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Michael Canfield

According to an article in The Daily Mail:

Michael Canfield was the illegitimate son of Prince George, Duke of Kent.

Michael's mother was Violet Evans, the daughter of a Canadian coal merchant.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, and his wife Marina. Prince George became Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England

Michael, was adopted by the US publisher Cass Canfield, who had links to the CIA.

Cas Canfield, who had links to the CIA. Cass Canfield 

Michael Canfield married Lee Bouvier, the sister of Jackie Kennedy.

Lee Bouvier (right)

Michael Canfield's 'real father', Prince George, Duke of Kent, was the brother of King Edward VIII and of King George VI.

Children of George V. Top left, the future King George VI, Top right the future King Edward VIII, Bottom right, Prince George Duke of Kent. Prince John (bottom left) and Prince George died in mysterious circumstances. Prince Henry's elder son, Prince William, died in a plane crash.

Michael Canfield's two royal siblings are Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

The current Duke of Kent (above) "is said to have feared his illegitimate half-brother Michael Canfield would become known to the public."

Prince George, Duke of Kent, allegedly "fathered a love-child with his long-time mistress Alice 'Kiki' Gwynne (Kiki Preston), a glamorous but drug-addicted American socialite who was a member of Kenya's notorious Happy Valley set."

Some people had thought that Kiki was the mother of Michael Canfield.

Kiki Preston


According to the article in The Daily Mail: 

Michael Canfield's mother was Violet Isobel Christine Evans, the daughter of a Canadian coal merchant who went to live in England.

Violet Evan's brother William studied at the Royal Naval College on the Isle of Wight.

Also at the Royal Naval College, at the same time, were young teenagers Prince George and Ian Karslake,

While William and George were at the senior naval college at Dartmouth in Devon, William's sister Violet first met George.

In 1924, George met up again with Violet, who was dating Ian Karslake.

Prince George

In early 1926, Violet confessed to Ian Karslake that she was pregnant.

It was not clear who was the father of the baby.

In March 1926, Ian Karslake and Violet got married.

The baby was born in August 1926 in Switzerland.

The birth certificate gives his name as 'Antoine'.

Back in England, the child, Anthony Karslake, was put up for adoption.

Ian Karslake got a job as a bank clerk.

Prince George

Mysteriously, Ian and Violet Karslake seemed to have lots of money.

Violet traveled  to Bermuda, Egypt and Buenos Aires, not always with her husband.

The couple bought houses in Wiltshire, Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

Cass Canfield, who was very closely associated with the CIA and was responsible for publishing several books favourable to the organization. He was a close personal friend of Allen Dulles. Cass Canfield 

Cass Canfield, a wealthy American-born publisher based in London, decided to adopt a child.

That child, Anthony Karslake, was renamed Michael Temple Canfield.

According to author Diana DuBois: "Michael grew up in the Canfield household feeling very much like an outsider. He developed learning disabilities and a facial tic, and his parents sought psychiatric counselling for him."

Michael knew he was adopted, but was not told who his real parents were.

Prince George (left)

During World War II, Michael Canfield served in the US Marine Corps and was wounded at Iwo Jima.

Michael proposed marriage to Lee Bouvier, whose sister, Jackie, was dating John F. Kennedy.

Michael was an usher at JFK's wedding.

Michael had a drink problem and became impotent.

Lee Bouvier later became Princess Lee Radziwill after marrying a Pole.

In 1960, Michael married Laura Charteris, Duchess of Marlborough, who had links to royalty.

Laura took Michael to lunch with Edward, Duke of Windsor.

Laura said:

"The Duke never stopped staring at Michael. So much so that I asked: 'Is anything the matter?'

"The Duke quietly replied: 'Yes. I am certain your husband is my brother's son.'"

Prince Albert, Prince Henry, Prince George, Prince Edward. 1912.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, 'died' mysteriously in 1942.

His plane was reportedly heading to Iceland where he was to meet top members of the U.S. military.

Michael's real mother, Violet, died in mysterious circumstances in 1951. Allegedly she committed suicide.

In December 1969, Michael Canfield boarded a plane bound for London.

Michael Canfield, who was still in his early 40s, died during the flight.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Prince George, Duke of Kent

Prince George, Duke of Kent, is said to have been addicted to drugs (notably morphine and cocaine).

Reportedly he was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters. 

Reportedly he had a sexual relationship with his distant male cousin Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia.

Reportedly George Duke of Kent had a sexual relationship with Sir Anthony Blunt, who was a spy, a child abuser and a friend of Lord Victor Rothschild.

Reportedly, George Duke of Kent The Duke was part of a ménage à trois with Jorge Ferrara, the bisexual son of the Argentine ambassador to the Court of St. James's, and drug-addict Kiki Preston. 

Prince Edward (Edward VIII), Duke of Windsor.

According to T. Stokes (Sir Anthony Blunt):

"Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, Prince George Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace.

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers.

"Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies." (Cached)

Blunt with the Queen

In 1932, Churchill considered forming an alliance with Hitler.

However, by the late 1930s, Churchill led the faction which supported the idea of a war against Hitler.

One opponent was Prince George, Duke of Kent.

In 1939 George was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

"British Intelligence removed Prince George... via a staged plane accident. (Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection)

"Prince George was ... perceived to be a central figure in a British Nazi conspiracy against his brother, the King, and Churchill."

Noel Coward

According to Wikipedia:

Both before and after his marriage, Prince George had a long string of affairs with both men and women, from socialites to Hollywood celebrities.

Intimate letters from the Duke to Noel Coward are believed to have been stolen from Coward's house in 1942.

He was also extremely close to Henry "Chips" Channon.

Prince George, Duke of Kent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt.

Blunt was a cousin of the Queen's mother.

Last secrets of the Queen Mother's favourite traitor: Memoirs of ...

Blunt was also reportedly the half brother of the Queen's father.

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Soviet spy and courtier told colleagues ...

Prince George, Duke of Kent.

Allegedly, Sir Anthony Blunt shared boys with Maurice Oldfield, the boss of MI6. (Cached)

Reportedly, during World war II, "Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt."

"A policeman rounded up what he thought were 3 drunken street whores, only to find they were ... the HIGHEST in the land...

"Maurice Oldfield and the Duke of Kent ... had links to Victor Rothschild.

"Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."

The Biggest Secret of World War II

Lord Victor Rothschild also worked for MI5 and MI6, and he was a top adviser to prime ministers Thatcher and Heath.


Evan Frederic Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar

"At Eton, he forged the friendships that were to shape his screwball life. 

"His best friend Peter Churchill, a cousin of Winston, spent part of his childhood in North Africa and claimed to have sold sexual favours to men in return for pocket-money.

"While still at Eton the pair became pageboys to the royal court at Windsor at a time when... 'mothers of vulnerable sons were known to insist their cherished boys steer well clear of the well-known paedophiles at court'."

The devil worshipping viscount and his VERY naughty party trick with a parrot


Anonymous said...

There are several mistakes here which have been perpetuated through one journalist to another, let me take you back to original sources.
First a senior MI5 man was sent witha huge bouquet of flowers to Sandringham house to tell the royals
that it was proved Blunt was a traitor as long belived and many men had lost their lives asa result, he also told the royal;s that Blunt was a bold and determined pederast, and nota fir person to look after the royal art collection, the royals had no alternative but to have him as Rothschild had already made the decision.
Second its often said that Guy Burgess
persuaded several others to spy for Russia, this is not true since 1917 Rusia belonged to the Rothschilds, it was Lord Rothschild who got each to spy, the info was first for him, secondly for russia.
Edward VIII had seen action in W W 1
and could not bear to see his coutrymen go down this same route, he was mentally scared from it and would wake at night in terror, the ony woman who understood was Waalace Simpson.
Third, the late king of the witches,
although a person who loved attention
had links through the aristocracy, he knew of Blunts treachury as he knew several suppliers of young boys, several of which went to tea with the queen mother, with both Paul Kidd and Anthony lunt and...Jimmy saville

Ian Leslie said...

Hi Aang, always seem to catch you off topic these days but, HERE is the missing page 20 from the infamous "Sharp Report" into Jersey schools child abuse!

Genie said...

it's interesting to see where the dots lead with these people and how they are interconnected.

Anonymous said...

I stood in for a close family relative while she had a hysterectomy and ran her B&B for 3 weeks-ish.

This B&B is near Brighton and we get all the Brighton crown in, several of which were men with boys, one very nervous boy in particular looked about 13 years of age, i asked the man
if the boy was over the age of consent, and he screamed at me that i was Homophobic, and he would have all the gay and man/boy asociations sue me for every penny i had, i had no choice but to let them through.
I watched them leave in the morning and something about the mans voice...then it hit me, i recognised him as a TV actor froma sitcom, i told my sister and she said say nothing, its not worth the trouble

Ann Diamond said...

"Fifth Man" Lord Victor Rothschild believed in the brave new world of "test-tube human" and supported Nazi/Soviet-style research according to this article:

As did the Rockefellers, of course.

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