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'Paddy Power', the bookies, sent these chaps to Buckingham Palace.

Prince George Alexander Louis is not the first royal George.

There was George I, who allegedly "had Count Philip Konigsmark killed and his body thrown in the river."

George I

George I had many mistresses.

George married his cousin, Sophia, who produced two legitimate children.


George then "imprisoned 29-year-old Sophia in Castle Ahlden in Celle.

 "Sophia was imprisoned there until her death 30 years later." 

Caroline, wife of King George IV

Then there is George IV.

"Once he had an heir, George IV had nothing further to do with his wife. 

"Caroline was banished ... 

"She died in 1821 claiming on her death bed that she had been poisoned."

Britain's Royal Family

Prince George, Duke of Cambridge,1819-1904

The first Prince George of Cambridge was a grandson of George III.

He married the actress Sarah Louisa Fairbrother, already the mother of two of his children and pregnant with his third.

The marriage was never recognised, hence his children were not eligible to inherit royal titles.

George also had a mistress Louisa Beauclerk, who remained his lover for more than 30 years.

Prince George 1902-42 (right) with Prince John 1905-19 (left).

The Prince George who lived from 1902 to 1942, was bisexual.

During World war II, the UK security services reported that Prince George and Noel Coward "had been seen parading together through the streets of London, dressed and made up as women, and had once been arrested by the police for suspected prostitution."

Newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook organised the theft from Noel Coward's home of Prince George's passionate love letters to Coward, one of which began, "My dearest darling Noel", and another, "noelie, my own sweet love".

Prince George, "regarded by some as an increasing security risk during wartime, was killed in a mysterious air crash in Scotland on August 23, 1942."

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Prince George "had a penchant for black women but also pursued male aristocrats, stars and total strangers."

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Prince George "is said to have been addicted to drugs and reportedly was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters."

Prince George,

Other alleged sexual liaisons were with his distant cousin Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia, and the art historian and Soviet spy Anthony Blunt.

Prince George - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Anonymous said...

Thankfully I'm apparently not the only one who's spent the day thinking about not only the global wall-to-wall plastering by the msm of the 'rbb', but also what ails those people (I use the term lightly, and generously) who 'just had to be there'. Is it rent-a-crowd? Are they under some kind of spell? Or is it indicative of a deficit that renders the sufferer incapable of even the most rudimentary of critical thought processes?

Anonymous said...

Lest We Forget–British Zionism against the Native Americans

Anonymous said...

"Are they under some kind of spell? Or is it indicative of a deficit that renders the sufferer incapable of even the most rudimentary of critical thought processes?"

Yes, well said.
Most think they are stupid because they were told so and because they don't understand the world because you can't understand it without knowing about the ruling conspiracy by the emotionally alien sociopathic death cult. So facing a "cognitive dissonance" of things they know not making sense, impoverished derided and enslaved they happily cling to powerful father figures and strong leaders, feeling better because of feeling close to their dreams of riches and power. They will defend those leaders like they would defend their dreams. That's also why they watch soaps with loveless dysfunctional families programming their social norms, James Bond and the fascist Lion King.

The more they feel stupid, the more they were bullied ridiculed and excluded in youth, the easier it is to make them worship a cult leader. So they are specifically targeted by the tabloid press with purposely stupid fake celebrity stories, corresponding TV productions like Big Brother and websites like David Icke. Alex Jones often yells at his viewers explicitly telling them how stupid they are.

And the more you put them under pressure, the more they will allow their leaders to be evil because it is then seen as a necessity to fight other evils that are in reality played by actors employed by the same mass murderers.

Anonymous said...

11.38 AM Stockholm syndrome + rent-a-crowd?

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