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Here are the possible names for the royal baby, and the odds quoted by the bookies.

Benjamin / Binyamin is a favourite name for the new royal baby.

Bookies offer odds of 2/1 on the name Benjamin.

Michael is now 5/1.

Kate's father is called Michael.

Ronald is  6/1.

Kate's maternal grandfather was called Ronald.

BBC radio suggested that the name Qatar Airways was a possible name for the royal baby, if a sponsorhip deal can be worked out in time.

Qatar Airways is 100/1

Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge

Adolphus is 10/1

Sir James Goldsmith. aangirfan: ROYAL WEDDING - GOLDSMITHS

Sir James Goldsmith's father Frank changed the family name from the German Goldschmidt. 

The Goldschmidts, rivals to the Rothschild family, were a wealthy, Frankfurt-based, Jewish family. 

James' great-grandfather was Benedict Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt, a banker. 

James' grandfather Adolphe Benedict Goldschmidt (1838–1918), a multi-millionaire, came to London in 1895.

James 3/1

Frank/Francis 7/1

Benedict 7/1

Adolphe 10/1

Dwayne is 10/1

Justin is 10/1

Sigismund is 30/1

Boris is 20/1


Anonymous said...

Anyone else here still believes - like me - that Kate has never been preggers?

Anonymous said...

What's the odds on the baby being called Keith?

Anonymous said...

Baby name choices - Charles, Alexander, James, Harold, Louis, George, even John or Jacob

Anonymous said...

I'm open to the cushion theory -but nothing about this family would surprise me any more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or, in Icke's words: "Thousands of brainless people begging to be controlled and enslaved gather outside Iguana Palace to celebrate 'royal' baby and the next generation of Windsor parasites squeezing them dry"

"What makes you 'special' (different)? Your awareness. What do so many people think makes you special (different)? Your bloodline."

Anonymous said...

>>> Damien <<<

su said...

i nust say i had my doubts.
i think that is what the whole suicide radio prank was about.
trying to hide the fact.

i must say i thought this is the one place i would be save from satans spawn news. but i like the lightness here.

Anonymous said...

How about Charles Phillip Edward, William, Henry Adolph and uncle Tom Cobley.
I won't be betting on it though!

shirlz007 said...


Cathy said...

I would not be surprised if the baby was born with cloven hooves and a goat's head. Also, Kate was in labor a very short time for a first time mother. Most first time moms have to endure at least a full day, sometimes longer. Maybe she was induced? Or, as another poster said, maybe she had been pregnant before secretly and given birth? Probably not, I would guess, as once you start having the babies you tend to put on weight and Kate is very slender. Cathy

... said...

It's is interesting to hear what others are saying about this. I've said for sometime that it often appears as if she's been wearing a pregnancy suit (fake boobs and bump). Today we were proved right. The size of the baby, the size of her empty bump, proves it! The fact she was in labour for 12 hrs and is up and about on high-heels within 36 hrs proves it. The way she hardly looks or touches the baby while on the stairs of St Mary's proves it. Her slim ankles prove it! As mad as it sounds, the woman just did not give birth yesterday. I've worked in a maternity ward and that's why I'm feeling positive about this obviously fake baby bump!


P.S. Also, no official statement from the Queen yet, very odd indeed!

Anonymous said...

What about the traditional names?






CanSpeccy said...

A Jewish King And Queen Of England? It's Possible

Anonymous said...

I love the lightness and drollery here.
Today we heard the official names


What a bunch of baggage for a new baby to bear.

Unknown said...

The naming of a Royal child is enormously meaningful.

It's really very troubling to me that they decided to include "Louis" in there - they're honouring Mountbatten.

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