Sunday, July 21, 2013


1. In April 2013, Vladimir Putin told a Russian TV audience that al-Qaeda is an invention of the USA. 

Russia's main state TV channel has claimed that the US and al-Qaeda are allies in the Middle East.

2. Putin has imposed a ban on the adoption of Russian orphans by US citizens, thus saving dozens if not hundreds of Russian orphans from being caught up in American pedophile rings.

3. During a meeting with the TV channel Russia Today, Putin attacked the US state department for funding opposition rallies in Russia.


shirlz007 said...

PUTIN THE LEGEND!!! I wish he was my dad :D Been saying it for the past 4 years... Putins got a plan! (his methods may be slightly controversial... but he knows how to play the game!) ;)

su said...

Not convinced yet.
This makes me question him as the hero.
He could just be the current good cop. Or good president as opposed to the bad one's set up everywhere else.

Why would you destroy these plants unless you were supporting pharma?

shirlz007 said...

I've constantly questioned where his loyalties lie (and his eventual intentions) for a long time! Some say he didn't do enough for the late Gadhafi, he is known to be a high level Mason, he publically criticises anyone who questions the official theory of 9/11.
One thing you have to understand, if his intentions are to take down The Rothschilds & the Banksters that have seized control of Western civilisation... he has to be careful how he go's about doing it (he is a world leader).

He kicked out many Rothschild allies, he won't back down in regards to Syria (and Iran), he pushes for truth on RT (check out The Truthseeker every other Friday peeps) and on the Internet, he's been instrumental in organising BRICS (something that could eventually lead to a new alternative to IMF and monetary system).

Regardless... he is cool as f**k and badass with it! :D His methods may be a little extreme for some within this movement... but once KGB, always KGB! Maybe The House of Romanov was never fully destroyed? :/

Anonymous said...

This is a question which always perplexes me.

Why does Putin not simply call out the US and Israel on 9/11 and publicly reveal the vast evidence pointing to Mossad?

Has he been told that this would lead to a nuclear attack?

The same goes for the Chinese leadership.

A handful of current and past world leaders have now spoken out on 9/11 - the ex President of Egypt, the current President of Iran, an ex President of Italy.

Why are the rest so scared? Or are they just waiting...

Unknown said...


Putin the Hero...?


Anthony C. Sutton is the Hero.

hirundine said...

What took this man Putin, so long? People have been understanding this for quite a while. Anyone with an iota of sense can connect the dots? It does not take a genius? So with all the vast resources of his country, Russia, it's taken him this long to announce this?

Mr President Putin, may well be a Freemason? There are at least 2 main branches. European freemasons were at one point the Grand Orient of France. The U.K and U.S. of A. Scottish Rite. It appears they are not necessarily "friends".

So for those who wonder why the different leaders appear to be at loggerhead? The answers may be found within this? Just one webpage to support this important fact. Is found here. But people need to do their own research.

Unknown said...

Russia paid off its debtors. He issued an arrest warrant for George Soros shortly after. That is why he waited till now.

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