, spoiled, half crippled buffoon.

This footage strongly suggests that conclusion may be right.

Other things as well, though -

If this is indeed early 1998, al-Zwahiri isn't even IN "al-Qaeda" / "The Bin Laden Group" at this point - al-Z, was and IS the leader of Egyptian Islamic Jiahd (EIJ), the rival Muslim Brotherhood splinter group in Egypt to the Blind Shehkh's Islamic Group, the same group that claimed responsibility for the Gander Crash in 1985 that killed nearly 300 US Army Rangers on Oliver North's gun-running plane (officially, the plane crashed due to "ice").

According to the book with the best raw information on the internal structure of "al-Qaeda", The Black Banners, by former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan (good cop, clean cut G-Man, John O'Neil's number 2 in the NYC Field office, only Arabic speaking FBI Agent prior to 9/11, blew the whilste on CIA torture of the guys he arrested and got to talk already), Zawahiri's EIJ only formally MERGED (in Afghanistan) with "al-Qaeda" in or around August of 2001, according to people who thought they were in it; by which time, UBL was terminally ill and at death's door.

This was known to be true - a 2000 PBS Frontline on UBL stated that he was "rumoured to be gravely ill, possibly dead" somewhere in Afghanistan in late 2000, around the time of the attack on the USS Cole (Israeli Submarine/October Surprise).

Zawahiri was positioning himself as UBL's deputy in early 1998 - even though that doesn't appear to be true.

We also know (James Corbett, via History Commons), that Zawahiri spent 6 months in a Russian jail during 1996, having been apprehended trying to cross into Dagestan to wage violent Jihad against the Ivans - they claimed they never examined the contents of his laptop (or translate it) and never figure out who he really is, and release him after paying a large fine - implication, they learnt that he was MI6 and they prevailed upon Yeltsin to secure his release.

Unknown said...

Usama Bin Laden - Interview with CNN (1997)

Usama Bin Laden & Ayman Al-Zawahiri: Post-Fatwa Press Conference, Khost, Afghanistan, May 26 1998

He doesn't look well - al-Zawahiri is clearly not just translating for him, he can barely speak above a murmur at this point and seems to be experiencing great difficulty in standing or walking for even short periods of time - hence the pyrrotechnics and gunplay for the camera,

May 26, 1998:
Bin Laden Promises to Bring Jihad to US

Bin Laden discusses “bringing the war home to America,” in a press conference from Khost, Afghanistan.
[US CONGRESS, 9/18/2002]

Bin Laden holds his first and only press conference to help publicize the fatwa he published several months before. Referring to the group that signed the fatwa, he says,

“By God’s grace, we have formed with many other Islamic groups and organizations in the Islamic world a front called the International Islamic Front to do jihad against the crusaders and Jews.”

He adds later,
“And by God’s grace, the men… are going to have a successful result in killing Americans and getting rid of them.”
[CNN, 8/20/2002]

He also indicates the results of his jihad will be “visible” within weeks.
[US CONGRESS, 7/24/2003]

Two US embassies will be bombed in August
(see 10:35-10:39 a.m., August 7, 1998).

Bin Laden sits next to Ayman al-Zawahiri and Mohammed Atef during the press conference.

Two Pakistani journalists and one Chinese journalist attends. But event never gets wide exposure because no independent videotaping is allowed
(however, in 2002 CNN will obtain video footage of the press conference seized after the US conquered Afghanistan in late 2001).

Pakistani journalist Ismail Khan attends and will later recall, “We were given a few instructions, you know, on how to photograph and only take a picture of Osama and the two leaders who were going to sit close by him. Nobody else.” Two sons of Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman attend and distribute what they claim is the will or fatwa of their father (see May 1998), who has been sentenced to life in prison in the US.

Journalist Peter Bergen will later comment that the significance of the sons’ presence at the press conference “can’t be underestimated” because it allows bin Laden to benefit from Abdul-Rahman’s high reputation amongst radical militants.

Bergen also later says the press conference is a pivotal moment for al-Qaeda. “They’re going public. They’re saying, ‘We’re having this war against the United States.’”
[CNN, 8/20/2002]

Usama Bin Laden - Last Ever Interview December 2001

A. Peasant said...

18:10 The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned the continued attacks on churches and Christian properties on Wednesday.

Angry mobs attacked and torched tens of Christian properties including churches, monasteries, schools and shops, in a number of locations in Egypt including Alexandria, Suez, and a number of cities in Upper Egypt.


17:35 State television and private channel ONTV are showing pictures of a steady stream of supporters of Mohamed Morsi leaving the Rabaa sit-in with their hands in the air. State television reports that they have been offered a safe exit by the interior ministry.

17:10 In Sohag, two have been reported killed and eight injured, including three CSF conscripts, by live fire from pro-Morsi demonstrators in Thaqafa Square, according to Ahram Arabic.

Morsi supporters set ablaze several shops in the square’s vicinity and in front of the main Coptic Orthodox church. The fire has been successfully put out.

17:00 Thousands of pro-Morsi protesters are marching on the 6 October Bridge – blocked by armoured police vehicles – trying to find their way to the main Rabaa Al-Adawiya protest camp. There are still hundreds of people at the site, and more trying to enter.

Anonymous said...

Egypt: Coups Modern and Postmodern

Anonymous said...

911 FOX reports Flight 93 shot down by an F-16 from the US National Air Guard

Anonymous said...

standard operating procedure.
nothing new
frank kitson wrote the books years ago.
sas,cia,the mossad divide and slaughter.
syria broken now they move the rapists on to egypt assad is kicking cia,mossad ass daily.
terror cells moving in place waiting for orders from the new death squad us ambassador.

interesting site on syria.

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