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Tia Sharpe, victim of large pedophile ring?

On 10 August 2012, 12-year-old girl Tia Sharp was found dead at a house in New Addington, in Greater London.

August 2006 - Police search the grounds of 107 Walton Green, in New Addington, in Greater London

In August 2006, it was reported that more than a dozen children may have been raped and abused at a house in New Addington in Greater London.

The house, 107 Walton Green, was occupied by convicted paedophile Leslie Ford-Thrussell.

Police "believe the property was the base for a child abuse ring for 40 years."

The Sun reported that Ford-Thrussell ran a paedophile ring from the semi-detached property with two other men, said to be Stephen Dedman and a man who cannot be named.

Stacey Dedman, 19, revealed four years of abuse in the house; Stacey was seven when the abuse first started.

She has said: "I really believe there are bodies in the garden."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Tia Sharpe - has there been a cover-up by the police?

On 3 August 2012, 12-year-old girl Tia Sharp was reported missing from the home of her grandmother in New Addington, in Greater London.

According to the police, Tia was murdered on 2 August 2012.

Paul Meehan, 40, told the police that he saw Tia leaving her grandmother's home on 3 August, after she was supposed to have been murdered.

The loft

On 10 August, 'the Police discovered Tia's dead body in the loft of the grandmother's house, after they had searched the loft for the fourth time.'[4][12]

 Stuart Hazel 

The police arrested Stuart Hazell, a former boyfriend of Tia's mother.

In May 2013, Hazell changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and he was sent to jail.

Paul Meehan has been charged with wasting police time.

Meehan backed up Hazell's claim that Tia had gone missing after leaving to meet friends.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

"Witnesses had reported seeing a white van in the area bothering children the day before the disappearance, and earlier in the week, the police had conducted a search of a local wood 400 yards away from the house known as Birchwood."

News Spike: "Did I do anything to Tia? No, I bloody didn't."

Savile and the police. Website for this image

"Tia Sharp was ritually murdered on or about the 8th August 2012, the final night of Lammas."

News Spike: "Did I do anything to Tia? No, I bloody didn't."

"Stuart's legal representative has been announced, Lord Alex Carlile of Berriew, CBE, QC will be defending him. This guy normally charges £900 a day, but will be defending Stuart on legal aid."

Sandra Barr: The Stuart Hazell Set Up

Paul Coker said...

"I ran up to the Old Bailey the moment I heard that Hazell was switching his plea to guilty on Day 6 of the trial (Monday morning).

"The were just about to begin giving the forensics evidence, which would have exonerated him.

"Hazell is accused of committing a mad impulsive child sex murder, but Tia had not been sexually assaulted and his DNA was nowhere on (or in) her body.

"He loved that little girl. And she loved him even more...

"Tia died in an ancient woodland owned by the Corporation of London (The Guildhall) on the 10th Anniversary of the Double Event at Soham (those girls also died at midnight in ancient woodland.)"

News Spike: Birchwood: The Place Where Tia Sharp Died

August 2006 - Police search the grounds of 107 Walton Green, in New Addington, in Greater London

On 18 August 2006, the police released a statement reading: "We carried out a search and are satisfied there are no human remains there."

The police abandoned the search

"On 29 July 2013, the FBI announced that it had arrested 150 people suspected of child sex trafficking.

"Unfortunately, those arrested appear to be low-level operators - not the well-connected kingpins who pander children to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans.

"Elite pedophile networks connected to elements of the CIA, including the “Finders of Lost Children” and the Franklin Scandal group, have operated shamelessly and without fear of prosecution for decades."

FBI child-pimp raid ignores pedophile elite

The FINDERS: wide angle versus a microscope


Anonymous said...

40 years?
A dozen victims?
They searched a loft four times before they found a body?

This beggars belief. Shades of the inept-to-the-point-of-impossible behaviour of the police in Belgium when they kept failing to find anything in Dutroux's cellar.

What bullshit. Such longevity of crime can only take place with official approval / complicity / aegis.

And he gets a lord to defend him does he? Sure, of course, we all roll our eyes.

Anonymous said...


Forbidden love - Can sex between close relatives ever be acceptable? Johann Hari on the queasy issue of 'consensual' incest

Anonymous said...

The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks - Beyond the Dutroux Affair

Zoompad said...

Johann Hari or David Rose?

Rose is the one who covered up Pindown child abuse, along with other MI5 paedohacks

Unknown said...

I ran up to the Old Bailey the moment I heard that Hazell was switching his plea to guilty on Day 6 of the trial (Monday morning).

The were just about to begin giving the forensics evidence, which would have exonerated him.

Hazell is accused of committing a mad impulsive child sex murder, but Tia had not been sexually assaulted and his DNA was nowhere on (or in) her body.

He loved that little girl. And she loved him even more.

Pardon my typo, by the way - August 8th is the final night of Lammas, not Michaelmas.

"The First of the Fruits".

Tia died in an ancient woodland owned by the Corporation of London (The Guildhall) on the 10th Anniversary of the Double Event at Soham (those girls also died at midnight in ancient woodland.)

80% of all murders occur within the family - Tia and Hazell were not blood relatives and the blood relatives were never questioned by police.

Hazell was arrested for his own safety on Mitcham Common 5 miles or so to the West of Addington, beside himself with grief and vodka , rescue him for a rapidly assembling, baying mob that were attempting to stab him to death with their keys - CCTV footage of the Interview room reveals that they certainty did not comcern themselves with the fact he was almost paralytic before commencing the first taped interview about the discovery of Tia's body in his attic.

As soon as he left the house, they planted her there like a wrap of speed.

And his general direction of travel leaves absolutely no doubt as to his immediate (drunken) destination;

He was heading towards the house of Tia's birth mother and evil Stepfather on the other side of Mitcham Common....

Unknown said...

"40 years?
A dozen victims?
They searched a loft four times before they found a body?"

She wasn't in there the first four times. They searched four times WITH SNIFFER DOGS.

And it was August, in the middle of a heatwave.

I was pointing this out to some of his friends and neighbours outside the Old Bailey (and to the mainstream media drones who turned up to report his plea switch).

His neighbours shook their heads and sadly agreed with me, but they couldn't make the final leap of inexorable logic that THE POLICE had planted her body in the attic and posed her corpse for vaguely suggestive pictures in his bedroom, like some kind of rapidly peutrifying human action figure.

Like I say - Hazzel was dicked over by his Paedophile lawyer, told his situation was hopeless right before the forensic evidence was heard - but the condition of a human cadaver in a tiny residence in a terraced house in Early August was never required to accounted for in the courtroom.

I've been to look at the house and its about as spacious as a broom cupboard.

She wasn't killed in the house, she was killed in the Woods 200 m to the East and planted there

Aside from having a Paedophile Lord for a lawyer, the Judge in the case was the same judge in the Met/Tomlinson unlawful killing trial and the same judge that made the (lack of) fingerprint evidence in the Dr David Kelly murder case go away.

Trying the case in the eye of the storm of British freemasonry, Court Number 1 of the Old Bailey.

And not Surrey or Southwark Crown Court,a s you might normally except....

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Q: How do you get three Liberal MPs seated on a single wooden milking stool?

A: Turn it upside down.

Carlile was MP for the Welsh Borders constituency adjacent to Bryn Estyn in Wrexham under being elevated to the Lords in 1987.

The hand-picked successor for his safe safe was a rather peculiar sort of fellow to say the least....

I would note:

The loss of Opick's presumptively safe seat in the 2010 came as something of a real upset to all concerned, not least him - he embarrassingly tried to return to his private office in the Palace of Westminster to clear his desk out, before learning that his security pass had been automatically voided and had to be signed in as an escorted visitor.

The BNP hold regular White Nationalist family camping weekends on land they own in the Welsh borders in the vicinity of Wexham, so they are likely to some degree tapped into the local gossip arteries of the local area - when Nick Griffin staged a direct and full-bore challenge to claim the Parliamentary seat for Barking in the 2005 election from Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer).

The NF fascists play divide and rule politics better than almost anyone : and they know every facet of their enemy's weaknesses.

In the documentary , The Battle for Barking, BNP ogres challenge Hodge directly on the street, on camera about her family connections and about her notably sordid past running the London Borough of Harringay.

And although I'm more inclined to side with her than the White Power c*nt bubbles, her responses to these charges did NOT inspire a great deal of confidence....

Unknown said...

Mae Brussell was murdered shortly after exposing the industrial scale of Satanic Ritual Abuse being channelled through US Military bases, specifically after helping to expose Michael Aquino - I have preserved her hard-won work here.

The key to understanding the Double Event at Soham is that Holly Wells phone was switched off around midnight in a patch of woodland around 15 m outside the fence of the largest US Air Base this side of Germany, 12 miles and around 6 hours after they were supposedly both dead in Ian Huntley's bathrooms

Both media, prosecution and police and prison authorities during and prior to his trial CONTINUALLY made parallels between Hazel, his "act" and Ian Huntley - explicitly, and by name.

A virgin child is the most acceptable sacrifice - but so too is the male fool, offering himself up unwittingly and suffering nameless torments for the rest of his natural span...

That, too, is an especially dainty morsel of sorrow and grief...

"Life style is defined by others,
opportunity is defined by others,
role in society by others ...

you don't have to be black to be a nigger in this society ...
most people in America are niggers"

- John Lennon, February 29th, 1972.

Welcome to Coalition Britain.

Anon said...

Paul Coker has left a new comment on your post "TIA SHARP - PEDOPHILE RING":

My heart sank as I began to read this:-

"... Can it any longer be said that the allegations of Colin Wallace are to be believed only by wild men of the Left, such as Ken Livingstone (or the author), who are wedded to notions of conspiracies in the state machine? It's is worth recalling in this context that many of the people in the centre of British politics - Humphrey Berkley, Alex Carlile, Laura Grimind - who have studied the case carefully are inclined to believe what Colin says."

Paul Foot,
Who Framed Colin Wallace?

Alex Carlile.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, CBE, FRSA, QC

Former Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire, June 1983 - May 1997
[Succeeded by the - very odd - Lembit Opik]

Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire, New Year's Honours List for "services to National Security.

Queens' Counsel.

Deputy High Court Judge

Chairman of the Competition Appeals Tribunal

President of the Howard League for Penal Reform


Defence Counsel for Royal Butler Paul Burrell

Chairman of the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority

Archetect of Control Orders, Ravager of Habeas Corpus

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Trustee of the White Ensign Association (he is happy to provide service and relief for tired old sailors)

President of the Security Institute

Founder and Director of Living and Dying Well Ltd.

Member of the Athenaeum Club (see previous alum)


Master of the Bench, Grays' Inn

Welshman, champion of Devolution

Defence Counsel for Stuart Hazzell in the Tia Sharp Murder trial, architect of the shameful plea bargain.

State White-washer of Child Abuse Scandals

Savile Associate

Free and accepted Mason of the Blue Levels (?)

I read on with further dismay:

"In July of 1987, on the prompting of Humphrey Berkley, a formidable trio of politicians decided to set themselves up as an informal committee of inquiry into what Fred and Colin were saying.

They were Roy Jenkins of the SDP [Athenaeum],

a former Home Secretary, Merlyn Reese from the Labour Party, a former Home Secretary [Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time of the alleged epidemic of Child Abuse, Member of Parliament for Leeds South - assuming the seat upon the (mysterious, untimely) death of Hugh Gaitskel - and Home Secretary 1976 - 1979, during the Salad Days of the Yorkshire Ripper "investigation" fiasco by West Yorkshire's Plod Bretheren],

and the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath. [...!] "

felix said...

When did Thrussell become Ford-Thrussell?? All official refs seem to be to Leslie F. Thrussell. born Croydon 1933, married Doreen A Brown there in 1961.

Unknown said...

I'm afraid I don't know an awful lot about Merlyn Reese, other than the cabinet positions he held and the times that he held them.

In December of 1973, all parties are agreed (with retrospect), peace was at hand in the North of Ireland - Provos, ex-paratroops and ex-Spooks all converge on this point - the war had been won and the IRA were war-weary, broken and beaten - thoroughly infiltrated by informants at every level, it's leaders jailed, flow of arms interdicted and shut off.

That was the situation in Feburary of 1974 when Labour was returned to power and Merlyn Rees became Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - Labour had sent the troops in in 1970 to restore public order (which Catholics at the time had been especially grateful for), and now, in the wake of the Sunningdale Agreement and power sharing, it was about to bring them home.

And then, in the period between the February and October 1974 Elections, like every other aspect of British national life, for no reason at all, and completely out of the blue, all hell broke loose.

Harold Wilson condemned the roaring demagogues and Presbytarian bully-boys of Ulster for sponging off the might and relative economic prosperity of the rest of the British State whilst kicking it in the teeth, which was an economic truth.

In August, Ulstermen enacted a general strike across the province, causing mass disruption and chaos with breaks in the electricity supply.

For no real reason...


A MASSIVE wildcat bombing campaign of completely unprecedented proportions, across the province occurred almost immediately afterwards, and was both claimed and blamed on Republicans.

But the fact that all the striking Orangemen opted to march that year with pieces of sponge pinned to their lapels as a mark of defiance and pride suggests to me that we are in the pressence of a psy-op, here...

"Because Labour can't keep you safe".

Once he became Home Secretary, they promptly dropped the longest serial murder series in British criminal history right into his lap in his Leeds constituency.


Although the Bilderberg element constantly vyed for control, it is notable to observe that the Wilson and Callaghan cabinets were the only ones in recent memory not dominated by Freemasons; Nazi King Edward VIII, former Grand Master of English Freemasony had in the 1920s ordered the creation of a a SECOND Masonic Lodge Temple within the Palace of Westminster (the New Welcome Lodge) for the sole and specific purpose of recruiting and co-opting rising stars within the Parliamentary Labour Party.

These MPs dominated both the wartime coalition War Cabinet and the 1945 Labour Government.

Indeed, Churchill once noted in his diary:

"An empty taxicab pulled up outside the Palace of Westminster; and Clement Attlee stepped out."

and yet still, he was Prime Minister for more than 5 years....

Wilson, and then Callaghan appear to have consciously avoided appointing Freemasons....

I strongly suspect Rees might share similar concerns.

Either way, in reviewing allegations of mass ritualised child abuse, being on a 3 MP panel with Alex Carlile and Ted Heath, he hadn't a hope...

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