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Fatty Cameron - worried by a gas attack.

In the UK, the Non-Zionist faction within the elite has turned against David Cameron and his evil-smelling Zionist cabal.

The world's biggest news site, the highly influential Daily Mail, thunders: "If our MPs STILL have any doubts, they've a moral duty to vote no."

However, it is likely that Cameron will go ahead with his 'illegal war for Israel'.

Theresa May

Reportedly some of Cameron's cabinet are opposing a UK attack on Syria.

Philip Hammond

Among those said to be opposing Cameron are Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary.

David Davis

The excellent David Davis is "the head of a growing Tory rebellion over Syria."

David Davis, who once stood against Cameron for the leadership of the Conservative Party, says there are 'huge risks' in bombing Syria.

He says a UK attack on Syria: "will be interpreted around the Middle East in ways we can’t predict. I’m also not at all sure that it will improve the safety of British citizens."

David Davis says he has yet to be convinced the gas attack was a "deliberate act of the Assad government".


Crispin Blunt, a former Conservative Party minister and former soldier, says he will vote against the Syrian intervention tonight and in any potential second vote.

Crispin Blunt, who may represent the views of the non-Zionists in the security services, says: "I haven’t seen any evidence that suggests whether or not the regime was responsible for this and identifying who in the regime (gave the order).

"The UN weapons inspectors will establish that there was a chemical attack, they’re not going to be able to establish who carried it out."


The opposition leader Ed Miliband has 'slammed into reverse gear': his party has changed its position after demanding any action has to meet six criteria

Ed Miliband, of Polish Jewish origins, is presumably being pressured by the non-Zionists in his own party.


Former defence minister Gerald Howarth warns of the risk that the UK and allies "get our hand caught in the mangle" by intervening further in Syria. "Where will this military intervention lead on?"

"Will that be the end of the story or will there be calls for further action and are we then at risk of having our hand caught in the mangle?"

Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale says he remains to be convinced that "any intervention now will be other than too little, too late and ineffective".

He says he is "gravely concerned" about the implications of an attack on Syria, and "any such response must be based first upon legality..."

Sir Roger says Iraq "has left with me deep cynicism about the veracity of 'military intelligence' that may or may not have been adjusted to suit a particular political purpose."

Conservative MP Adam Afriyie says: "The British public have absolutely no appetite for being unnecessarily dragged into yet another Middle Eastern conflict.

"They just don’t want us to get involved. I am with them."


Former security minister Baroness Neville-Jones says the Government has to be ‘cautious’ about the evidence it is considering, and publish legal advice on military intervention.


Ukip leader Nigel Farage opposes the "rush for military action".

He says: "Sending cruise missiles into Syria as a punishment for possibly using chemical weapons – how does that make anything better?."

Norman Tebbit

Lord Tebbit, a former senior UK Conservative cabinet minister, writes:

"It was not the Assad government which declared war on the Syrian people.

"Over the years the Assads ... respected minorities, not least the Christians...

"It would be a tragedy to use force to ... incur casualties without a clear understanding of how that would ... work towards a peaceful settlement.

"What is certain is that any such intervention by America and Britain will worsen relations with Russia and increase hostility towards the West in the region, with incalculable risks to our interests in that region."

I'm not yet persuaded

Samantha Cameron, wearing 'an MI6 T-shirt', asks some Syrians if they have heard of the Yinon Plan - which involves destroying Moslem countries in order to create a Greater Israel.

Comments from the public on MailOnline include:

Thank goodness for some sanity over this. The UK taxpayer is not the worlds policeman. We are being bulldozed and snowballed into this for Cameron's private agenda. Stay out of it. Either way the Tories aren't getting my vote again in this lifetime and anyone else I can persuade

- ron , Cumbria, 29/8/2013 02:42

I am continually stunned that we have learned nothing from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all these other so called "peace keeping" wars.

- crosis , Auckland, New Zealand, 29/8/2013 02:39

Remember Iraq; didn't they have chemical weapons? Oh no that's right it was just a load of old pipes. We don't know who was responsible for this chemical attack. What's the plan Mr Cameron? Are we just going to tomahawk everyone that MIGHT be involved, with what little military forces we have left after your massive military cuts. Cameron needs a new job...maybe stacking shelves somewhere.

- pazzz , Somewhere, 29/8/2013 02:38

Thank god for common sense

- BelalK , Dundee, United Kingdom, 29/8/2013 02:29

The King David Hotel, blown up by Jewish terrorists.

The two most bankrupt nations on the planet want to start another war . Do you smell a rat yet , or will you just let history keep repeating itself because you are not personally inconvenienced. This stuff matters folks . We can make a better world if we just think for ourselves .

- Lord Vader , The Death Star, 29/8/2013 02:23

Why support the rebels, many of which HATE the West and are killing Christians all over the muslim world. If we need to intervene then help the minority coptic christians from these sick vile people.

- Bruce Jackson , London, 29/8/2013 02:17

The American Navy sailed through Gibraltar at the beginning of the month, how did they know there was going to be a chemical attack at the end of the month, crystal ball or something. Don't think so!

- Steve-UKIP Member , Auckland_, 29/8/2013 02:04

No attack can be justified and no doubt there will be collateral damage, with the possibility of more innocent people, including children getting killed, by our missiles... No need for us to get involved at all, especially after the previous disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq .

- Paul Grimaldi , Epsom, United Kingdom, 29/8/2013 01:57

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Greg Bacon said...

I am continually stunned that we have learned nothing

It's not about learning, it's about Zionist lackeys in the USA, England and France killing off Arabs in the ME to help Israel expand its non-marked borders.

The fighting is for 'Eretz Israel' and Wall Street, the only two who will benefit from this non-stop bloodbath.

brian said...

The daily mail must have a lot of faith in the 'surgical strike' kif they think it can do this:

'back the Prime Minister’s determination to launch a punitive military strike against Syria’s President Bashar Assad.'

so are all these missiles aimed at one man?

Read more:
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a lawyer on twitter recommended people not use the phrase 'military strike' but use crime of agression' is more apt

brian said...

'The Green Shadow Cabinet is alarmed by reports that the United States is planning an imminent military attack on Syria, and implores the Obama administration to refrain from an action that at best would be illegal, unconstitutional and immoral, and at worst, would result in catastrophic consequences.'
The United Kingdom has submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council. It has been established since Nuremberg that attacking another country without UN approval is “the supreme international crime.” The Obama administration will be violating international law if it acts without a vote by the UN in support of military intervention.
nice to see the word 'Nuremberg' getting a rare outing in these end days

brian said...

when we see the same sort of action taken over this alleged event , taken with the very real Obama drone strikes?

Anonymous said...

Commit a War Crime to Cover Up a War Crime? Phoney Syria Poison Gas Story Planted By Mossad in the Western Media

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Classic image with tag worth laughing... "Fatty Cameron - worried by a gas attack."

Intel message from my friend.

The Syrian government has told Russia they do not need direct military assistance. The only assistance the Syrian government has asked of Russia is on the seas to monitor Anglo-American naval assets and at the UN to assist in defending Syria.

There are no Iranians in Syria as is alleged by the western media who run stories delivered to them in most cases by the Pentagon. The only Iranians in Syria are at the Golan Heights monitoring Israel. I confirmed again and Bashar Al Assad is not in Iran as was thought. He is in Syria and is being provided constant intelligence updates on what the Anglo-Americans are potentially planning. The western media including the Washington Institute on Near East Policy is a Zionist think tank and AIPAC creation financed by some of the biggest names in the Zionist sphere of influence.

Now some fun stuff which I like best...and I'll try to provide here the most accurate update I can from several good sources...we all know 22SAS took out Princess Diana for the House of Windsor. And here the British SAS are alleged to be operating in Syria on search missions attempting to locate Syrian missile systems. The Syrian Arab Army has their equivalent to the "Rangers" working with the NDP and militias to monitor the border with Jordan where the SAS are apparently penetrating into Syrian territory. The Syrian Rangers are receiving intelligence from Russian and Chinese satellite intelligence (proxy war means exactly that) and electronic intelligence on the movement of these SAS operatives and special forces employed inside Syrian territory. Good luck SAS, the Syrian Arab Army will not be taken for fools...

giark65 (abel danger) said...*/resize/remote/fdd244b6b1889cf338744294902c96b5-600x380.jpg

No need to publish. My image board for cameron's sleaze. He was in the UAE in December selling arms. We know BAE's history.

8-28-2013 #1664 Marine Links MI-2 Prince’s Livery Lottery to Solicitors' Yamama Camel Boys and BAE Saudi Syria Gas

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing asa surgical strike.
My father spoke about these in W W II later my father found out he and others had been bombing civilian havens and refugees huddled in ruined bulidings, to the day he died he never forgave those in the british government for the lies told to the men

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Giark95 - excellent piece of info, thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes the interesting T shirt that Levit's handler is wearing, note the eye of horus and the head of a goat, all wrapped up in one symbol that alleges to save the children.

Anonymous said...

The illusion of democracy must include some dissenters, hence the few right wing establishment clowns step up and oppose the war. Big deal.
Democrats have done this for years, put some loud talking anti war stooge up front to pacify the fools who still vote for them. Then the war happens anyways.
If the support for war was 100% among MP's, it would look pretty fishy. Only the Canadians would be dumb enough to see 100% of their MP's vote for war and still manage to accept it.

Anonymous said...

No to Zionist Warmongering in

No to Nuclear War

Yes to World Peace

Anonymous said...

August 27, 2013

Prince Bandar and Zionist Lobby

Forcing Obama into a Prolonged Syrian War

The Bandar-Zionist lobby collaboration, currently the cocktail party talk of many in Washington, is not a case of strange bedfellows given three decades of mutual cooperation which started during Prince Bandar’s long tenure as Saudi ambassador in Washington. Based in Washington, but with a palace out west and up north, Bandar developed almost familial relationships with five presidents and their key advisers. His voice was one of the shrillest urging the United States to invade Iraq in 2003. In the 1980s, Prince Bandar was deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal in Nicaragua and it his intelligence agency that first alerted Western allies to the alleged use of sarin gas by the Syrian regime in February. Bandar has reportedly for months been focused exclusively on garnering international support, including arms and training, for Syrian rebel factions in pursuit of the eventual toppling of President Bashar al-Assad.

Reportedly, the Saudi-Zionist discretely coordinated effort, confirmed by Congressional staffers working on the US House Foreign Affairs Committee as well and the US Senate Foreign Relations committee, is being led by Bandar protégé, Adel A. al-Jubeir, the current Saudi ambassador and facilitated by Bahrain ambassador Houda Ezra Ebrahimis Nonoo, who is the first Jewish person, and third woman to be appointed ambassador of Bahrain.Long known, for having myriad contacts at AIPAC HQ, and as an ardent Zionist, Houda Nonoo has attended lobby functions while advising associates that the “Arabs must forget about the so-called Liberation of Palestine. It will never happen.”

Anonymous said...

Thursday, August 29, 2013


...Israeli Zionists, including the neocons and those in AIPAC, the AJC and the other pro-Israeli organisations are hoping that the war in Syria where al-Assad is supported by Hezbollah and Iran, will spill out into Lebanon which will then provide Israel with an opportunity to attack Hezbollah. Further escalation may then even involve an attack against Iran by either Israel and/or the US.

Israel will play its usual game of provocation such as IDF incursions into Lebanon, drone flights over Lebanon, low level strike jet overflights into Lebanese airspace, shootings of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, etc., in the hope of provoking retaliation from the Palestinians and Hezbollah that would justify a full on attack against both. A US and allied attack against Syria might also provoke retaliatory attacks against Israel that would also justify Israeli action.

But, of course, none of this is likely to be talked about openly by Zionist Israelis or their representative Israel Lobby organisations are they? Hence the silence.

Read the rest:

Anonymous said...

US’ war plan for Syria is part of Greater Israel Project: O’Keefe

O’Keefe: Well, the greater Israel Project is all about destabilizing, surrounding nations, ultimately in pursuit of this dream of greater Israel from the Euphrates down to the Nile, all the way over to the Eastern Mediterranean. This is the dream of these psychopaths and so destabilizing governments, creating sectarian strife, is all part of that menu and all part of the design to create a greater Israel. So that goes ..., it is self-evident.

Unknown said...

On the subject of UKIP:

Stuart Wheeler, UKIP Treasurer, donated £100,000 to UKIP in March 2009.

He has been listed as being within the top 2000 richest people in the UK.

He qualified and practiced as a barrister before entering the world of banking where he is said to have pioneered spread betting.

He lives in a castle and used to play cards with Lord Lucan.

Emails were leaked showing that UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom (?) and Wheeler were plotting to make the party adopt "off the shelf" policies from think tanks.

They also presided over the dismissal from the party of a candidate, Anne Marie Crampton, who was alleged to have dared to state that the Second World War was engineered by zionists in order to create the state of Israel and that 'the Second World War had been financed by Jewish banksters to make the world feel guilty'.

Stuart Wheeler was having lunch at 5 Hertford Street, the swanky club owned by Robin Birley, when he managed to help his society model daughter, Jacquetta Wheeler, gain entry.

Stuart Wheeler knows Birley.

Here is a letter to the Spectator written in 2007 by Lord Moyne, Guiness, name dropping Birley, the Aga Khan and the Royals etc.

Robin Birley is Zac Goldsmith's half-brother.

THEY first tried to kill Farage.

That did not work.

Now They are intent on controlling his party from within.

UKIP = 100% Zionist

Unknown said...

Here we are Press TV gets it right:

Richard Hendron, who practices as a criminal barrister in London, is a UKIP member.

Hendron is linked as friends on facebook with Conservative Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans MP who has been arrested and is facing trial for raping 2 young men.

Hendron also has a colorful past.

He left the London MET Police he alleges due to 'homophobia'.

UKIP, another sleazy Zionist front

This Trojan Horse is heading to an election near you soon.

Anonymous said...


Next false flag in London...gas attack. Any connection?

Anonymous said...

The jews were oppressed and exterminated in their millions during ww2 by hitler and the nazi regieme and now the zionists have become the fourth reich. You shoul be ashamed israel.

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