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Andy Murray and Henry Caplan

1. According to Andy Murray, tennis is 'fixed' and everyone on the professional circuit knows matches are being affected by gambling.

According to Andy Murray: "It's pretty disappointing for all the players but everyone knows it goes on."

Andy Murray and Henry Caplan

Novak Djokovic claimed he was offered a £110,000 bribe to lose a match.

Gilles Elseneer revealed that he was offered £70,000 to throw a match at Wimbledon.


Andy Murray, from Dunblane in Scotland, and the UK Prime Minister David Cameron

2. "Sitting in the front row was Britain’s tennis-playing prime minister, David Cameron – just behind him was Alex Salmond, the Scottish first minister.

"With a referendum on Scottish independence coming up next year, both political leaders would dearly love to wrap this new sporting hero in the flag – the Scottish saltire in Salmond’s case, the Union Jack in Cameron’s case."

"Andy Murray referred to himself as the 'first British winner' in 77 years.

"Advantage Cameron."

The politics of Andy Murray’s victory - Gideon Rachman

Andy Murray in Dunblane.

3. "Andy Murray won Wimbledon in London on 7/7. Same date and place as the London bombings, just different year.

"He won the New York Grand slam in New York on 9/11. Same date and place as the Twin Towers, different year.

"He was in Dunblane school on 13/3/96 when the massacre actually happened.

"He seems to be scripted to win to mark major illuminati controlled massacres.

"And the press are going on about how it's 77 years since a British win, just to rub in the 7/7 numbers a bit more."

Much more here: Andy Murray's career marks major Illuminati massacres

4. The Powers-That-Be do not want an independent Scotland.

Andy Murray and his elder brother, Jamie, attended the Dunblane Primary School. They were on their way to the school gymnasium and survived by hiding under a desk in the headmaster's office.

5. "Mr and Mrs Ogilvie know that the men who regularly turned up in large flashy cars to visit Hamilton continued doing so right up to 13 March 1996. They saw them.

"Another neighbour, Cathleen Kerr gave a statement to the police that she saw Hamilton getting out of a grey saloon car on that final fateful morning. He was cheerful, she said."




Anonymous said...

I comes from Africa, over there the punishment have to fit the crime, if we do catch jimmy savile he would be thrown into a cell with a dozen gays, let him see how it be for him ?
you english people be too easy and just let him go each time
Lattiya bandaloginskyevskinova

Anonymous said...

Caplan? As far as I know Caplan/Kaplan is a Jewish name. Not that it would mean anything here, just saying....

Newspaceman said...

Aye but wait a wee minute re Scottish independence and "the powers that be do not want it".

When Alex brought out the saltire (St Andrew's Cross - there's a message there too) and it was condemned in the media (just look at the disappproving faces, on the images of the couple directly behind him), that enhances the average Scotsperson's desire for independence.

It's reverse psychology - and it works well with the Scottish psyche. As does Andy's win - which you suggest was "fixed"

Why not just let him get beat, if "they" are so anti-independence ?


Anon said...

The reverse psychology is not working.


- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The reverse psychology IS working.

The media is bought an paid for and will never let you believe the Scots will vote for independence, but vote for it they will.

Scotland will next year vote for independence and will indeed be independent some time in 2016.

Anonymous said...


Dumblane, 7/7 London, 77 Years

Boeing 777 and... Liber OZ (Book 77)

by the poppy-addicted, OTO Founder,

Idol of Music-Stars: Mr. Crowley

(please imagine OZzie Osbourne's voice here above)

Anonymous said...

so much sport is fixed, the far east bet huge sums on british sport, if saya boxer wins a fight he may win £5000, but if he accepts betting money he may find that by losing he gets £20,000, i know as i was manager for my brother some ytears ago.Horse racing and football is terrible for it.

Anonymous said...

don't want to spook andy, so best to say the 2012 US final was held monday 10 september.

it should have been on sunday 9 sept, but had to be played the monday because of weather.

Anonymous said...

British female Virginia Wade won the Wimbledon title in 1977, same year the fascist regime celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubliee. (Or do women not count as people.)

Anonymous said...

some good common sense here from lattiya the african lady
well done superb comment

Anonymous said...

Golf... mainly elites go for it. Is Tiger Woods and his controlled life the culprit of a common way of creating golf heroes?
Cricket... Elite and with big fixing issues in Asia (Where millions follow this spectacles).
Basket... USA breeds the heroes from early schools. It a proven method and athletes know how to follow the unwritten rules to gain fame. Mind Kontrolle? Who knows?
Football (US) same as above... A fixed auperbowl could give hundrer of millions at the black market.
Football (UK) the players have a short career and when they approach their 30s they are prone to get some fixing.
Cycle races and athletics were corrupted by doping before the bettings went to a global scale.

> Mr. Holmes

Anonymous said...

Absolute belter :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:08 PM: Kaplan is definitely a Jewish name.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. TPTB DO WANT Scottish Independence.

This will repeal the Act of Union resulting in the end of the United Kingdom.
In section 25 'all laws and statutes in either kingdom so far as they are contrary to or inconsistent with the terms of these articles or any of them shall from and after the union cease and become void and shall be so declared to be by the respective parliaments of the said kingdoms.'
This basically means that any statute that is passed which doesn't fit or is contrary to the terms of this act shall be NULL AND VOID.
The consequences: TPTB can get away with far more in restricting our freedoms and movements!!!

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